opaque quartz banger

Opaque White Bottom Quartz

Beveled Edge – XL 25mm Opaque White Bottom Tall Bucket Thick Bottom Flat Top Quartz Banger

What Makes the Beveled Edge better?

This new feature helps seal the connection between your banger and your cap. The beveled edge creates a natural curve for your cap to sit more flush on the banger.

The reason this is important is because the better connection you have, the more pressure that is inside the banger.

When there is more pressure, you can take a dab at a lower temp!

(Notice how once you put your cap on, there is more smoke than before? What is happening is the cap is lowering the pressure inside the banger!)

At the end of the day, this banger will allow you to take lower temp dabs but still receive the same amount of vapor.

Insert Guide!


Insert #3 – Not recommended unless you are intending on using a short bucket banger as well, because #3 will work for both short and tall bucket 25mm bangers.

Insert #4 – Buy this insert if you like to have a slit for removal, but you don’t want your airflow to be affected (the insert sits under the joint hole).

Insert #5 – #1 most recommended for this banger. It will sit right under the joint hole, allowing you the most height without affecting airflow.

Insert #6 – This is great for those who want a taller insert, but note that the slit will need to align with the joint hole for airflow to be proper. Sometimes it will spin and the airflow is restricted.

Insert #7 – Same as #4, but opaque!

Insert #8 – Universal opaque insert for our 25mm bangers! Opaque inserts with a clear bottom banger is a very good combo!