pax ploom problems

Pax ploom problems

I’ve had my Pax 2 for at least 1.5 years now and I absolutely LOVE it still to this day, however, I’ve been having some issues for at least half a year or more with this thing and I’m fairly certain they are actual design flaws that show up as time goes on.

FIRST PROBLEM – Resin Leaks Into Pax 2 (DESIGN FLAW): No matter how well you clean this thing, there is a way for some resin to get under the press down button area. After half a year or so of use, maybe more, I noticed it was becoming harder and harder to turn this thing on. You have to press and hold down for 10 seconds hard and you have to do it in a certain way or it won’t turn on now. While I haven’t opened up my Pax 2, I am fairly certain this is a buildup of resin beneath the button itself. When you press and hold it is squeezing out resin until the contacts can touch and it can turn on. Things become easier the warmer the Pax 2 is because cold resin is harder to move than warm. This is a design flaw in the Pax 2 itself.

NEXT PROBLEM – The Indicator Lights: Standing up on a desk, the top right light is dark. You can still see it being on but it’s very dark compared with the other 3 lights. I think this is because there is actually resin on the LED inside of it. It’s really just a cosmetic problem as far as I can tell.

NEXT PROBLEM – Loss Of Temperature Control: Originally I would use the first two temp control settings and the 3rd and 4th I would find to be too hot most of the time. Temperature setting 1 is the “flavor” setting and I would use that for a little bit until the flavor starts to drop after a few inhales. Then I would switch over to temperature 2 for the rest. These days, it’s incredibly hard to change settings due to my first problem but I have noticed that when I do change the temperature it doesn’t make a difference anymore. Every temperature setting seems to be the same no matter which indicator lights are on.

FINAL PROBLEM – My Pax 2 ALWAYS overheats now: My Pax 2 will stay on and become hotter and hotter until all the lights flash red and it turns off, I assume for some sort of safety reason. My Pax 2 no longer turns off due to it being left on because it will always overheat and switch off before that time. It doesn’t matter which temperature setting I am on, not only are they all the same temperature now but none of them cut it off at a certain point and so it just goes until it hits the failsafe. I assume this is because resin has built up inside and possibly shorted or connected some of the electronics within. That’s just a guess but I could see it happening, like if you have a circuit board in front of you and you drop a drip of liquid that touches multiple circuit paths on a circuit board.

So I know that my Pax 2 has a 10 year warranty. I am not sure what to do though. I am in Ontario Canada and I can probably ship this thing to the manufacturer for some sort of replacement since these are pretty obvious defects in the product itself. I don’t want to be without my Pax 2 though for any length of time, I love this thing and since using it I have entirely stopped smoking anything. With my Pax 2 being sent off to repairs, I will be forced to go back to smoking.. that sucks.

What should I do, anyone have any ideas? What would you recommend? I filled out the warranty when I first got this so it is covered but the down time would suck a lot and I am also worried about how shipping this would go down. Weed is going to be legal all across Canada very soon but not the case in USA. I know Cali is cool, that’s where the Pax place is, but at the same time what’s the word on shipping a used vaporizer across the border, would there be problems?

Pax ploom problems I’ve had my Pax 2 for at least 1.5 years now and I absolutely LOVE it still to this day, however, I’ve been having some issues for at least half a year or more with this thing ]]>