pax 3 review

Pax 3 Vaporizer Review

Pax 3 is the latest iteration of the Pax family of vaporizers. Pax disrupted the vaporizer industry about a decade ago when they came out with a radically simple and effective vaporizer. Pax has made a name for itself in terms of quality, apple-like ease of use and ruggedness.

Pax was started by two Stanford Grads who were frustrated with the vaporizer market and couldn’t believe how poor the offering of vaporizers was made at that time they started.

What’s Difference Between Pax 2 and Pax 3?
The biggest difference is how fast the Pax 3 heats up, and the fact that it now comes with a concentrates insert and a companion app. It seems a little sleeker as well.

Pax now has some competitors in the ultra high-end of the portable vaporizer market, including The FireFly 2.

The first thing you will notice when you put a Pax 3 in your hand is that it is designed very well and feels like a high-quality product. The vaporizer is made of aluminum and has rounded edges that allow for sliding the vaporizer effortlessly in your pants pocket. You’ll also notice that since there are so few moving parts or buttons, it’s hard to mess up using the Pax 3. In fact, you can fill the bowl entirely in the dark, which is important as there are many instances where you will want to take a puff in a darker, more discreet environment.

Heat Up Speed
A key consideration for any vaporizer, but particularly a portable vaporizer is how fast will it heat up and be usable? Pax says that that the vaporizer will heat up in 10-15 seconds. We found this be true, however, if you like to vaporize at higher temperatures, it may take 20 seconds plus to get to the highest temperature.

Keep in mind we don’t necessarily recommend vaping at a high temperature. There is a misconception that you are getting more of the good stuff by exhaling a huge white cloud. In fact, the opposite is true. So go ahead and use the vaporizer at high heat setting once to see that indeed it can produce a huge white cloud on exhale. Afterwards, experiment with lower heat settings to try to capture more of the plant that can only be accomplished at lower heat settings.

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The Three Covers or Lids
Not only can you use the Pax 3 to vaporize flower, but you can also put oils and concentrates into the concentrates insert. The regular oven lid and the half oven lid are just for herb. If you are only putting a small amount of ground flower into the oven, use the half oven lid as it is designed for those times when you want to use smaller amounts of material.

One irksome thing I don’t like about the concentrates insert is that it doesn’t close flush with the end of the vaporizer. I hope the Pax Labs folks will fix this in the future. If you are the type of person that straightens crooked frames on the wall when they are off a centimeter, this little detail might bother you.

The Pax 3 strength is with flower, while it can do concentrates reasonably well, its forte is really the flower vaporizing. It is nice to have the concentrate capability with one device, especially when you are on the go.

Charging, They Nailed It
Nothing else to say here, simply rest the Pax 3 on the concave charging rest and it starts charging.

Mouth Pieces
I find it easier to simply pop off the flat cover and put my whole mouth on the Pax 3 and take a draw, but for those that like to purse their lips, the narrow mouthpiece is for you!

What’s Included In The Box

Included with each Pax 3
– Vaporizer
– Concentrate Insert
– Charging Cable and Dock
– Battery
– Maintenance kit with Multi-Tool
– Oven Lids (2)
– Free App
– Warranty – 10 Year

Size of The Bowl
Perfect for two-three casual hits for an average size adult and very easy to empty. Simply tap the side of the vaporizer and hold upside down or use the tool provided to empty the bowl.

Pax commanded a very high market price when they first came out because no other company had anything like it. There are now a few competitors catching up. Because of the ease of use, quality, and heat up speed, The Pax 3 is highly recommended especially for a portable vaporizer.

See The Pax 3 at Pax Labs, CLICK HERE

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Pax 3 Review and Coupon Code. Find out the pros and cons of the Pax 3 vaporizer versus other vaporizers. Including 4 Things I love & one thing I hate…

PAX 3 portable vaporizer review

PAX 3 Review – Performance


This device may be a conduction vape, it seems hell-bent on mimicking on-demand convection vaping in terms of heating and cooling. The PAX 3 heats to your desired temperature in about 15 seconds and will cool down immediately after vaping. The coloured LED lights behind the vape’s signature ‘X’ gradually turn from a dark blue to an ‘all-clear’ green and back, depending on whether the device is heating or cooling.

Herbs and concentrates – really!

The oven of the PAX3 holds about 0.3 grams which should easily yield about 20 extended draws when gradually cycling through the 4 temperature settings. A second oven lid with a bulbous protrusion will allow you to only pack the oven half-full while still holding your herbs firmly in place. The concentrate insert has the obvious drawback of actually sticking awkwardly out the vape’s back end (maybe so you won’t forget you’re vaping concentrates now?) but it does the trick in terms of performance. The container is rather spacious and two tubular air intakes should prevent the PAX 3 from leaving behind a sticky trail of melted concentrate. Make sure you hold the vape more or less straight, there’s always the risk of concentrate seeping into your device.

Awesome battery life

The battery life on the PAX 3 is one of the more noticeable improvements over its predecessor. The battery seems to hold out forever and you should be able to have three comfortable, extended vape sessions with one charge. Charging the battery only takes 90 minutes and the only drawback is the magnetic connection between the USB charger and the device which could be interrupted if the unit is only slightly moved.

Tasty, lukewarm vapour

The device is quite small which invariably comes at the expense of cool vapour. That being said, the vapour produced by this device doesn’t grind the back of your throat either and the silicone mouthpiece stays nice and cool, even at higher temperatures. The vapour has a clean taste, fully allowing the aromas of your herbs to be appreciated in all of their facets.

PAX 3 review – Build quality

Compact and a luxurious feel

The PAX 3 vaporizer is the same size as its predecessor and easily fits in the palm of your hand. The unit has a comfortable feel to it and a reassuring weight. The aluminium shell with a matte finish is available in rose gold, black, silver and teal. These coatings make the vape easy on the eyes even though they have a tendency to show fingerprints and are not immune to scratching or even chipping along the edges of the oven lid. Make sure you keep your keys and change in your other trouser pocket.

Easy access

All materials connected to the air path are of medical-grade quality. The oven and mouthpiece are located at opposite ends of the vaporizer which makes for a longer vapour path resulting in a cooler vapour. The oven lid clicks into place with magnets and is therefore easily replaceable. One tiny drawback of this otherwise ingenious design is that the main air intake occurs along the seams of the lid. This means you’ll be able to smell the residue of your herbs if you hold the back of the vape up to your nose, so you may want to avoid doing that. Unless you’re into that sort of thing. In any case, PAX sells special odour caps to seal off both ends of the vaporizer for maximum discretion.

PAX 3 review – User friendliness

One button to rule them all

Another feature we know from the PAX 2 is the single control button located between two air slits on the mouthpiece. Even though this is counter-intuitive for many users who would expect to find the controls on a vape’s body, you get used to this way of handling your vape rather quickly. This single button controls the works: turning the vape off and on, going in and out of temperature control mode and cycling through temperature settings. Haptic feedback lets you know when the device is ready to vape so you can rest your eyes on your conversation partner instead of staring at your vaporizer. The instruction manual in the box is only there to get you started and PAX provides additional instructions on their website.


Well, not quite a gyroscope but the built-in accelerometer and smart-gesture control do make you feel like the vape is spookily aware of how you’re handling it (so be gentle). Waving the vape around shows the temperature level and picking up the vape will automatically activate the oven while setting it down will immediately initiate cooling.

An app that is actually useful

Normally we would dismiss an integration with an app on your phone as a needless gimmick. This time, the PAX 3 vaporizer actually has caught our attention with an app that expands the device’s already impressive capabilities in a useful manner. Aside from the standard option of customizing the temperature settings by one-degree increments, the app allows you to choose from four heating modes. Stealth mode maintains lower temperatures so you’ll produce barely visible vapour. In flavour mode, the device will only heat up to these lower temperature when drawing in order to preserve your herbs even more. Boost mode will limit your device’s cooling which is useful if you’re into thick clouds and efficiency mode will automatically increase the temperature during a session, eliminating the need to cycle through the settings manually. You can even increase the vape’s stealth by turning off the lights while the device is heating and cooling.

PAX 3 review – Maintenance and essential accessories

The PAX 3 vaporizer comes with a reassuring 10-year warranty. Cleaning the device is easily done by soaking the different parts in isopropyl alcohol. Fluffy cleaning rods are included which you can insert in the airpath during more thorough cleaning sessions.

Basic Kit and Complete Kit

The PAX 3 is available with a basic kit (maintenance kit, one flat and one arched mouthpiece and a standard oven lid) as well as with a complete kit (concentrate insert, half-pack oven lid, multitool, carry case and additional screens) for about €50 more. The basic kit allows less habitual herb enthusiasts to enjoy the PAX 3 experience while remaining firmly in the mid-level price segment. The complete kit has the advantage of offering accessories at a much more advantageous price than when buying each accessory separately.


Most of the accessories available for the PAX2 are also compatible with the PAX 3, which should ease the transition for PAX 2 users. Check out the compact water pipe adapter and additional herb capsules for pre-loading purposes if you’re planning on taking the on-the-go vaping experience to the next level.

PAX 3 review – Who should buy this?

The PAX 3 definitely has a leg up on the PAX 2 in terms of heating/cooling time and battery performance so PAX enthusiasts should consider an upgrade. With its mid-level price and obvious on-the-go appeal, the PAX3 seems geared towards mobile vapers who refuse to skimp on quality. Flexibility, vapour quality, customizability, discretion. this device can look high-end portable vaporizers in the eye without flinching. The PAX 3 seems to be designed with the discriminating user in mind who’d rather focus on having meaningful interactions during a night out than fiddling with a vape.

PAX 3 review – Pros and cons

– Smart gesture control for rapid heating and cooling
– Useful app integration
– Herbs and concentrates
– Impressive battery life and charging time
– Good value for money

– Coating prone to scratches
– A bit of a learning curve
– Minor imperfections: concentrate insert sticks out a bit – both ends can get a little smelly

PAX 3 review – The final verdict

The PAX 3 is PAX’s latest attempt at proving that a top-of-the-line portable vaporizer can be sold at a mid-level price. Through significant strides made in terms of battery life and heating/cooling time, this vaporizer definitely outperforms the PAX 2 and stands out among its peers in the same price range. The smart gesture control is finely attuned to your vaping needs and is a key factor in the device’s ability to heat up and cool down rapidly. It successfully bypasses the most common objection we have against conduction vaporizers and manages to be a more than decent concentrate vaporizer to boot. PAX’s most recent addition to the vaporizer universe should, therefore, be at the top of any serious vaping enthusiasts’ list.

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