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Novelties and Stuff

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Novelties and Stuff is a head shop in Chicago, Illinois.

Multiple Locations

3248 North Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60657

3248 N Clark St
Chicago, IL 60657



There are 2 locations in Novelties and Stuff.

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There are multiple 2 phone numbers in Novelties and Stuff.

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Novelties and Stuff on 3248 North Clark Street

It would be hard for me to give a stellar review to any of the pipe/vape shops in this neighborhood (there’s gotta be a dozen in the surrounding 6 blocks) as they all have pretty high prices, and pretty much say whatever to get you to make your purchase right there, and not go and check out the competition. That said, Jasper is a good dude. He’s pretty much the reason I shop here instead of across the street. That said, when it comes to buying a pipe or hookah, personal preference is the name of the game, and theres lots of really beautiful glass in most of these shops. Given the selection in this place, if your in the market for a new pipe, you could do worse I’m sure. Haggle a little if ya can, they will usually go off the ticket price to some extent from what I’ve heard.

Review by Matthew Adler

Novelties and Stuff on 3248 North Clark Street

I was loyal customer for just under a decade before I started work for them in 2010. Largest selection in the city.

Review by Jasper Jones

Novelties and Stuff on 3248 North Clark Street

The white dude was cool. But refused to give me naked pictures of his mom. Lol. I will always go back when in the city. They are reasonable & somewhat negotiable.

Review by Todd Sorini

Novelties and Stuff on 3248 North Clark Street

Okay been in this store many times personally i feel the store is slighlty overpriced but you can usually haggle and most of the time they meet you in the middle. i my self am 25 year old so its a kinda easier for me to talk with people closer to my age there are some older people that work there whose english is not so good but all of them are nice guys and professional. there is a younger white guy there probably mid to late 20s who usually has a skull hat/beanie on who acts very sarcastic which i am to so i dont take it serious lol not only that i asked him a few questions and he gives 1 word answers or as few words as possible i asked him you still sell hookah charcoal right (bought it there before but wasnt in the place it usually was) he said no we just put on display and when people ask for it we say you cant have it then he laughed for like 10 seconds at his own joke. myself and there was 2 other people there in there looking at bowls. which in the store they take it offensive and they say there called pipes looked at him like bro it wasnt funny. about 2 minutes later he was ringing up my charcoal came out to 6.62 then the moment happened he said do you need any flavor for your hookah i said i have flavor i would like to put a lil weed in there tho i then asked him DO YOU KNOW WHERE I CAN GET SOME WEED AROUND HERE? exact words no lies. he looked at me and said NO I DONT OKAY i said okay bro, then he said who do you think you are asking me that in a place like this he then picked up the charcoal looked at me again and said i would like for you to leave i stood there with a small smile on my face he walked 30 feet away put the charcoal back i still think hes joking i said are you serious. he then basically started yelling at a 7/10 volume saying im dead serious you dont ask me that in this place i feel very violated it is illegal to ask me that it is my right to deny you and tell you to leave that is my right according to the federal constitution of 1938 or something then he kept going on and i said okay bro im leaving your still talking to your self about nothing lol so i walked out went to the better store across the street secrets which i shoulda went to first but theres 8 inches of snow on the ground so i didnt want to do a u turn but i did anyway got the charcoal cost me 5.50 just saying btw secrets smoke shop probably has a better selection better staff for sure kate and steve is awesome if you guys ever went there you would know and its definitely cheaper. on a side note i did ask 1 of the guys at secrets that work there i didnt know what his name was you know where i can get some weed around here he said i dont smoke and told me its belmont and clark street on a Saturday and just to ask some people by the train and the walgreens i laughed but knew that was a good answer lol. so overall im sure ill go back in to novelties and stuff at one point but ill probably be rude to that guys name from the other reviews i see maybe his name is jasper

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Discount Smoke Shop & Novelties

5144 S Peoria Ave
Tulsa, OK

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