otto grinder review

Otto Grinder Review

Banana Bros. OTTO Weed Grinder Background

The Banana Bros. OTTO weed grinder ($84 from Namaste and, use coupon code TVG15 at to save 15%) is easily the best automatic grinder available and one of the best grinders period. It’s larger than any other auto grinders you’ve seen, but the trade-off is that it provides a better grind than even the Best Weed Grinders.

The OTTO grinder is versatile enough to work with tobacco and with a wide variety of herbs, but we all know there’s only one herb you’re thinking about. It works great with the dry kind of herb if you’re into smoking it, but what if you’re into vaping it? Does this grinder work for vaporizers too? Keep reading my Banana Bros. OTTO weed grinder review to find out.

Banana Bros. OTTO Weed Grinder Kit

  • OTTO Weed Grinder
  • O funnel
  • Fresh seal cone tube
  • Measuring cup + 20 Otto grinder cones
  • 4 in 1 tool + USB cable

Banana Bros. OTTO Weed Grinder Key Features

  • Compatible w/ dry herb, tobacco, and other herbs
  • Automatic grind adjustment
  • Measuring cup prevents overfilling
  • Very fast and efficient
  • Cone tube masks odor
  • Retails from & Namaste for $84, use coupon code TVG15 at to save 15%

Banana Bros. OTTO Weed Grinder Design

The OTTO is pretty big for an automatic grinder, but it has a sleek, minimalist design and a host of features that you won’t find anywhere else. The standout feature is that it grinds the herb directly into the joint, no pre-rolling necessary. It basically brings your prep time down to zero.

The other standout feature is the automatic grind function. The OTTO will adjust the grind based on the material placed inside it. No need for any adjustment or calibration, just press the single power button.

The other-other standout feature is how simple the whole device is. The grinder itself is only comprised of two parts and the cone tube or O funnel snaps onto it easily. That’s all there is to it. It makes cleaning and maintenance a simple affair. Overall, the OTTO grinder is an intuitive, cool looking, high-tech device.

Banana Bros. OTTO Grinder Cones

The grinder cones included with the OTTO are unbleached, translucent, well designed, and fit into the cone tube perfectly. They burn slowly and cleanly with good airflow and pure flavor.

There’s no need to worry about canoeing since they burn evenly. Even though we prefer you vape your weed rather than smoke it, these cones are a good choice if you decide to do the latter.

They come in a cardboard box and have quality filters so you can use up all the weed in the joint without a roach left over. Once you run out, you can order a pack of 100 OTTO grinder cone replacements for $85 from Namaste.

How to Use the Banana Bros. OTTO Weed Grinder

Your first step should be to use the measuring cup to determine exactly how much herb you need. It can measure a joint’s worth if that’s what you need, but if you’re going to be using your herb in other ways, then adjust the amount accordingly.

With Pre-rolled cones

  1. Open up the OTTO to expose the grinding chamber.
  2. Place your herb into the chamber and close the OTTO.
  3. Place a cone into the cone tube and attach the tube to the OTTO.
  4. Press the power button to start the grinding process.
  5. Once grinding is complete, separate the cone tube from the OTTO and remove the filled cone.

For Regular Grinding

  1. Open up the OTTO to expose the grinding chamber.
  2. Place your herb into the chamber and close the OTTO.
  3. Attach the O funnel to the grinder and press the power button.
  4. Once grinding is complete, dispense the weed into the receptacle of your choice.

Banana Bros. OTTO Weed Grinder Performance

The OTTO produces a perfect grind every time without the need to make any adjustments or tune any settings. Even better is that it grinds up the majority of the herb with very little left over. That makes it one of the most efficient auto grinders as well as one of the most advanced.

The OTTO herb grinder is just as good for vapers. Since the OTTO grinds your herb so well, you’ll end up doing more with less of it. That’s because the finer the grind, the more surface area of the herb chamber is covered by your weed. No matter what kind of dry herb vape you have or what kind of weed you use, the OTTO will have them in perfect vaping harmony.

The only slight downside is that transferring the herb to the vape isn’t as straightforward as transferring it to the cone. The large mouth of the O funnel makes transferring the herb directly to the vape’s herb chamber fairly tricky. You need to empty the ground herb somewhere else and then transfer it to the vaporizer’s herb chamber. That’s one extra step compared to the cones but it’s not a big step and it’s definitely worth it once you experience how much better your weed gets vaped.

The OTTO shows your weed and vaporizer lots of TLC so you need to show it some in return because it needs to be cleaned regularly. A quick clean every 2 to 3 uses and a more thorough cleaning every 10 to 12 uses is necessary. That’s because resin from the herb can stick in the chamber. A perfect grind for some occasional cleaning? I think that’s a pretty good tradeoff.

The OTTO weed grinder is the most advanced automatic grinder made so far. It automatically adjusts the grind based on the material you put inside of it. It’s perfect for joints but what about vaporizers? Find out in the Banana Bros. OTTO weed grinder review.

Testing the Otto Grinder: Does It Perform as Advertised? (Review)

The makers of Otto Grinder claim that the machine is far more than a regular grinder, and just one look at the device you automatically know that they’re right.

The Otto Grinder is a smart milling machine that fills up your cones automatically. Even though its reviews were excellent, this fancy gadget had a price that exceeded my budget.

So I decided to roll my own joints.

But when the guys from Bloomgroove sent me the kit, I was curious and excited to see if it would perform well enough to justify its price tag.

Furthermore, I was eager to see if all the catchy marketing slogans told the truth, and how a smart milling machine could roll a joint perfectly each time.

Unboxing the Otto Grinder

Inside the box, you’ll find:

  • Aerospace Engineered Aluminum Milling Plates
  • O-Tube sachet and cone holder
  • O-Funnel
  • 20 free Banana Bros premium cone-shaped sachets
  • 4-in-1 cleaning tool
  • USB charging cable
  • Measuring cup
  • Snap cap
  • Fresh seal tube
  • Single adapter

The first thing that caught my eye while unboxing the Otto Grinder was how simplistic and elegant its design was. It looked quite fancy and stylish.

Secondly, I was relieved to see no threading.

The two main parts of Otto (a grinder and an O-tube sachet) are held together by magnetic connection, and attaching them is a matter of a single snap.

The king-sized premium cones that come with the Otto are indeed of the best quality: unbleached and made from natural materials. They burn slowly and evenly, so there’s no canoeing.

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And if you feel they’re too big, you can always use the adapter provided in the kit (little straw) for shorter sachets.

As for battery life, its performance suits its price. When fully charged, Otto can roll up to 30 joints. This definitely exceeds human performance, if you ask me.

That said, I strongly advise you to leave Otto charging to its full capacity each and every time, as this is the way you’ll extend its battery lifespan.

“Otto is not a grinder”

I was surprised to read this sentence on Otto’s promotional video.

It has built-in smart technology that senses the material and adjusts its speed, pressure, and direction accordingly. In other words, its AI (Artificial Intelligence) mimics how users grind weed by hand.

What this means is that you can mill just about any material that either is dry, damp, or sticky.

Now, that was a serious claim that craved for testing approval. That’s why I placed a chunk full of stems, to which I added a few drops of water beforehand (this was for experimental purposes only).

I must admit, Otto did a very thorough job. As promised, it offered perfect consistency every time.

Furthermore, I discovered it’s a very versatile piece of equipment. Using the O-funnel, I was able to prepare my flower for bongs, pipes, and vipes. And it gave me some useful assistance in the kitchen, as well.

As far as I’m concerned, Otto is really not a regular grinder. It’s a smart machine.

How to use Otto Grinder: “Mill, Fill, and Chill”

One other slogan caught my eye: “Just mill, fill, and chill”. Essentially, the slogan emphasizes how easy it was to use this gadget, as the perfect chill was just a button away.

No settings required. No additional adjustments. This machine perfectly grinds your chunky herbs and fills a cone by itself.

Anyone can test this claim. You just press the power button and wait. It takes about ten seconds before you can pop out your cone. Shake it like a sugar pack, or pack it a bit, and voila.

Quite impressive and fast.

And I didn’t check out the instructions first: using the device is intuitive and well-suited for all smokers, from beginner to hard core level smokers.

But if you ever get stuck, you can always consult the instructions included in the kit. They’ve also included tips and tricks to guide you in making the perfect joint.

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“Perfect cone every time at the touch of a button”

We all know that you have to have a flawlessly packed cone in order to genuinely chill. Believe it or not, there are a number of factors that can get in the way of that: air pockets, runs, or waste. You can easily mess up the joint, the feeling and the atmosphere of a single smoking session.

According to the Banana Bros, their entire engineering team spent about two years designing smart technology to prevent such cases and make impeccable joints.

True or false? The Otto grinder had to be subjected to the ultimate test.

Wanting to do things by the book this time, I actually used a measuring cup, which I’ve never done before.

I filled out the grinder without overpacking it and placed a king-size cone carefully and tamped it several times while it was in the “filling” phase, making sure that you pack your herb tightly. I gave it a shake and a pat.

The results were truly amazing: there was no mess or any waste. More importantly, my joint was burning smoothly and tasted good. Nothing could spoil my chill.

Design & portability

As I mentioned earlier, Otto is smart in its design too. Stylish, simple, and elegant.

When it comes to its size, though, it’s a bit on the bulkier side. Although it could technically fit in your pocket, it isn’t as portable as some of what are considered the best weed grinders out there.

This gadget is made primarily for in-home use. To enjoy your outdoor time, you can use a fresh seal tube to take your pre-rolled cones with you.

Pros and cons

To sum up a long Otto story short, here are my pros & cons.

  • Intuitive use
  • Fast and reliable
  • Versatile
  • No waste
  • No mess
  • Perfectly packed joints
  • Not as portable as other grinders
  • Pricey

Is Otto your thing?

I am going to be slightly wordy in this conclusion, please pardon my point. This is because I feel that a joint-rolling robot could cause a generous amount of suspicion, raising an eyebrow or two.

Naturally, it’s not my mission to disperse doubts, but I would like to make a few points to emphasize just who precisely the Otto is constructed for.

Maybe rolling joints relaxes you and calms your nerves. If so, Otto is not your thing, except if you like experimenting with fancy weed gear.

But if you don’t enjoy the rolling process that much, and are up for learning all there is to it, I suggest you try the Otto Grinder.

Especially if you often find yourself in a hurry and have only 5 minutes to relax – Otto is your thing.

Greencamp gets hands-on with the Otto Grinder. Read as we put the device to the test in our latest weed gear review.