Marketing Power

Are you a provider within the Cannabis industry who’s finding it hard to “get the word out” about your company? We assure you — you’re not alone.

Green Book Services’ marketing solutions are all about creating a brand infusion, spreading knowledge of your business strategically throughout the Cannabis industry. Whether your job is growing the commodity, transporting or distributing produce (be it locally or worldwide), or selling to the end-user — Green Book Services can help promote your company, taking it in directions you may have never thought possible.

We have a variety of online and print marketing opportunities available. To learn more about each, just click the option below:

  • Advertising
  • Enhanced Listing Options
  • Green Book Seals
  • Social Media
  • Publish Your Logo
  • Video Production
  • Immersive Media Creation (360/VR/AR)

Don’t allow your partnerships to remain concentrated within the same small market. Grow your business with Green Book Services.