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We make high quality cannabis oil Vape Cartridges and pre-filled Disposable Pens.

We have an impressive list of strain-specific oils. See the strain list.


Our pre-filled disposables are the convenient way to vape. Battery + cannabis oil all in one device.


Each authentic, disposable MagicPipe vape is fitted with our trademarked “M” logo. The M lights up upon activation.


Cartridges available pre-filled with 500mg or 1g of premium cannabis oil. Compatible with all 510 threaded vape batteries.

Magic Pipe products offer a premium concentrate experience.

From the finest extracts, Magic Pipe is one of the most potent and truly life-changing creations. For our patients, not only do we want to provide the very best variety of aromatic flavours, but we want to provide a sophisticated and bold style.

Adding enormous appeal, our polished gold design is what makes Magic Pipe so unique. For your safety, all of our concentrates and products are tested and approved at SC Labs. We have a great passion for our craft and we wish to share our gift with the world!

We make high quality cannabis oil Vape Cartridges and pre-filled Disposable Pens. We have an impressive list of strain-specific oils. See the strain list . PRE-FILLED DISPOSABLE Our

Magic Pipe Vape Pen

There’s Magic In The Air…

The Mysterious Vanishing Vaper struck again last night. No accurate description could be given. Just an illuminated M accompanied by a puff of vape clouds. What happened next closely resembles past incidents in the surrounding area. Unbridled euphoria swept over the “victim” in question and just when they were about to thank the masked man for getting them on a “good one” he vanished out of thin air. Magic you say? Perhaps. Whether the generous vaper truly disappeared or whether the citizen in question was too stoned is yet to be ascertained.

Copycat vapers are now popping up in all corners of our fair city. Disposable Magic Pipe Vape Pens have been found along beautiful vistas. No fingerprints could be lifted.

Sgt. Splifferson of the County Toke Squad was asked to give his opinion on these vaping incidents: “Lurking somewhere between this world and a higher plane they come in and out of this realm getting people high and spinning tales of vapes. Those who are afflicted by the mysterious burning M should call authorities at once so that we can warn the public at large that a great new wave of consciousness is on the horizon.”

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GRAV Glass Small Base Bong

Small Base Jumping… You know that feeling when you peek over the edge of a cliff to the distant abyss below and your whole body tingles with a twitchy inner excited anxiousness; that internal conflict between not wanting to fall and yet desperately aching to fly… all at the same time? That need to stretch […]

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Lifted Urb Delta8 THC

Revenge of the Urbs… Everyone knows about THC (that’s what gets you stoned). Everyone knows about CBD (that’s what doesn’t). But what do you know about all the other 400+ chemical compounds in cannabis? More specifically, what do you know about Delta 8 THC. If you’re like most folk, not much. We can give you […]

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Wunder Cannabis Sparkling Drinks

I Wunder U… In the immortal words of the Poet of Pop, Prince… I, how you say, I Wunder U, I Wunder U I, dream of you, for all time, for all time Though, you are far, I Wunder U, you’re on the mind Like a sexy interlude song in an 80s popstar’s self-made art […]

Tectonic9 Auto-Dispensing Grinder

Saucey Clouds… Waaay back in the 70s, the best way to grind your bud before rolling a joint was to grab your friend’s copy of Dark Side of the Moon on vinyl, put the record on the record player to set the mood, and use the gate-fold record cover to help you separate the seeds […]

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Lowell Mints

Mood Magic in a Mint… Some days are for making magic. Some days are for the magic to make you. Pop a Lowell Herb Co. mint or two in your mouth and turn a mundane Monday into an mood enhanced day of uplifted elegance. Now a day at the home office no longer needs to […]

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Asonder’s Brooklyn Pipe

Breathe in, breathe out… Breathe. Something we all need to do a bit more of these days. Be in this moment. Remember Now. Take a deep breath. Breath is life. Understand your singular place in this uni-verse as both apart of All (breathe in…), and unlike anything that has ever existed (breathe out…). As equally […]

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Ballot Box pre-rolls

Toke The Vote! In these troubling times, it is more important than ever to use our collective voices by getting out and voting! Don’t quote us, but we’re pretty sure more people in this country have enjoyed the comforts of cannabis than have voted in the last election. And while that says good things about the […]

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The Session Bong

How to Build a Better Bong… The right bong made the right way makes for the best high. The feel of the smooth glass around your lips. The balanced weight of it in your hands. The ease to light the bowl. The bubble of the right amount of water cooling the smoke as you slowly […]

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Pilgrim Soul’s Creative Thinking Journal

Mind into Matter… Where does creativity come from? No one really knows the answer. It’s a mystery for the ages. An ethereal impulse that drives us to put thought into form. To try and capture smoke in our hands and squeeze it into diamonds. The ancient Greeks thought sensuous & sultry muses would bestow their […]

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Trūflora Herb-Blended Spliffs

Good Feels Feel Good… String Theory postulates the basic building blocks of all matter and energy in the universe are made up of differently vibrating quantum strings who’s various frequencies determine what that string’s form and/or function will be. Imagine a choir singing various harmonies and melody lines which can both be heard individually, the […]

The Sigurberry post is fantastic and clever and really fun. We just had a team meeting and were all deciphering it as a group and laughing all the way.

Cindy C. – Lord Jones

This website brings you the ultimate in the hemp and cannabinoid world, from accessories to personal products. – Check out their elegant selection.

Ellen Swandiak – HOBNOB

Thanks for the ode to pain MGMT your reviews always make use tingle.

What a phenomenal review! We keep reading it over and over. Your publication is the classiest. Deep gratitude!

Thank you so much we are truly honored to be featured. Your platform is really cool and classy, just our style! The creative writing style is awesome and refreshing.

Ryan – Speakeasy 710

I don’t normally post stuff like this directly in my feed but when it’s poetry that perfectly captures your brand philosophy, then well I have to. I am flattered and super impressed with @thenewsmoker review of our sticks. Can one of you come write copy for me sometime?

Disposable Magic Pipe Vape Pens have been found along beautiful vistas. No fingerprints could be lifted. ]]>