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Pickle Pipe – One-Piece Silicone Waterless Fermentation Airlock Lids for Mason Jar Fermentation – Wide Mouth – 3 Pack

Top positive review

I’ve been fermenting quite a bit. I have had failures with water-airlocks, but never a failed ferment with these. Not to say it can’t happen, but if you pick your produce well and chemical-free, no-wax, and if you sanitize your jar, weight and top, these tops clearly minimize chances for failed fermentation.

Pros: Easiest to use, easiest to clean, sturdy and flexible material, consistently great quality.

Cons: Really expensive for 4 slabs of silicone sold in a cheap plastic container.

Tip: I spray my jars, weights and lids and airlocks with 3% Hydrogen Peroxide to sanitize them. Mist them all over and let them sit in it for 15 to 20 seconds, then rinse in distilled or filtered water. Tap water can kill your ferment, folks! I’ve learned to make my brine in a big pyrex measuring bowl. I weigh 7 grams or one level teaspoon of kosher salt or pickling salt into each cup of filtered water. I make extra brine, usually a quart, because I’d rather have too much than too little brine. I layer my veggies, herbs & spices, leaving lots of room at the top of the jar! place my weight, then add the brine very slowly to cover it all! Pouring slowly pretty well stops air bubbles from getting trapped under the veggies. I only use plastic utensils to stir the brine, and I’m sure wood works too, but they tell us not to use metal in our ferment because metal has antibacterial qualities. It’s fine to use a metal Mason jar ring outside over the Pickle Pipes to hold them down.

Good luck with your ferments!

Top critical review

I rarely ever write reviews, but I need to to warn Munich fellow fermenters!

I bought these for fermenting cabbage, to make sauerkraut. I was excited to not have to open up the jar everyday and using these pickle pipes for emitting the gasses out- however mold grew on top of all the cabbage I was fermenting!! I thought well maybe the first batch was my error, so I did a 2nd batch and same thing mold! This has never happened to me before until using these Pickle pipes!

This is sooooo sad bc it takes quite a bit of time to cut up the cabbage, salt the cabbage, crunch the cabbage to omit the juices and then put the cabbage into the glass jars-
So hours of hard work, literally down the drain! Actually I dumbed it all into my compost for my organic garden.

You can see in all my photos there is mold and you can’t just scoop the mold off the top, you have to throw it all away bc if the mold is on top, it’s also in it.

I think these pickle pipes might work if you are ONLY fermenting for 1 week- BUT with sauerkraut you have to ferment for 4-6 weeks for proper fermentation.

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