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Brain Shooter Gun Bong

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Brain Shooter Gun Bong 46 cm or 18.1 inches

Fill up the magazine in the bowl with your favourite weed and shoot yourself high in the brain with this Brain Shooter Gun Bong! That this is a gun not meant for shooting people, is immediately obvious.

This bong is modelled on the notorious model M1921 “Thompson” submachine gun, popular in American gangsterfilms that take place in the thirties. It is very stable standing on the butt, especially when you fill up the chamber with water.

The bowl is made from metal and can be screwed off, so there are always replacement bowls for your brain gun! No need to worry about the gun being fragile, as the overall glass thickness or wall thickness is a decent 5 mm of heat-resistant borosilicate glass or pyrex. This is a solid bong.

What this machine gun does, can be deduced from the name of this cool bong: ” It blows your brain out!” But no worries, as this is only a temporary blackout.

Brain Shooter Machine Gun Glass Bong 46cm, it blows your brain out! But no worries, it is only a temporary black out!