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Put your nail into the opening and start using your unusual rig! This opaque and airtight container is perfect for storing a large amount of weed. Infinity Jars are made of laboratory optimized and tested UV glass containers which slow down the decaying process of organic matter. They maintain the freshness of whatever you put inside. These screw top jars effectively block out harmful light rays while selectively filtering beneficial UV-A and infrared rays to preserve and sanitize your products.

The airtight cover does not only keep your container smell-proof but also slows down degradation. It can effectively keep your cannabis fresh and great for a longer period of time. Northern Lights and crap are never in the same sentence, NL is one of the best and most stable strains ever. Give it the love it needs and take it to ripe, and you will be rewarded with some awesome smoke that will kick your ass. The NL I used to grow would ripen in around 55-60 days, and it was very rewarding, both in yield and powerful smoke. While you can mix and match with Blaze Glass, we would prefer to focus on the multi-level microscope bong. It is 13.8 inches high and uses a fixed downstem with a 14.5mm male joint. It also comes with a removable female herb bowl, which is a perfect fit for the male joint. This bowl is extremely thick and the glass marble on the side prevents unwanted crumbs and ash from making their way into the water. Utilizing a mix of convection and conduction heating via a ceramic heater we get even vaporization from the CF, solid flavor and impressive vapor quality with extremely satisfying, visible clouds.

the one time he did, i love feeling him continue to slide in and out, using his cum as lube. From Abadie to Zig Zag, hemp to rice, rolling papers to cones, flavored, natural and organic find your favorite from our on line smoke shop. The Supernatural 12 inch Cone uses the same unbleached hemp paper that we all have come to love. For those who really appreciate security from their decks, the Cyclone is one tough board that can take you anywhere on the mountain without the risk of dumping you when the going gets rough. Generally inappropriate comments, photos, videos or music including without limitation those that are obscene, threatening, defamatory, libelous, discriminatory, harassing, or anything else that is not suitable for a public forum. Content that appears to solicit or provide medical advice. Advertisements, "spam" content, or references to other products, offers, or websites. 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The Puffco Peak may look sleek, friendly and approachable, but this rig is not necessarily right for everyone. Entry-level cannabis users might not think they're primed for such a high-tech device, let alone to consume highly potent THC concentrates. Product Code External L x W x H (mm) Opening L x W (mm) Internal L x W x H (mm) Weight (kg) Price (Inc GST) BG055055025L08 550mm x 550 x 225 470 x 440 490 x 490 x 180 6.80 $220.00 BG055055031L08 550mm x 550 x 310 470 x 440 490 x 490 x 260 7.80 $230.00 BG055055045L08 550mm x 550 x 450 470 x 440 490 x 490 x 405 8.00 $245.00 BG055055055L30 550mm x 550 x 550 470 x 440 490 x 490 x 550 9.00 $385.00 BG055055067L08 550mm x 550 x 675 470 x 440 490 x 490 x 630 10.50 $385.00 BG055055080L08 550mm x 550 x 800 470 x 440 490 x 490 x 740 14.00 $430.00 BG055055102L30 550mm x 550 x 1020 470 x 440 490 x 490 x 940 15.00 $470.00 BG110055025L08 1100mm x 550 x 225 1020 x 440 1045 x 495 x 180 12.00 $410.00 BG110055031L08 1100mm x 550 x 310 1020 x 440 1045 x 495 x 260 14.50 $415.00 BG110055045L08 1100mm x 550 x 450 1020 x 440 1045 x 495 x 405 16.00 $425.00 BG110055055L30 1100mm x 550 x 550 1020 x 440 1045 x 495 x 505 18.00 $675.00 BG110055067L08 1100mm x 550 x 675 1020 x 440 1045 x 495 x 630 21.00 $515.00 BG110055080L08 1100mm x 550 x 800 1020 x 440 1045 x 495 x 730 22.00 $615.00 BG110055102L30 1100mm x 550 x 1020 1020 x 440 1020 x 470 x 982 24.00 POA BG165055045 1650mm x 550 x 450 1560 x 440 1565 x 455 x 385 23.50 $830.00 BG165055067 1650mm x 550 x 675 1560 x 440 1610 x 480 x 570 30.00 $1,350.00 BG220055045 2200mm x 550 x 450 2110 x 440 2140 x 490 x 385 35.00 POA BG220055067 2200mm x 550 x 675 2110 x 450 2140 x 490 x 585 45.00 POA. Tommy Chong's joint-rolling machine, the Chong Roller, produces a fine joint: cone-style, with a filter, and perfectly symmetrical. In addition to selling wax , concentrate and dry herb vaporizers , Pulsar also sells water pipes and hand pipes, offering a bit more variety than your average cannabis vape supplier. Furthermore, Pulsar offers a multitude of useful accessories including ash trays, rolling trays, pollen presses, dab nails , silicone storage containers, cleaning supplies, mini bubblers and more. No matter what type of product you desire, even if it doesn’t fit under the general “vaping” criteria, there is a good chance Pulsar will have what you need. Picture the scenario: You have several grams of top-shelf weed in the house but disaster! You discover that you’re out of rolling papers and your friend has a ‘loan’ of your pipe. To make matters worse, all the nearby stores are closed because it is late at night and you want to get stoned while listening to Led Zeppelin.

For an intimate session, pack a personal bowl or a “snap” when alone or with one other person.

This way, you take turns lighting personally packed micro bowls meant to be consumed in one single hit. New Delhi 54, C-6, Rama Road, New Delhi - 110015, Delhi.


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