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Pipe Kingz Smoke Shop

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Pipe Kingz Smoke Shop is a head shop in Woodland Park, New-jersey.

Multiple Locations

250 Browertown Rd Ste 106
Woodland Park, NJ 07424

250 Browertown Road
Woodland Park, NJ 07424



There are 2 locations in Pipe Kingz Smoke Shop.

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There are multiple 2 phone numbers in Pipe Kingz Smoke Shop.

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Pipe Kingz Smoke Shop on 250 Browertown Rd Ste 106

Owner is rude, belligerent, crass and has zero ability to properly talk to anyone, let alone a customer. Stay away from this place, go somewhere that will TREAT YOU like a PERSON not like an inconvenience. I drove 25 min to this specific spot and left empty handed as I refuse to be a patron of a business that treats others in such a despicable way.

Review by Duane

Pipe Kingz Smoke Shop on 250 Browertown Rd Ste 106

I love this place the candles that they sell there are out of this world store smells so clean. They have the most amazing selections of glass i purchased a Blown glass piece finally found it here when you walk in the store it is just full of handmade glass beautiful pieces will be picking up a beautiful piece when I get paid next week. from drinks to cigarettes to Cigars if they don’t got it the owner A very sweet man with something more to him. Only one ive seen for the last 6 months he will try to get it for you.beautiful new store,and 4 times bigger than previous store. products than before. I go there at least 3 times a week for me and my it love it love it

Review by Melissa Andrea

Pipe Kingz Smoke Shop on 250 Browertown Rd Ste 106

Great Shop! Huge variety and most important top quality items. Owner is super nice, friendly and helpful. He’s got the best stuff around ! Highly recommended

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