pax 3 blue light meaning

Pax 3 blue light meaning

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Apparently, two blinking blue lights (in my case the top left and bottom right one) and subsequent self-power-down mean there’s something wrong with the pax 3 and it has to be sent in.

Mine’s done that a few times recently – but I could always just turn it back on so far – so I’m afraid it might stop working soon or something.
I should finally send in my old pax 2 (and when I received a replacement, my pax 3). 😆

Why, what could the app possibly do about this?
I mean I have the app and had connected it once to try it out, but later it wouldn’t find my pax 3 anymore.

Anyway, probably a good idea to send my pax 2 in first (that also came with a 10-year-warranty, right?) and then other one.

Main reason I posted here was to add what the blinking blue lights mean since I had just read about them and found this thread via google.
Plus I hadn’t heard about resetting the pax 3 before reading that reddit either, which I immediately tried. 🙂

Title kind of says it all… I can't find any lists of the light patterns and their meanings. Sometimes, my pax3 does the heating up pattern in pink, not purple. Sometimes it flashes the left 2 petals in a darkish blue, then shuts off and won't do anything but flash those lights and shut off, until…