o.pen vape price

O.pen vape price

If you’re wondering how to use a vape pen for the first time, this guide can help. Read more here for a tutorial about using a vape pen from O.penV.


Why do so many people love our vaporizers? There are many different benefits of vaporizing with O.penVAPE products. Read more to learn about our va.



Learn how to take care of your vape pen and optimize your vaping experience with this guide. Read more here to discover vaping tips and tricks by O.

Between you and the battery quality, I am thoroughly impressed with your brand and now a huge fan and supporter. I greatly appreciate you! Thank you so much!

Just wanted to say y’all make wonderful products. I left my O.pen out in the rain and that beast is still working, soon investing in another pen!

Your pen is what changed my mind about pens. My boyfriend handed me his O.pen and I put down my Pax 3 and haven’t looked back since. Thank you for making an awesome product!

I am more than satisfied. I am excited to have found a company that stands behind their product and is honest, helpful, and friendly.

The absolute best I’ll never use another company ever and I will continue to refer friends to u guys. An outstanding customer service team and a great product.

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O.penVAPE | It’s what’s inside that counts

O.penVAPE offers some of the best vaporizing pens on the market as a safe and classy alternatives to smoking. The very popular O.penVAPE has set the standard for an easy to use, portable, vape pen by offering a healthy alternative to smoking with their sleek, subtle and easy-to-use vaporizer pens. O.penVAPE is a Colorado company that is striving to change the face of the vape industry.

You can find many of the products available in the O.penVAPE line of products at Myxed Up in Denver , Aurora , Colorado Springs , and Pueblo .

O.penVAPE Refillable Cartridge


O.Pen Vaporizer 2.0 Variable Voltage Battery

O.Pen Vaporizer Battery and Charger

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O.penVAPE offers some of the best vaporizing pens on the market, a safe and classy alternative to smoking. They set the standard for an easy, portable, vape pen ]]>


pyrex water pipe

Mini Red Pyrex Water Pipe

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Handheld Vaporizers for Concentrate

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Shop American Glass Bubblers

When people first start smoking they will usually gravitate toward a smaller glass hand pipe. After smoking for a while they want to upgrade to a pipe with water filtration like one of our American glass bubblers.

5 tall 2 base diameter 2.50 body diameter 1.25 mouth piece diameter yellow base mouth piece 9mm glass bowl grommeted glass bowl carburetor all of our glass bongs water pipes are…

Blue Donut Bottom Pyrex Glass Water Pipe with/ Dome Perc 8”

Min.Order / FOB Price:
Jinan Honhai Glass Company Limited

Member Since: 2012

Business Type: Manufacturer/Factory,Group Corporation

Jinan, Shandong, China

Quick Details

Quick Details

Product Details

blue donut bottom Pyrex Glass Water Pipe withdome perc 8”

Features of glass water pipe:

1. Pure tasting through water
2. for both wax and dry herb
3. easy use, easy clean
4. All accesorries included
5.. The material is glass, beauty and durable.
6. Replaceable cup, Can be detached and replaced, save cost!
7. borosilicate glassTank heating ,100% no burning smell, no leakage
8. Glass pipe storage system, Easy to refill, great taste and huge vapor,
9.Match 510 and EGO threading.

Blue Donut Bottom Pyrex Glass Water Pipe with/ Dome Perc 8”, Find Details and Price about Glass Water Pipe, Glass Percolator Pipe from Blue Donut Bottom Pyrex Glass Water Pipe with/ Dome Perc 8” – Jinan Honhai Glass Company Limited ]]>


magic 3 in 1 vape pen instructions

Magic 3in1 Dry Herbal Vaporizer Kit (Dryherb, wax, and oil) Review

Use :

The Magic 3-in-1 is the best kit for starters, it includes 4 clearomizers for dry herb, wax, and oils, and 1 Evod Battery. Convenient and easy to use! It also delivers amazing hits and releases minimum odor. This will save you a lot of rolling papers and product, those lighter days are over!

The unit is a perfect starter kit for someone who is getting in to vaping dry herb and extract. The coils on the atomizer heats up quick! After a month of using this unit I got to say, if you’re someone who loves those pipe hits this kit is perfect for you. For those who are rolling joints and you want to save about 50-70% of your ground material, I would strongly recommend getting this vaporizer kit. This thing will also get you where you want to be!

Portability (6/10)
The portability of this vaporizer is perfect! all the piece will fit in your pocket. Although if you want to carry all the atomizer for dry herb, wax, and oil, you’ll need a small portable bag.

Price (8/10)
The price is perfect for someone who is starting into vaping herbal products. You can purchase it today just here

Cleaning and Maintenance (5/10)
Just like any pipe and bong this vaporizer has to be often maintain for clean and healthy hits. Frequent use will cause excess residue to clog the filter, the dry herb atomizer must be cleaned with a brush and dabber. (Click here for the guide on how to clean the atomizer). The glass globe and oil atomizer also has to be cleaned once in a while with a brush and dabber.

Discreetness (9/10)
The discreetness of this vaporizers looks like any e -cig vape, it can be used in public without people knowing what it is. Although the odor may be detected if you’re using this indoors or in front of a person, otherwise it releases minimum odor which is the important key in discreetness.

Function (9/10)
The function is simple, attach the atomizer and click the battery button 5 times to turn it on and off. And to power the atomizer up just hold the power button and it will start heating the coils.

Heating Power & Battery Life (7/10)
The heating power is great! it heats up the coils in just seconds! It takes about 2 hours to fully recharge the battery and it runs on 650 mAh capacity which is perfect for on the go.

After going though the main keys, this conclude that the Magic 3in1 herbal vaporizer kit is perfect if you’re someone who wants to try vaping dry herb, wax, and oil. Not only its convenient this will save you a lot of dry herbs and rolling papers! say goodbye to traditional smoking and join the future! If you’re someone that is cheap with your dry herb! get this vaporizer now so it will save you more product in the future.

Product Information

Specification :

  • Atomizer Resistance : 2.4-2.8 ohm
  • Use : Wax,dry herb, and oils
  • Battery Capacity: 650mah
  • Battery voltage : 3.7V
  • Charging time : 2-4hours

Kit Includes :

  • 1 Glass globle wax atomizer
  • 1 skillet dry herb atomizer
  • 1 MT3 liquid atomizer
  • 1 EVOD Battery
  • 1 charger
  • 1 gift box

Magic 4 in 1 Dry Herb Vaporizer Review Use : Get it here Other Vaporizers OverviewThe Magic 3-in-1 is the best kit for starters, it includes 4 clearomizers for dry herb, wa

Magic 3 in 1 Wax/Dry Herb/E-Liquid Vaporizer EVOD Starter Kit 900mah

The Magic 3 in 1, including 4 clearomizers for dry herb, wax, e-juice and 1 Evod Battery, is no doubt that the best kit for starters. It delivers amazing hits and releases minimum odor. The coils on the atomizer heats up quick, which will prevent you from waiting. Get one and you’ll see how convenient it is!

Availability: Out of stock

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The package and accessories may vary from batch to batch. All images are for reference purpose only.

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Magic 3 in 1 Wax/Dry Herb/E-Liquid Vaporizer EVOD Starter Kit

Product introduction

The Magic 3 in 1, including 4 clearomizers for dry herb, wax, e-juice and 1 Evod Battery, is no doubt that the best kit for starters. It delivers amazing hits and releases minimum odor. The coils on the atomizer heats up quick, which will prevent you from waiting. Get one and you’ll see how convenient it is!


Battery Capacity: 900mAh

Resistance: 2.4- 2.8 ohm

Battery voltage: 3.3- 4.2V

Charging time: 2- 4hours

Tank capacity: 1.5ml


-5 click on/ off simple function

-Deliver amazing hits and releases minimum odor

<p align="center"><strong><span style="font-size: medium;">Magic 3 in 1 Wax/Dry Herb/E-Liquid Vaporizer EVOD Starter Kit</span></strong></p> <p><strong>Product introduction</strong></p> <p>The Magic 3 in 1, including 4 clearomizers for dry herb, wax, e- ]]>


get your pipes cleaned

Get your pipes cleaned

“Percy spent two hours cleaning his pipes because he hadn’t shot his load for four days.”

“Hey Gordon, you should clean your pipes before seeing Jennifer tonight, it’ll steady your nerves.”

Tugging your meat until you ejaculate, and then pissing. This supposedly cleans your urethra (hence, Cleaning the Pipes)

It stings, and that’s evidence that it’s doing what its name says.

It can also be done right before having sexual intercourse, so you don’t get a woman pregnant, and you don’t have to wear a condom.

John: “Ugh, I really need to clean the pipes”

John is Cleaning the Pipes in Cindy’s bathroom so he can smash her, rawdog.

Get your pipes cleaned “Percy spent two hours cleaning his pipes because he hadn’t shot his load for four days.” “Hey Gordon, you should clean your pipes before seeing Jennifer tonight, it’ll

Get your pipes cleaned

As a homeowner, you know that things can and will go wrong in your home. And sometimes those things couldn’t possibly have been foreseen. Which is quite often the case when it comes to your sewer lines.

Your sewer lines are hidden; therefore, it’s hard to recognize when and if there’s a problem. This makes it even more important that you have some knowledge about what signs to look if you want to prevent a potential disaster, and quite possibly, higher repair or replacement costs.

Learning how often to have your sewer lines cleaned, the signs that indicate you may have a problem and what your options are once you do discover a problem, will help you make a more educated decision about what your needs are and how to go about having the repairs completed.

How Often Should You Have Your Sewer Lines Cleaned

As a good preventive measure you should have your sewer lines cleaned every 18-22 months. If you are experiencing problems more often than that, you may need to call a plumber and schedule a video inspection of your pipes.

Your plumber will insert a video camera down through your pipes to help visually determine what other issues may be causing your sewer back-ups. That video inspection will then enable him to make the proper recommendation for whichever repair is necessary to correct the problem.

The Warning Signs That Indicate Your Sewer Lines Need Cleaned

There are several things that could cause sewer back-ups and they are not all due to dirty pipes. Sometimes they are, but not always.

  • Roots: Tree roots penetrating your pipes are the number one cause associated with sewer back-ups. The roots grow into the pipes and will continue to grow until they fill the pipes completely. Or, in many cases, the roots will break the pipes, creating an even bigger problem. A video inspection will help confirm if you have tree roots growing in your pipes.
  • Bellied Piping: A bellied pipe is simply a sag in your pipe. A sag can occur when part of your pipe slopes down, which creates a “belly” effect. This is usually caused when the soil around your pipe becomes loose and breaks, making the soil around your pipe unstable and allowing it to sink. Over time, a bellied pipe will allow waste to accumulate at the bellied part of the pipe, which in turn will create a blockage. A video inspection will tell your plumber all he needs to know and how to proceed with the proper repair.
  • Grease: Grease is a pipes worst enemy. Many homeowners casually pour their old, used grease from cooking down the drain. This is the worst thing you could do. That grease will eventually turn solid which creates a blockage in your pipes. If this happens, you will need to have your pipes hydro-jetted.

The Warning Signs To Look For Are:
  • You see raw sewage backing up into your drain, toilet or bathtub
  • Gurgling sounds coming from the pipes
  • You see water around the floor drain in the basement
  • If water backs up into the shower or bathtub when using the washing machine
  • Reoccurring clogs or multiple clogged drains
  • Slow drains
  • Sewer odors

Options For Having Your Sewer Lines Cleaned

  1. Have the problem diagnosed by a trained professional master plumber through the use of a video inspection to ensure you are getting the proper diagnosis for the problem.
  2. If tree roots are the issue, using a mechanical auger may take care of the problem. A sewer auger has a rotating spiral head with teeth that will cut through the tree roots removing the obstruction. However, this will only take care of the existing problem because the roots will grow back. Therefore, you’ll need to have a chemical tree root removal performed or you may have to dig up the invasive roots. If you’re looking at this option, please read our previous blog post on how to remove tree roots from pipes. There are times when the pipes are too badly damaged by the roots and will have to be replaced. A video inspection will help determine what needs to be done to fix the problem.
  3. A hydro-jetting of your pipes may be required depending on the reason for the blockage. A hydro-jetter pumps up to 4,000 psi of water through your pipes to clean them out and remove the blockage. After hydro-jetting, if the hydro-jetting was done due to roots in your pipes, you can have your plumber flush your pipes with a chemical to kill any remaining roots, if the root invasion wasn’t too severe to begin with.

The Take Away

Keeping your sewer pipes clean is just as important as any other preventive maintenance task you perform on your home. Therefore, you should schedule a cleaning every 18-22 months if you want to avoid the hassle of a sewer back-up or allowing a problem to go undetected to the point it becomes a major repair.

If you’re a resident of the Pittsburgh area, then let Terry’s Plumbing help you out. Schedule your sewer cleaning today!

10 thoughts on “How Often Should Sewer Lines Be Cleaned?”

I had no idea that gurgling sounds coming from the pipes are warning signs that they should be cleaned. I grew up with pretty noisy pipes, so I always assumed that it was normal. I will have to remember that the next time I hear a gurgling noise.

I always thought it was a rumor you shouldn’t poor grease down your drains. After reading what you wrote about it I know I won’t do that again. I’ve been doing it for awhile now. I’m going to start looking into a plumber.

You stated that as a good preventative measure you should have your sewer lines cleaned every 18-22 months. Do most plumbers offer regularly scheduled maintenance for residential sewer lines? My cousin and his wife came home from a long road trip and noticed a really awful smell hovering around their property. Finding a reputable plumber to come and clean their sewers might be a good idea.

This is really interesting information about sewer lines. I had no idea that they needed to be cleaned at least every 2 years or so. I don’t think that I have ever had my sewer lines cleaned. I never knew it was an issue, but I will make sure to get on top of it now that I know.

I bought an older home where you can see the black pipe back and the problem is I can’t tell which way it goes to the front of the house or to the side of the house, my gas comes from the side street the water comes from the front of the house The cleanout is in the middle of the back of the house and I don’t see any signs that the mainline goes forward it to themes could go to the side and out that way Could one of those videocameras find out which way my pipes go no one seems to know even the previous owners weren’t sure and I also believe it needs a good cleaning all the pipes I have pipes for the sinks that go from the third to the first and the stack goes from that what price should I expect for just stay here I’m right visual and what price should I do for a fall cleaning in the fall river mass area 02720 that’s the zip Prefer to deal with small company not one of these big ones that are out there great tips on Keeping your pipes clean etc. thank you will

My wife and I have recently purchased our first home. We don’t have any experience maintaining a home, and we’re looking for advice. I didn’t realize grease can solidify in pipes causing blockages, and a sewer cleaning service should be called if this should occur. I’ll be sure I remember this information moving forward.

It is really interesting information about sewer lines. I appreciate your efforts that you have shared with us. This post is really helpful for me and will also forward your post to my friend who finding the information on the web. Keep it up great work.

It was great that I found your article because I never actually thought that pouring grease down the drain is a bad idea until I read it. Mom usually does that, and I do too because we both thought that it’s alright to do that. Now I’m getting really worried. Maybe it’s for the best that we get professionals to get the drains cleaned just to be sure. Thanks for sharing!

I think my sewer is clogged up. Having it cleaned would be a good idea. Someone with experience should do this for me.

Thanks for helping me understand that cleaning should be done since it can help detect possible issues which can be addressed immediately and keep you from the need to have it repaired in the future. I will definitely do that, so I should probably find a plumber tomorrow. I hope we are not too late since we have been in this house since 2017, and we have never gotten it cleaned due to not knowing the importance of it.

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The warning signs that you are about to need your sewer lines cleaned and how often you should be checking up on them. ]]>


smoke shop new rochelle

The Glass Room

Rated 4.5 / 5.0 from 5 Reviews

The Glass Room is a head shop in New Rochelle, New-york.

Store Hours

  • Monday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Sunday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM



11 Church St
New Rochelle, NY 10801

Phone Number
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Save the trip, and save some money by shopping online at Smoke Cartel – the #1 Online Headshop.


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The Glass Room on 11 Church St

Slightly overpriced for sure but this is Westchester. Could have maybe saved 35% online but the service and quality is worth every penny. Great staff. Great store.

Review by Michael Mueller

The Glass Room on 11 Church St

Awesome place. Great knowledge. Dope spot. Highly advise!

Review by Marc Mauro

The Glass Room on 11 Church St

Great products and staff. Awesome experience overall.

Review by Tyler

The Glass Room on 11 Church St

good shop, helpful staff.

Review by Sensei Sama

The Glass Room on 11 Church St

Review by Nicky B

What is a Headshop?

A head shop, commonly known as a “smoke shop” is a retail store that specializes in products for smoking tobacco, cannabis, and other accessories in this counterculture. Many head shops also carry Kratom, CBD, and other consumables – depending on the legality within their state. Smoke Shops have been around for decades, and are popular destinations for stoners and the smoking enthusiasts to find products to fit their lifestyle.

Reviews and store details of The Glass Room – a smoke shop in New Rochelle, New York. Get head shop store hours, directions, more.

The Glass Room is a Smoke Shop in New Rochelle, NY on – see weed pics, weed prices, weedmaps, and menus.

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The Glass Room

11 Church Street
New Rochelle, NY 10801 USA

About The Glass Room

The Glass Room is a smoke shop located in New Rochelle, NY

First Timers

Never been to The Glass Room before? Come back to comment on your experience.

View coupons, specials, reviews, menu, contact info & more for The Glass Room, a Smoke Shop in New Rochelle, NY on ]]>


how to dry weed fast hair dryer

Drying Weed At Home: The Fastest Way to Dry Weed

Drying cannabis is a process that is followed by the harvest time. You have taken a good care for your marijuana plant so far. But even though your buds may be ready for the final process of harvesting, there is still a lot of work for you as a grower. The cannabis curing process and the drying marijuana still follow and in this article, I am about to show you the best way to dry weed.

However, because the whole process can take a while, over the years growers have come up with many ways of drying until they found the fastest way to dry weed. This will speed things up for almost 50% and will shorten the entire curating and drying weed time tremendously.

The cannabis curing process explained

Before going into the whole drying cannabis process, there is the curing process which ensures your freshly harvested weed gets to the stage of its best quality. The act of curing needs you to take your buds into a controlled environment where they will be drying slowly. After that, your buds should be kept in a glass jar which will allow for their natural processes to occur over the course of several weeks. This type of drying cannabis makes it smell better, reduces harshness and helps the weed reach a better potency and longer-lasting effects overall.

How to dry weed: The room environment

According to experts, you can create an optimal drying weed environment by following the guidelines below:

  • The room temperature should be approx. 21°Cor around 70°F
  • Measure the humidity and do not let it pass the point of 50%, but it also should not be below 45%

Drying weed: The jar environment

The best way to dry weed during the curing process is done in jars. The room temperature where the jars are should be, again, about 21°C or around 70°F, but the humidity of the room should be between 58-65%

The Step-By-Step Curing and Drying Cannabis Process

First and foremost, the reason why growers cure cannabis is to ensure they maximize their weed’s potency and quality. A simple explanation of just how important the curing of cannabis is is as follows: You may have started your weed growing process with some great weed genetics and you have taken good care of your weed during its entire life. Now, curing at the end is what will distinguish your buds from everyone else’s and will make the difference between “just fine” and award-winning weed. In fact, the sole reason why marijuana from any dispensary tastes and smells better than the regular one bought off the streets is that it has been properly dried and cured. This crucial process gives marijuana its smooth, pleasant taste and effect.

Marijuana hanging and drying via grow-marijuana.

The benefits of drying marijuana and slow curing

The process of curing and drying marijuana breaks down the chlorophyll in the plant. This automatically ensures that the taste of each bud is improved and the smoothness of the smoking experience and effect is increased. Is also helps remove the common smell of “cut grass” that is found on freshly harvested weed. Furthermore, the coughing effect is sizably reduced and if you are prone to weed headaches, you won’t get them as much. The chance for mold and bacterial growth is decreased largely while the potency is increased and experienced potheads will be able to tell the difference.

If you are not an expert or somewhat experienced weed lover, the best way to spot the difference between properly cured and dried weed and one that hadn’t been cured is to smoke a bud that’s directly off the plant and then roll one with buds that have been properly cured and dried. The difference is huge! Even cooking with your buds, including them in recipes and drinks, or making other weed-based products at home, will be more pleasant than buds that hadn’t been dried and cured. Experts explain that this is due to the alteration of cannabinoids and terpenoids while curing.

How should you be properly drying marijuana?

Drying marijuana from hangers via growweedeasy.

After finding out why you should be curing and drying your weed, and what are the overall benefits on that entire process, you may be wondering what is the best way to dry weed slowly? And how to dry weed at home without allowing the process to take up all your free time?

While there are plenty of other ways of drying cannabis, in this article I have covered the most widely used one. The well-studied process that has been used for many years now, and the one that many creative devoted potheads love doing because of its promising results every time, regardless if you are using an indica or sativa strain.

How to dry weed: Overview

The sole process of curing your marijuana begins when you cut down the plant after it has ripened and grown enough. This is why it’s really important to learn how to dry weed properly. Namely, during the initial drying phase, the key step is to let your weed dry out in the course of 4 to 7 days. During this relatively slow process of drying cannabis, you need to protect your plant against the growth of mold and bacteria.

The reason why I say you should leave your buds to dry relatively slowly over the course of a week is that if you speed the process with some kind of heating unit, the curing will be ruined and your weed will taste terrible. Plus you will lose many benefits in the process of doing so, and if you are looking to make CBD distillate or a THC one, they won’t be as beneficial as those from a plant that had been dried properly.

How to dry weed and cure it well every time

Marijuana plants in a room via Unsplash.

In order to do this process successfully, you need to have certain tools and equipment that you will be using solely for the curing and drying marijuana.

  • 1 quart or 32 ozmason jars with wide openings
  • A place where you can put your drying rack – you can even hang your buds from clothes hangers
  • A hygrometeris a tool that lets you measure the humidity inside your mason jars.
  • Humidipaksare packs specifically designated to store your cannabis and protect it from getting too dry and crispy while stored.

The first step is to cut down your plant, obviously. You can do so by cutting the base and hanging the entire cut plant upside down to dry. You may also cut off branches individually and hang them for the drying process.

Next, you should remove and trim any extra leaves. These are the big fan leaves. This step will improve the appearance of the buds overall because too much of the leafy matter will make your weed harsh.

If the humidity in the room is about or just under 30% that means that the space is dry and you should leave more leaves on your plant. This will slow down the drying process and make the curing better as I have mentioned before.

If the humidity is average – about 40-50% that is, then you may go on and hang your drying cannabis upside down and leave it for up to a week.

However, if the humidity is over 60%, then you should separate all the buds from the branches individually and leave enough space between them to dry. If you fail at this you might notice a really slow drying of your cannabis and mold growth.

The third step in the drying weed process is a good control of the environment. As mentioned before, around 70°F or 21°C is the room temperature to look for and a 50% humidity. Below you have some tools that will help you get to this optimal drying process:

  • Your air conditionercools the air and dries it out too. So if you struggle with humidity and high temperatures, this is your best buddy when drying cannabis.
  • If need lower temperature but higher humidity levels, then an evaporative cooleris what you need. This tool lowers the temperature while increasing the humidity.
  • A dehumidifieris a tool that heats the air and lowers the humidity in general.
  • While the humidifieralso heats the air but it raises the humidity.
  • The heater will heat the air, increasing the overall temperature while lowering the humidity.

What NOT to do when drying marijuana?

The most commonly done mistakes in the drying cannabis process is when people want to speed this entire process of drying and curing. You should never quick-dry your buds in a stove or by using a dehydrator. People also do the mistake of drying weed with dry ice or even the worst of all, in a microwave. Talk about a waste of weed! This will not only create a bad taste and smell, but it will also cause you terrible migraines and paranoia when smoking the weed later on. All these processes of speeding up the drying can result in destroying certain cannabinoids and terpenes which are the valuable, healing parts of the cannabis. This can occur even at temperatures of 85°F or 30°C.

PRO TIP: Using cardboard when marijuana will be of great help if you live in an overly humid environment because the cardboard material pulls out water out of the buds real quick. However, it is known to create wet spots and leave imprints on the areas where the buds have touched the flat surface. This is why experienced growers recommend rotating the buds every few hours in order for each side to get the same treatment.

Using an extra fan to blow in the room the entire time is recommended for an additional airflow if you live in an overly humid environment. But keep in mind that the fan should never blow in the direction of the buds. It should be pointed to a near wall but make sure its airflow is still felt in the room.

The best way to dry weed is to let the buds dry slowly while following the other tips explained in this article. This way you can get the highest-quality weed

How Do I Quick-Dry My Buds?

  • Aug 2, 2019
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  • greenfjhes
    New Member
    • Aug 7, 2019
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  • andrearosales
    New Member

    Well said, Simple brown paper bags, like the kind you get from the bakery, are perfect for drying buds. Especially popcorn buds. If you place a handful or two of freshly manicured smaller nuggets into a paper bag and leave them to dry for 2–3 days your halfway there. Ideally, you should leave them another 3 days to dry completely.

    • Aug 11, 2019
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  • Buds Buddy
    Grow Journal of the Month: May 2020
    • Aug 22, 2019
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  • greenfjhes
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    You can dry your cannabis buds simply at home as well. Found a really nice video. Check out

    • Nov 2, 2019
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    Picked up this variable temperature dehydrator. From what I understand you want to put it on the lowest temperature possible and run it for as long as possible.

    • Nov 3, 2019
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    NOTE: The following methods are for “quick drying” purposes only, and results should not be compared to cannabis, which would normally be dried and cured correctly. Also, buds that are removed before maturity will reduce your plants potential yield.

    Hey everybody! Well as my first indoor grow comes to a halt, I’d like to express my views and personal experience with different methods of quick drying out some buds straight off the plant. I’ve tried tons of different methods as none of the first ones I tried ever satisfied me. Now before I start I must state that air-drying your buds is THE best way to dry and curing is certainly advised. Additionally the ideal way to smoke buds right off the plant would be a vaporizer. But for those who might not like vaporizers or don’t have the money to buy/make one, and who are running short on the stash but have a plethora in the closet so close to being done. To all of you I offer my experiences and maybe a few methods you haven’t tried before. Ill start simple and go through and share my views.

    The Oven
    The only thing I can say to this is ‘hey it does work’ you can smoke pot dried in the oven. Taste and potency all goes to crap, but smoke will go out of your mouth as you exhale. If that’s all you crave, then this is the simplest way to dry your herbs out, just keep an eye on it. I find oven-dried weed to be lacking in everything, including the high.

    When used on lower power settings (40-50%) can do an adequate job. Mind you it still tastes like crap and certainly not as potent as air-dried, but in a pinch it will work. Keep an eye on it and go for short 5- 10 second bursts.

    Dankmaster’s Microwave Steam Method
    A vast improvement in quick dry technology. It does a satisfactory job fairly quickly. Trichomes don’t burst and flavor while not great isn’t awful anymore — which is all I can say for any of the previously mentioned methods. What the method does is use steam to dry out the weed.

    Necessary items
    *Tupperware container with lid.
    *Buds fresh off the plant (cut into small pieces, don’t shred them — cut into nice little chunks).
    *3-paper towels.
    *Microwave with power setting options.

    First, take 1/4 piece of a paper towel and lay it on the bottom of the Tupperware container. Then put your cut up weed on the paper towel. Next, take two paper towels, fold them several times and get them wet. Wring out most of the water. You want the paper towels wet but not dripping. Now, you lay the paper towels over the top of the Tupperware making sure that you completely and evenly cover the top. Then take the lid and squeeze it almost all the way on. When I say almost I mean to get all sides and corners on tight except for one corner to allow the steam to exit. Now your ready to put your steam dryer in the microwave.

    Set the microwave power to 40 or 50 %. I recommend 40% — I tried it on full power the first few times and it didn’t work nearly as well. Now set it for a minute and let it go. Take it out and let the steam evaporate out and let sit for 15-20 seconds. If the bottom paper towel (the one that the buds are on) is wet change it. If the two paper towels you were using are dry make sure to re-wet and wring out and put back over top and put lid on in same way.

    Now microwave at 40-50% for another minute and repeat process for typically 3-5 minutes. This is the best method if you need the herb in less than 20 minutes.

    Ballast Drying Method
    Cut up fresh buds and place them in an envelope evenly spread out. Close the envelope and place it on top of your ballast. Obviously you need a remote ballast to do this. Built in ballasts typically get too hot. I’ve tried this a few times. I typically left it on the ballast while the light was on for 2 to 3 hours. As I remember I always kept over or under drying the buds. On retrospect I would say go for a little bit too dry because you can put it in an airtight container and allow the moisture to be sucked out of the stem. Taste was good for a quick dry, and potency seemed acceptable.

    My Toaster Oven method
    Turn your toaster oven onto bake on the lowest setting it has. Take your herb and cut it up small similar to the steam method. Then take the tray you would use to say, toast peanuts and put the cut up herb onto the tray. Next place the tray ON TOP of the toaster oven NOT inside it! Turn the pieces of herb over every 5 minutes or so. This typically takes a good 20-30 minutes but is well worth the wait. When dried right the taste still isn’t great, but its the best of the already mentioned methods. The high is great, the trichomes remain intact and the smoke is semi-smooth. I like it and it works pretty well.

    The Couch Method
    And finally, the method that works the best but takes the longest, and sounds the strangest. Take a few fresh cut buds and put them in a clean ashtray. I do this the night before I want to smoke the buds. My couch is over a vent in my house and stays fairly warm under there at night when the heat is on. (It’s been cold lately) I just put it there before I go to sleep and the next morning the bud is nicely dry! Not extra crispy and the taste is great. Still not air dried/cured but gives a real good hint what your buds are going to taste like. The high is great, its probably 85F under my couch when the heat is on, and over 8 hours it does a great job. This method is the only one that my girlfriend will smoke and enjoy. The other methods always make her gripe about how bad they make the weed taste. This keeps her and me happy. If you wake up and find the herb just a little two crispy, put in a jar or bag and it will draw a little moisture out of the stem and make it just right.

    Most electronic devices could be used, TV-monitor, cable box, refrigerator fan etc. Finding the method that works best for you is crucial.

    I know people yell about not sampling your plant but I think its a good way to tell when your herbs reached that peak. To all those first trying these methods, I would urge patience and multiple attempts. I didn’t get any of them right the first time, but I am glad I kept trying.

    Car Window Method Contributed by: Hopefull
    Take a few buds and throw them in an envelope. Then just put them in your car window on a sunny day. Smoke when dry — simple!

    Bulb & Foil method Contributed by: HashMan
    Here’s a fast way to dry your dank. Break up your bud’s, and place them on a 4″square piece of tinfoil. Then take the piece of tinfoil and put it on top of a light bulb — 60-80w works best (NOT YOUR HID). Stir it every 30 seconds. It should take about 1-3 minutes to dry completely. Dry buds, and you don’t stink up your microwave/oven in the process.

    Heat Plate Method Contributed by: Pharmer
    The following method has worked the greatest for me when quick drying my buds:

    Step 1 – get your buds, cut them up reasonably, then stick them on a plate– make sure they’re evenly distributed all over the plate.

    Step 2 – get a pot and fill it one-third with water and bring it to boil on the stove.

    Step 3 – place the mull plate on top of the pot. The steam heating the bottom the plate dries the weed. It should take about half an hour using a medium sized plate covered in weed. When the weed is dry, make sure you don’t tip the plate on an angle when getting your weed into your bowl– you don’t want all the steam from the bottom of the plate to drip off and drench your buds all over again.

    The Crystal method
    To dry, break up your bud into small pieces then put them in a small canning jar with a sealing lid. Place silica gel desiccant packs into the jar with the bud. These desiccant packs will remove the moisture from the bud. Small jars work best because there is less air in the jar.

    Auto parts stores sell desiccant crystals (similar to silica gel packs) for cheap. They turn to goop once moisture has been absorbed, so they need to be put above a drip tray.
    (works for seeds too..)

    The Quick Dry Toaster Technique Contributed by:Apollo11Genius
    I have tried most of the quick dry methods in the current quick dry FAQ. The quicker ones usually didn’t produce good quick dried bud (oven, microwave, etc) and the longer ones did produce quicker dried buds but not QUICK dried buds When I say quick, I mean I need my buds ready in at least less than half an hour.

    I found the most convenient, quick, and least destructive way to quick dry weed for me is with a piece of equipment that almost all of us have — a plain ol’ TOASTER!

    What I do is set my toaster on a low setting (1-3). Mine also has a ‘defrost’ setting which is supposed to make it cook for a longer time, although that’s not necessary for this method. You’ll need to expiriment with your particular toaster to find out which settings works best for you.

    The goal is to heat the bud enough so that the moisture within the bud evaporates, but without vaporizing or bursting the THC-laden trichs by overcooking them (or burning the bud itself!). The low toaster settings usually will accomplish this.

    My method is to take a piece of foil about 4″x4″ or so. I take small buds no wider than a finger and no longer than your thumb or pinky and place them into the foil. I make essentially a dugout out of the foil for the weed to go into so it doesn’t fall into the toaster (essential!) the foil on the sides and going up to the top of the bud and maybe a little over but not completely enclosing it (enclosing the foil will cause it to retain moisture). Also do not wrap tightly we don’t want to burn the bud on the foil. Personally I use the new nonstick foil, but that’s also not necessary.

    Put the foil dugout containing the weed lengthwise onto the top of one of the toaster slots and let it sink down about 3/4-1″ into the toaster. Use the wide foil on the top/side to spread over the top outside of the toaster to keep the foil/weed from falling down into the slot.

    Run the toaster. Allow it to set a couple of minutes until it starts to cool down (a lot of RESIDUAL heat is used to evaporate the moisture. we want to heat it up as much as possible without burning or vaporizing trichs, then let the residual heat absorbed by the toaster and foil and radiated by the toaster coils slowly bake the weed in between operating the toaster. Optimally I run the toaster about every 4 or 5 minutes. Repeat until the bud is dry to your likings. I usually flip the bud in the dugout every 2 or 3 gos to make sure it doesn’t burn and dry the bud evenly. Within a half an hour you will have decently burnable bud. The smaller the buds the quicker the drying.

    To get the best results, let it sit longer between operation (like closer to 10 minutes) to allow the heat to full dissipate and go for about an hour instead of 30 minutes. The bud will be much more thoroughly dried (the quicker method can leave the insides a bit moist still on thicker buds, but no moisture than i’ve bought many bags of KB ) with the longer method.

    I find using this method I usually get about 80-90% of the potency of properly dried (but not cured) bud — with a slower dry you can keep almost all the potency. The key is not overheating.

    As far as the taste goes, if you grow with chems I don’t know what your buds will taste like as I don’t. I grow 100% organic and my quick dried buds are perfectly tolerable and as tastey as most commercial sensemilla and definitely better tasting than schwag! If you are wanting to do a lot of quick drying, I recommend going organic as I wouldn’t want to taste unflushed chem buds!

    My buds quick dried look like my regular dried buds. they aren’t all messed up from some freaky quick dry and they can be dried on short notice!

    One final note, much like regular dried buds they do retain some moisture inside unless you take the longer time to completely dry them out with the quick dry (which IS possible — just takes longer), so if you do not smoke them immediately, they may regain some of the moisture lost just as fresh dried buds put in a mason jar will regain some moisture when you first put them in a mason jar.

    A word of caution AND advice — as many will tell you, drying is part of the process of activating the THC in the trichomes. Smoking wet weed is a WASTE as it doesn’t burn well and you barely get high off of it (unless you don’t have a tolerance) — be sure to give it at least 20-30 minutes and make sure the outside is dry to the touch and inside is no moister than a bag of kb you’ve gotten that’s on the ‘moist’ side — and for advice, taking the longer time to completely dry the bud will result in more potent buds than only a partial drying.

    I loved the car window method mentioned above and will try it. I personally use the brown bag and computer fan method for drying. Just put some buds in the… ]]>


    paper brass knuckles

    Two Paper Self-defence Weapons

    Introduction: Two Paper Self-defence Weapons

    Hey guys, so for Day 6 of Paper Week, I’ll be showing you how to make ‘brass’ knuckles and a club, using only old newspapers and some tape. I’m not sure why you’d need to make either of these; maybe you live in a rough neighborhood and would like something to carry around with you to keep you bit safer, or maybe you’re like me and enjoy making weapons for no reason at all. Although they are made of paper, they can still inflict some serious damage; in fact the YouTube channel ZombieGoBoom found that a simple paper baton could fracture a human skull after just a few hits.

    As always I accept no responsibility for any damage, to person or property by making and using these.

    Step 1: Gathering Materials

    To make these 2 weapons you will need:

    • 2-3 broadsheet newspapers (depending whether you want to make 1 or 2 knuckles)
    • 1 tabloid newspaper
    • A load of insulating tape
    • Quick drying super-glue

    Step 2: The Knuckles

    To make a single ‘brass’ knuckle, roll up a newspaper horizontally and secure it with some insulating or duct-tape.

    Hold one end of the roll and wrap it around your hand as shown. Take it off your hand and tape it together.

    Step 3: Knuckles Part 2

    So to harden the paper knuckle, squeeze a good amount of the super-glue onto the front of the knuckle – this will make the paper turn almost rock solid. Now wrap 2 layers of tape around the knuckle and you’re done.

    Although made of paper, this still packs a heck of a punch – if you roll and fold the paper tightly, you should hardly be able to tell the difference between this and solid wood.

    Step 4: The Club

    Now for the club. Start by rolling up the broadsheet newspaper horizontally, fold it in half, and tape it together.

    Roll up the tabloid newspaper, put the end of the roll into the gap in the folded broadsheet and wrap it around to form the head of the club.

    I then wrapped the whole thing in tape – I would have used duct tape but unluckily I’d run out of it at the time of this tutorial.

    Step 5: The End

    So that’s it; I hope you found this tutorial interesting – it just goes to show that you can make a weapon out of almost anything.

    If you liked this, please comment, follow and vote for it in the Paper craft and Trash to treasure contests 🙂

    Two Paper Self-defence Weapons: Hey guys, so for Day 6 of Paper Week, I'll be showing you how to make 'brass' knuckles and a club, using only old newspapers and some tape. I'm not sure why you'd need to make either of these; maybe you live in a rough neighborhood and would like so…

    Brass Knuckles With Good Thoughts Wrapping Paper

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    Now you will finally understand why your grandmother wanted to save the wrapping paper. The oversized, premium-weight sheets will please even the most discerning wrappers. Look, people love getting gifts (that’s a gimme) but what people love even more is a gift wrapped with a thoughtful and eye-catching style. So give the people what they love.

    • Sold in a set of five sheets
    • Each sheet measures 20″ x 29″
    • 100lb smooth matte paper

    PRO TIP: Use long pieces of double stick tape on the inside of the paper for clean wrapping lines and seamless edges. Ooooooh that gift is gonna look so good!

    Now you will finally understand why your grandmother wanted to save the wrapping paper. The oversized, premium-weight sheets will please even the most discerning wrappers. Look, people love getting gifts (that’s a gimme) but what people love even more is a gift wrapped with a thoughtful and eye-catching style. So give the people what they love.

    • Sold in a set of five sheets
    • Each sheet measures 20″ x 29″
    • 100lb smooth matte paper

    PRO TIP: Use long pieces of double stick tape on the inside of the paper for clean wrapping lines and seamless edges. Ooooooh that gift is gonna look so good!

    Buy Brass Knuckles With Good Thoughts Wrapping Paper by concretejungle. Worldwide shipping available at Just one of millions of high quality products available. ]]>


    darth vader water pipe

    Where to get a Star Wars Bong

    When it dropped in 1977, Star Wars: A New Hope might have seemed like any other attempt at sci-fi, but the extreme attention to detail and potent storyline about legends, heroes and villains made it the cultural pillar that it remains today.

    People of all ages identify with the age-old story of good versus evil, in this case, Sith versus Jedi, but Star Wars is a hit with the cannabis community, and fans of both like to show it with merch.

    There are even dozens of strains named after Star Wars or its beloved characters, like Darth Vader OG, Skywalker OG, and the brand new Mandalorian inspired Baby Yoda strain popular on the West coast.

    Über fans can buy Star Wars-inspired strains, but the truly devoted can plug their nugs into one of the literally thousands of Star Wars-themed smoking accessories that exist on the web.

    Where to find Star Wars gear

    While there is no official merchandise for this purpose, and despite all rights reserved by Disney, you can type in the name of any of the major characters into a search engine and you’ll be treated to their likeness in melty, psychedelic glassware, printed on stock basic bongs, shaped into artful and interpretative pipes and even etched on vape batteries. Most of these online marketplaces allow you to review customer reviews, place items in your shopping cart, provide shipping everywhere in the United States and have customer service email contacts for questions related to shipping and glass products.

    If you’re on the side of the dark, or you prefer to hang with the light of the Jedi, some models that represent many of the themes and classic moments in the movie. More into the supporting villains of the SWU? Try going for a Darth Vader bong or Boba Fett bong or a Stormtrooper pipe, or maybe one fashioned to look like the hundreds of detailed space weapons that appear in the series: Lightsabers, blasters and even ships are turned into innovative smokeware.

    The connection between Star Wars and cannabis won’t be dissipating anytime soon — people who like to expand their minds via science fiction might also enjoy doing the same with a little weed. Though when Star Wars first dropped, both it and cannabis were firmly in the counterculture. In today’s legal cannabis (and blockbuster packed) climate, they’re both iconoclasts.

    Some Star Wars gear to consider:

    Empire Glassworks Illuminati Death Star Mini Dab Rig

    A beautiful work of art by Empire Glassworks. Any Star Wars fan who dabs should be honored to have this in their collection.

    Star Wars Darth Vader Bong

    Those who choose the dark side of the force will want to reach for this bong designed after the dark one himself.

    Death Star Grinder

    This stylish and sturdy grinder is a masterful ode to the Death Star. And unlike the space station that was blow up (twice), this grinder was built to last and includes a lifetime warranty.

    Yoda Stash Box

    This Yoda-approved stash box comes with a stash jar, metal grinder, rolling papers, and the box itself. Perfect for gifting to the Star Wars stoner in your life.

    5-piece Star Wars Set

    A travel-size stash box that comes with a Darth Vader grinder, Stormtrooper water pipe, and two stash jars for when you’re trying to be one with the force while on the go.

    Truly devoted fans can plug their nugs into one of the hundreds of Star Wars-themed smoking accessories that exist on the web.

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    weed oatmeal


    • June 22, 2017
    • / cannabis butter

    We LOVE Cannabis Oatmeal Cookies! We LOVE the smell of them baking in the oven. We LOVE the taste. Is there another recipe higher on the list of edibles than the favorite weed cookie? We think not. If you’re inclined to bake, you likely have all of these ingredients at hand. Stir up a batch of our delicious weed treats in 30 minutes or less.

    You can customize these cookies to really make them your own.

    Fancy up your Cannabis Oatmeal Cookies with chocolate chips or nuts, or just keep it simple.Whichever you choose, these marijuana infused cookies won’t disappoint. Unleash your inner Cookie Monster and get creative with your garnishing. Drizzle these cookies in weed infused chocolate sauce, or draw whatever you like with our weed infused salted caramel sauce. Stick a chocolate weed leaf on top. There are endless ways to decorate your canna-cookies.

    What makes our Cannabis Oatmeal Cookie so lovable? Why weed butter of course!

    Cannabutter, weed butter, marijuana butter, it doesn’t matter how you put it. It still makes one of the best cannabis bases for weed edibles. Its smooth texture and buttery flavor complements these weed treats seamlessly.

    Interestingly, Cannabis infused butter can be a great addition to savory weed dishes and sweet weed treats alike. It has so many uses it that it is arguably one of the most popular cannabis base infusions. Create your cannabutter for your Cannabis Oatmeal Cookies, and hand over the infusion for a gift that keeps giving.

    If you need to create a weed infused butter, here is a little bit of advice.

    Let your dispensary representative know that you will be creating cannabutter with your marijuana buds. Even still, let them know that you are creating Cannabis Oatmeal Cookies. They can help you choose a strain that works well with cannabis baking. Decide between a THC strain for elevating properties or a CBD bud that will not get you high.

    Once you’re all set with your cannabis strain, it is time to make your weed butter, baby! Follow this recipe to make your very own weed infused butter at home.

    This recipe will produce very strong Cannabis Oatmeal Cookies since it calls for plant material instead of butter. To reduce the dose per cookie, use cannabis butter.

    Cannabis Cookies – Marijuana Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Bars

    By Cheri Sicard

    If chocolate chip cookies and oatmeal cookies had a threesome with Mary Jane, it would look a lot like these delicious medicated bar cookies. Chocolate lovers will appreciate the extra heavy layer of chocolate running through the center of these.

    Of course I use marijuana-infused butter to medicate this recipe. My How to Make Cannabis Butter tutorial will teach you how to make it.

    Freezer Friendly Cannabis Cookies!

    After baking, let cool completely, then wrap individual portions and freeze. Bring to room temperature and enjoy anytime you need a medicated treat!

    A note about the Dosing on this recipe!

    This recipe will have about 25 mg THC per tart IF you made your marijuana butter from average cannabis (10% THC) and used 1/2 ounce of marijuana to make 1 cup butter. To adjust the dosage for your personal needs and to reflect the strength of the marijuana you are cooking with and the amounts you used to make your butter, be sure to take my FREE 10 minute online Dosing Class that will teach you how to do it, or better yet, use my handy dosage calculator tools that do all the math for you (see below).

    Cannabis Cookie Recipes – Marijuana Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Bars are easy to make and are freezer friendly. Just bring to room temperature and enjoy! ]]>