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6 Weed Products Your Vagina Will Be Totally Cool With

We all know how marijuana is traditionally used, but as legalization has become more common across the country, some considerably more interesting 420-friendly goodies have hit the market, including ones geared specifically toward…your vagina.

From easing the pain of menstrual cramps to giving lube a little somethin’ extra, we pulled together the cannabis products designed specifically with women in mind.

Though they’re often called “weed tampons,” Foria weed suppositories aren’t meant to absorb menstrual blood, but they could relieve cramps. Just put one in and let the 60 mg of THC, 10 mg of CBD, and organic fair-trade cocoa butter get to work blocking the pain receptors in your uterus. Two women over at Buzzfeed tried them, and while one got impatient and ended up just eating it (typical), the other said it actually worked wonders on her cramps.

After suffering from severe menstrual cramps and then watching her daughter and granddaughters go through the same agony, Whoopi Goldberg partnered with Om Edibles founder Maya Elisabeth and launched a line of weed products to spare women everywhere this experience. The salve, tincture, bath soak, and edible chocolate provide luxurious cures for period pains.

Foria Pleasure, a spray made of cannabis oil and coconut oil, not only keeps everything nice and slick down there but also enhances sensation all over. “I started to feel this warm, intense feeling throughout my body,” one reviewer wrote. “You will orgasm deeper than you ever have.”

Since garlic and bacon condoms are things you can buy (though whether you actually want to is another question), weed-flavored ones were bound to pop up at some point. These boast a “realistic cannabis flavor and smell,” plus some blatantly stoner-friendly packaging (see above).

There’s no actual weed in this one, but the plant did inspire the shape—which serves a purpose, according to one reviewer, who wrote that “the ridges give an even better experience with the vibrations.”

This sex-toy-meets-pipe kills two birds with one stoner. The dual uses make a certain amount of sense, since research shows smoking can enhance libido and pleasure. We highly recommend washing it after each use, though, regardless of what you’re using it for.

These weed products may not get you high, but they could relieve your period cramps and give you better sex.

Weed Condoms Are Now a Thing (That We Didn’t Need)

Good sex is one of the most underrated benefits of weed. Cannabis has been shown to be a natural aphrodisiac, but it can also just help you relax and get more in your body. Weed lube became popular with the advent of Foria, and now weed condoms are a thing, too.

The green condoms by Cannadom may not only look a little weird, but taste even weirder. You’ll want to save these weed flavored condoms for your best bud, since they cost a whopping $54 for a pack of 50.

The condoms hail from Amsterdam, the original mecca for all things pot related, be it actual ganj or gimmicks like this. They won’t actually get you high down there, since in order to legally ship across international lines, they can’t contain THC, the active compound in weed, or any other ingredients derived from cannabis. But they taste like weed.

The condoms may bring positive attention to the notion of weed sex, but they themselves have received a bad rap. Cannabis by itself isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite flavor, let alone the taste of artificial cannabis, so it’s dubious why they would enhance oral sex.

The “weed” condoms may be more of a novelty item, though have the potential to get the sex industry to start thinking more creatively about integrating weed into their products.

That said, it’s important that sex products don’t have too much weed in them. Cannabis can make sex better, until it doesn’t. Getting too high could of course put you to sleep, make you anxious, or if you’re male, impair you ability to get an erection.

In fact, in some scenarios, cannabis has been shown to lower testosterone levels when THC blocks the release of the hormone GnRH, which can ultimately lead to erectile dysfunction. In other cases, cannabis has interfered with orgasming, either by disabling one from achieving an orgasm or causing premature ejaculation. And yet another study revealed that cannabis could potentially prevent the nervous system response that causes an erection to begin with.

While these issues may come up only sporadically, some advise that among heterosexual partners, if both want to incorporate cannabis and intimacy, the male should stop smoking before the female does, or ingest less cannabis overall in the case of edibles.

Cannadom weed condoms are expensive, green, cannabis flavored condoms, but won't actually get your genitals high because they have no THC. ]]>