Exclamination. spirited, vigorous, lively, passionate with great vitality and force; also sexually provocative and aggressive. " />

pink colored blunt wraps

(7) Inspired by the character played by Jimmy Cliff in the Perry Henzel Jamaican classic movie "The Harder They Come" 1972 (57) RIZZLA : brand of rolling paper. (3) ROCKERS : reggae music (1) reggae music as it is played today,the latest sound (2) ROOTS : 1. derived from the experience of the common people, natural indigenous 2.

name for a fellow Rasta (1) ROTI : flat Indian pan breads. offspring of some other race and black, ass in "Chiney-Rial," "coolie-rial"; humorous as in "monkey-rial" (7) RUB-A-DUB : "Rub-A-Dub" or "Rub-A-Dub Style" is one the genres created during the passage between Reggae and Dancehall and was invented between the end of the 70s and the beginning of the 80s. The term "Rub-a-Dub" comes from a dance style where the man and woman rubs up very close together and grind their hips to the beat. (58) RUDE BOY : a criminal, a hard hearted person, a tough guy (6) RUN-DUNG : food cooked in coconut juice, obtained after grating the dry coconut meat and squeezing it in water, thus extracting the coconut cream. that part of the meal which is served with the "food" (starchy food, ground food). by some strange extension, the female organ, often simply called "sal". (5) the food that goes with the rice, potatoes or starchy food; like calalloo, fish and sauce, sauces or gravy (29) SALT : adjective, broke, empty-handed, low on funds or food, as in "tings salt" or "i' salt".

(5) SAMBO : the colour between brown and black; someone who is a cross between a mullatto (brown) and a black. zapato (7) SANFI : A manipulator - dishonest person. A person that will sweet talk you out of love and money. religious song of a paticularly lugubrious tone, sung in the long or common meter. From Ira David Sankey, evangelist and hymnalist (7) SAPS : a weakling, loser (53) SATA : to rejoice, to meditate, to give thanks and praise. (5) SATTA : sit, rest, meditate (1) relax (6) (GO) SATTA : claim how spiritual you are (11) SCIENCE : obeah, witchcraft (1) SCIENTIST : occult practitioner (2) SCOUT : denoting inferior status (6) SCREECHIE : to sneak by (6) SCREW : to scowl, to be angry (1) SEEN : I understand, I agree (1) SEEN? (6) SHAG : home-cured tobacco, straight from the field. (5) SHAKE OUT : leave without haste, casually (2) SHEG (UP) : verb, to bother, as in "all sheg up", all hot and bothered, or or spoiled up (as of work). (5) SHEG-UP : to be messed up, ruined (6) SHEPHERD : n. leader of revivalist cult; also proprietor of balmyard, healer and prophet (7) SHOOB : to shove. (5) SINSEMILLA, SENSIE : popular, potent, seedless, unpollinated female strain of marijuana (1) SINTING : something. (5) SISTER, SISTREN : a woman, a friend, woman Rastafarians (1) SITTIN' : something. (5) SKANK : to dance to reggae music (1) to move with cunning, ulterior motives (2) SKETEL & MANTEL : Another early 90’s phenomenon, sketel & mantel refer respectively to a woman and man who lives a frivolous lifestyle, often possessing little ambition or sense of self-worth. (5) SKIN : rolling paper (1) SKIN YOUR TEETH : smile (1) plastic smile (29) SLABBA-SLABBA : big and fat, slobby, droopy. (5) SLACKNESS : lewd, vulgar lyrics popular in DJ singing (4) SLACKY TIDY : unkept or messy (29) SLAP WEH : awesome, or great. (5) weak, pallid (6) SOFT : not well done, amateurish; unable to cope (1) broke, no money (2) SOUNDBWOY : usually a derogatory way to refer to the selecter or other personality in another sound system. This term is most often employed in clashes, on dub plates built for clashes, and so on. Sometimes it is not used in such a negative manner, but most of the time one refers to the someone in the crew as a soundman, not a boy. (17) SOUND SYSTEM : Huge mobile stereo setups manned by DJs, who became celebrities as they traveled Jamaica to host open-air dances (46) SPLIFF : large, cone-shaped marijuana cigarette (1) SPRING : to sprout, as of yams or cocos, making them inedible. (5) STAR : common term of affection, camaraderie (1) STEP : to leave, to depart (1) briskly, quickly (2) STOOSH/STOSHUS : upper class, high tone, "hitey-titey". (5) STRING UP : a muscial rehearsal (2) STRUCTURE : body, health (1) SU-SU : gossip, the sound of wispering. (5) SUFFERER : a poor person stuggling to survive (2) SUPM, SINTING : something (6) T ACK : bullet (2) TACUMAH : n. Twin'ticuma (7) TAKARI/TANKARI : stewed spicy pumpkin. From Ewe talala (7) TAM : deep woolen hat, used by Dreads to cover their locks (1,6) TAMBRAN SWITCH : n. a flail made from the wiry branches of the Tamarind tree, braided and oiled. (7) TAN' : to stand; usually used in the sense of "to be".

"A so im tan", "that is what he is like"; "tan deh!" or "yu tan deh!" means "just you wait!". (5) TARRA-WARRA : a polite way of expressing omitted bad words, a verbal asterisk. Ewe, Ge, N'gombe (7) TATU : a little thatched hut, often made of bamboo. (5) TEETH : bullets (2) TEIF : a theif, to steal (6) THE I : (pron.) -you, yourself, yours (35) THRU' : because (28) TOAST : (v.) - to rap or sing spontaneously over a dub track (35) TOTO : coconut cake. (10) wealthy but mean behind it (29) TRACE : to curse or speak abusively to someone.

(5) TRANSPORT : vehicle (1) TUMPA : from stump, as in "tumpa-foot man", a one-foot man.


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