pennington professional potting mix reviews

Pennington professional potting mix reviews

Beware MG! I scored a deal on MG in the yellow bag and used it for the second potting up of my early tomatoes. The stuff is heavy, holds water, has sticks and has way too much fertilizer for younger seedlings. It’s best to wait until they are closer to plant out for such a dense fertile soil. This was done at 4 weeks. Seedlings are now curling and leaves are turning light green and have dark veins. It’s not just tomatoes gone bad. My geraniums cuttings all have puckered leaves. Bigger Amaryllis bulbs are loving it. They can’t get enough!

Anyone have success with this stuff at an early stage or did I get a bad batch?

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I have used MG or Schultz or similar for years without a problem. It does have sticks and clods that get taken out when I use it. If there are holes in the bag and it is stored outside it does get heavy. I always make sure I get one that is light so I can put my own amount of water mixed in a tub I use.

There has never been a problem with too much fertilizer for me. Be sure not to use the water retention style. I just hope the formula has not been changed. What I have to begin with is last year’s batch. I will watch closely.

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I come from a long line of sod busters, spanning back several centuries.

I don’t like the sticks and larger pieces either. So for my intermediate pot-ups, I overlapped two layers of rabbit wire and simply run the whole bag thru it to remove larger pieces. They get thrown into the main garden to finish breaking down.

Like the others above, I look for a bag that is not waterlogged. If, the bag is still too wet, I simply let it dry out by transferring the mix to a burlap bag and set up a fan. Works for me.

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Very good point that this may bag have been outdoors and the fertilizer leached out. I meant it is heavy after “I” water it, and I do have a spritzer so its not a heavy hand watering. I have several bags stacked up that I haven’t used that are totally dry to use down the road.

Karen O, my usual seed starter is Espoma or Fox Farms. I wasn’t clear on that. I used the good stuff I had on hand on peppers and bought a bag of Jiffy Mix for tomatoes. It isn’t as bad as I had imagined for ease of use, but nothing like the higher quality products. I also used two brands of coir for starting peppers, one is great and fluffy the other a horror – dense then dries fast .

Craig, I like the Fafard in the green bag, I think its called Professional Mix. The leading private nursery in the area uses it in the greenhouse for everything from seeds to growing plugs, as well as selling it at retail. I’ll hold off on the MG until later in the growth cycle. Its actually going to fill the eight gal 5 containers for the dwarf project grow out.

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This year, I’m trying Pennington Pro Potting Mix.

Like MG – it has sticks. Pennington is the darkest mix I’ve used. When it is wet – it is black. If you squeeze the water out of it – it is black. When you feel it in your hand – it feels very organic – it looks the same way. I wouldn’t even think about potting up with this on a surface that I couldn’t wash with a water hose afterwards.

Reading the bag, “In Texas, this product is a blend of composted rice hulls, composted pine bark, Canadian Sphagnum peat moss, perlite, vermiculite, dolomite limestone, fertilizer and a wetting agent.”

I just started using this a few days ago. I keep looking to see if the transplants are doing better or worse and so far, I’m unsure.

My reply sounds uncaring, and that’s the least thing I mean for it to sound like. I’ll let you know how the Pennington mix works out. (Edit) ^^^ I should have written (I understand you are irritated with the results of using MG) – I’ll let you know how the Pennington mix works out.

I loathe Miracle Grow Potting Mix Starting From Seed