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The eCommerce & D2C brand encyclopedia

PipeCandy is a market intelligence platform with insights on million+ online retailers.

Use PipeCandy to build lead lists, research companies, enrich your data & benchmark against competition.

COVID Impact on US D2C brands

Which D2C categories thrive & which ones struggle due to COVID – a data-driven report

D2C Playbooks

How do D2C brands think about growth. A perspective from early days of D2C

Global eCommerce market size

Total addressable market size of eCommerce companies in the US and other major markets

Subscription eCommerce industry report

Total addressable market of subscription eCommerce companies

Fashion industry & D2C fashion brands

How big is the fashion industry and how are the brands distributed by revenue?

The most accurate online retailers dataset curated by algorithms & analysts

Lightning Discovery

Beats humans in finding brands

Commerce Graph

Traffic, Sales & Order Estimates

Tech, Payment, Shipping Partnerships

Voice of Customer


Analysis Ready Data

Attributes Built For You

Commercepedia is the magic that powers all PipeCandy products

Non-Commerce Databases


We have yet to find data that is as accurate as what Pipecandy can provide. I would gladly recommend Pipecandy to others.

Jesse Mitchell
Jesse Mitchell


No Junk & High Coverage Lead Lists

50 attributes & counting for million online retailers

Why settle for less when you can filter by product categories, sales, order volume, B2B, physical store presence & more? Build lead lists that never go stale.


Enrich your existing merchant data

The entire Commercepedia dataset available on demand as APIs & flat files

Don’t let poor match rates or missing attributes you need come in the way of your ideas. Commercepedia is designed to rapidly backfill unmatched records or missing attributes within hours.


Reliable eCommerce market share estimates & trends

Market research backed by millions of verified data points

With drill-down estimates available by geo, category, revenue and platform you are always ready with the answers to the questions that you bosses might have.

Top those up with 1:1 calls with our analysts. You are set.

Brand Monitor

Know yourself by benchmarking your competition

See your blind spots. Identify market opportunities. Always stay ahead.

Who is your real competition? From traffic they get to orders they ship know everything that there is to know.

Monitor competing brands and their revenues. Get actionable ideas.

Research, Insights, Predictions & Data about global eCommerce segments, markets, and companies. Trusted by the world's leading companies. Try now!