oil burner bong bowl diy

Oil burner bong bowl diy

Ssmokeshop.Com Fancy Design Oil Burner Water Pipe Bubbler

A bubbler bong is an ideal smoking pipe that combines the portability of a standard hand pipe and the punch and functionality of a bong. This is the reason why some refer to a bubbler bong as a mini rig, oil burner or oil rig. Glass bongs provide the function of filtering your dry herbs or tobacco by using diverse percolators to provide you with a smooth smoking experience. There are several styles of percolation systems available on the market, all of which provides a totally distinct percolation. You can find a bunch of them at

7″ Inches Light Bulb Design Oil Burner Bubbler Thick Glass

A water bong or a glass water pipe is a widely accepted method of smoking tobacco and your favorite flowers. When in use, the smoke moves down the tube into the water and produces bubbles that are smoke-infused. This increases filtration and results in a much smoother experience that is flavor-packed. In essence, as a result of its compact size with its combined pure percolation power, an oil burner is a perfect tool for both the bong lover on the go or for bong enthusiasts’ relaxation when at home.

Icee Cup Rig Glass Water Pipe 19mm for oil wax

Smoking accessories such as bubblers, bongs, oil burners, and other kinds of pipes allow recreational users to try out new and exciting ways of enjoying their favorite drug. Patients can also make use of a bubbler bong to experiment the best and alternative means of administration to suit their needs. You can combine the easy-to-use as well as the portability of a regular glass water pipe with the exciting smoking experience you get from a bong. Bubblers are now becoming a regular smoking tool for patients and recreational users.

Bubblers and bongs are similar because they are a both a type of water pipe. Bubblers make use of water and a percolation system to help filter out smoke and create the same experience you would get from bongs. However, in terms of shape and size, bubblers possess similarities with pipes. This means that bubblers are usually smaller in comparison to a bong and cannot be taken apart for cleaning.

Ssmokeshop offers a wide selection of fancy design oil burner water pipe bubbler for a wide range of use, such as for dry tobacco use, for oil, concentrates and other dry herbs. From novice smokers looking to get a hang of how to use a bubbler, to anyone looking for an extraordinary oil burner for home fragrance oil use, we’ve got the perfect glass water pipe bubblers and oil burners for everyone!

We offer the best selection of male and female herb bowls in different colors, shapes and sizes, all to suit your needs! Our 4.5”acrylic oil burner water pipe bong w/silicone tube features a 10mm male pyrex glass oil burner pipe and silicone tube with mouth piece which is about 2 feet length to ensure you have a great experience. It also comes with a black bag to make is easy to carry on the go. Another unique glass water pipe in our collection is our mini size glass water pipe bong w/banger, which is about 3.5” in length. It comes with a 10mm female quartz banger for wax oil 10mm joint and it is easy to carry.

4.5″ Acrylic Oil Burner Water Pipe Bong with silicone tube

So head on to our online shop at and enjoy the experience of owning fancy and unique oil burners and bubbler bongs that gives you endless opportunities of using other accessories such as bowls, concentrates and oil wax.

Shop from our bubble bong collection manufactured using high grade glass wares so your bubbler will be durable and be your reliable companion for a long while! Don’t wait a second longer, go check out our premium selection now!

Sssmokeshop.Com Fancy Design Oil Burner Water Pipe Bubbler Shop from our bubble bong collection manufactured using high grade glass wares