masterdam grinder review

Masterdam Grinder Review in 2019- Get Your Weed Ready Perfectly

By: William Jackson | Last Updated: July 23, 2019

I think you will agree with me: It is too complicated to find an herb grinder that will grind a clean weed ever.

I will try to refute that by means Masterdam Grinder Review due to this grinder is the best solution to get clean grinded weed I have.

4 pieces of 2.2-inch with quality pollen catcher in stylish black color can do a weed you need. But that is not all.

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Key Features

  • Masterdam Grinder has sharp, curved blade with small holes that ensure a high-quality grinding of the grass.
  • The material of this grinder for weed is aluminum. It makes the product resistant to damage such as scratches.
  • The complex grinder tool has nylon non-stick rings that tightly hold the gap between the metal and make grinding the grass smooth.
  • This weed grinder has pollen catcher complex with micron screen rounded. It qualitatively sifts all the pollen, leaving nothing inside the grinder.
  • Masterdam grinder has magnetic lines that provide quick loading and do not allow the grinder to open when grinding.
  • Threaded chambers are a unique innovation that is designed to preserve all of the weed without allowing even tiny leaks.

Masterdam Grinder Review: Details about Product

High-quality materials at the heart

Like I said, the material of every detail of the grinder is an aluminum alloy. The gaps between the aluminum parts are added by nylon rings.

It provides a close contact between the metal parts when you grind.

Plus, you do not bear any losses, because the crumbs do not fall into the gap, and it preserves all the weed.

You might wonder. That is not so important.

But in fact, aluminum is a very strong material and in combination with nylon rings, it will not spoil. I guarantee the durability of this product.

Double curved sharp blade

Blade also has an aluminum base. So, it is not only sharp but also solid. The curved shape allows grinding the grass completely, without residue.

I was also very attracted by the fact that the arm does not get tired while running the blade.

After a curved shape increases the area of grinding and you do not need to grind for a long time; everything happens quickly.

Magnetic waves

There is a lot of controversy about whether magnets are needed in a grinder or not.

During grinding, the grinder is constantly opened, and all the weed is poured out.

It is infuriating! Therefore having at least two magnets in the grinder is important.

And in the case of Masterdam grinder, the magnets firmly fix the lid so that it does not open at the wrong time.

Unusual forms

I do not know about you, but I have not yet seen the curved side walls inside the grinder, and Masterdam has it.

My small study showed that the curved side walls inside the grinder help to collect literally all the pollen that had formed during the grinding process.

Using the pollen catcher, you can collect pollen from the inner side walls of an unusual shape.

Additionally, it makes the cleaning of the grinder several times easier. It seems to me a very useful innovation.

What design?

You already have an idea that some of the details of Masterdam grinder for weed are very unusual.

In addition to the attractive design and functional details inside this grinder tool, there is something else.

Black bag with a lace as a packing!

And “less useful” details such as pollen scraper, upper and lower screen, blade, and pollen catcher with detailed instructions for use and care.

What is the result of grinding weed using this grinder?

The design inside the grinder allows you to fill this weed and grind it to an ideal condition, almost mashed with enough pollen. The result of grinding will make used suitably for pipe or rolling.

Is there a cover inside?

Yup, Masterdam grinder tool is completely covered with aluminum protection as outside, as well as inside. Therefore, it is durable and stable from any angle.

Can I use it as a kief grinder?

Definitely, you can use the considered Masterdam grinder like a kief grinder. I will explain: there are few holes and therefore the pollen is well sieved in the pollen catcher. All that has not fallen can be collected using a pollen scraper.

How is this cleansed?

You do not need a dishwasher to clean this grinder for weed. It is enough to wash it with warm soapy water. In case of severe contamination, simply clean it with a soft brush.

Why Masterdam Grinder?

There are many grinder from different bands in the market e.g. Smart Crusher, LINCIG Grinder, Pokeball Grinder, Chromium Crusher etc. But I prefer Masterdam grinder most for its razor sharp curved teeth.


What is the result of Masterdam Grinder Review? Excellent grinding result! Without loss and opening. Nylon rings facilitate loading on hands and do grinding smooth.

The aluminum material is durable; scratches for a long time will not reach your grinder. It is amazing that all the pollen is collected in a pollen catcher, so it is good for kief.

Although, there are not so many cutting blades here, as you are probably used to. But it is just a matter of time.

Masterdam Grinder Review in 2019- Get Your Weed Ready Perfectly By: William Jackson | Last Updated: July 23, 2019 I think you will agree with me: It is too complicated to find an herb grinder ]]>