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Ok boys and girls. I know its August and the summer vacation season, but this board has seemed moribund of late (yes, you get a vocabulary lesson along with the rest of my constant drivel LOL) so I thought to stir it up a bit.

I present to you, the Greenlight G9 enail with the Omron E5CC QX controller/display and CCA 710 Liger Banger 2.0 with Silicon Carbide insert.

I just bought this. Why did I just buy this stuff. beats the shite out of me. Really, just wanted to play with the technology and I think that Josh (CCA 710) and the Liger Banger are real steps forward in dabbing. But still, dabbing. really?? sigh. well, probably as a special treat only because I’m clearly an east coast light weight and the first time I used it I took two dabs. first one with some of that black reclaim out of my pens/DT 2.5 and then one from some little bit of Lemon Haze shatter I have. That launched me to the couch for a couple of hours of no moving, thinking, or anything else but breathing! LOL I was plowed. I still have not been able (want to really) do more than two dabs out of this sucker and I have cut back the dab size as I have found this set up to be pretty efficient (or I don’t have the lungs of a blue whale like some folks LOL)

Now, this is not my normal use of cannabis and I have found that the couple of pens/box mod/atomizers I have work just fine with concentrates. Also, I ain’t using no torches for a number of reasons including not wanting to set the house on fire. But the enail with a good dab. man, it really is something.

We don’t have concentrates in any easy supply in my state yet, but med program is just coming on line. Still, I doubt very seriously if I’m going to blow all of my THC receptors out in one big dab too dang often. but, special treat. yeah. I like it a lot. I like the CCA 710 products a WHOLE lot and I like Josh, who makes and sells them a WHOLE lot. Just saying.

When looking into this, I went a local glass shop and they had a D-nail kit there for $650 I think it was. controller, coil, and a Ti nail. Outrageous price as if you really look into what’s in the controller.

On the other hand, very good enail controllers from China with the Omron PID controller are available for MUCH less. I bought this one from Greenlights via Alibaba and I think with shipping the box and 20 mm coil came to about $175. My G9:

Great price, if I had to do it again, however, I might go a different purchase route just because the communications was difficult and took some good bit of effort.

For example, Big Cartel Gimido has the same basic unit on sale at $109 which is a complete steal.

All these two controller boxes are is an Omron industrial temp controller, connectors, power switch, and an enclosure. The Omron has the display, firmware, controls and really does all of the work. Its an assembly that is bought from the OEM by enail manf for these controllers (you can easily build one yourself if so inclined but for $109, why?). There are different versions of the Omron E5CC. The QX extension on the part number means that it outputs to an outboard solid state relay. I have been told by many that this is way mo’ better and that is indeed what is in these boxes. The RX version has a built in mechanical relay and is not as reliable and does not hold temp as steady.

The Liger Banger can be had with either SiC inserts or Quartz. If you want to see what this looks like in action, check out Chase from Terpy Tuesday on YouTube. I like his productions overall and he has great shots of the Liger in action. This is his latest. I recommend the whole series but in this one he is using the quartz insert which makes it a bit easier to see the overall design of the insert.

Also, I have discovered that, with the enail and Liger, many regular dabbers are going to a lower temp. Now, not low like Aventus likes low, but Chase runs about 590 and Josh who makes this stuff runs at 600. Compared to some with a torch and a screaming red hot nail, this is low.

For those who were like me, and didn’t really understand dabbing, and in particular the carb cap’s purpose, it goes like this: optimally, you would like to melt your dab on a hot surface but NOT have it boil away. Then when you add the carb cap and draw, you are now lowering the pressure in the bucket and this reduces the boiling point and now your concentrates are vaporizing. Boiling point depression from low pressure is well understood phenomena and is why you can’t make a cup of truly hot coffee on top of Mt Everest. CCA 710’s cap has air flow holes at an angle allowing you to not only lower the pressure but also create a bit of a swirl in there. Works real good (tastes good AND is less filling >:O ).

In the pic above, you can see I’m heating up to a set temp of 630. But I have since moved down to 600 and will try to move down a bit more next time I use this beast.

For any in the know about dabbing and hot nails. yes Virginia, like all rookies I burnt myself a little bit on the first go. Right of passage I think and a lesson quickly learned. LOL

So why for special occasions only. well, aside from it getting me completely whacked, I am mindful of my tolerance and I keep switching between vapes, strains (as much as I can) and amounts. I mostly stick to small amounts of herb during the week at bed time and this is keeping my tolerance manageable. I think if I got a 1/4 or 1/2 oz of great resin/shatter and a month of crappy winter weather, I might come out the other end with a sky high tolerance (and probably without the ability to speak either! haha).

So, to me. this rig has a place in my vaping but its a defined and somewhat limited place. For others, dabbing is their daily routine and for those guys (and folks like me) the CCA 710 products are outstanding.

great post mate, great pics and really interesting. Well researched you definitely made a smart purchase! A friend of mine recently purchased the latest Gimodo Elite Pro Enail (pictured below) with a Quartz nail and that setup was £299 so just under $400.

I’m telling you this because as you can see it’s also running an Omron E5CC, although I’m not sure which version. I might have to have a closer look next time Im visiting. I don’t think I’ll tell him about your G9 though as it seems you found a bargain indeed my friend!

Well shite. I thought I posted a reply and apparently didn’t hit the ‘Post Comment’ button. One of the challenges of being on a internet forum pertaining to. well, you get the idea.

Your mate’s Gimido looks like this one as advertised here in the states:

Nice affordable unit with the right PID controller assembly.

On the Omron’s, the only way to tell its version is to open the box a bit and peek a bit. Right on the side of the assembly is the part number and the ‘dash’ alphabetical characters indicate the version. Below you can see the E5CC-QX. blah-blah

Now, I was wrong about Gimido selling their nice Omron email on sale for $109.99. This shows up at the top of the page of their best enail, but it actually refers to their cheap enail with no-name parts. Very misleading. Their best unit with the Omron is $239.99 which still ain’t bad since D-nail’s best is like $650 and doesn’t even include a coil!

What I do like about this Gimido best unit is that there is a main power switch on the back and the button on the front switches power on/off to the coil. This way, you can shut the coil off, leave mains on, and see the temp as your coil cools. Nice feature and beats licking it to see if its still hot! :-O

After I get my med card, come on over the pond and help me break it in right!! 🙂

I must admit his Gimodo is a sweet setup also, and like you said no need to lick it. Lol

Unfortunately I won’t be able to check which version of the Omron E5CC it is, as the units not mine to open.

I’m getting in my little row boat to cross the pond now! Hopefully you’ll have your med card by the time I get there! Lol

I’ll even let you try some oil in the blow torch powered Sublimator Eliminator, in your garden of course. Lol

Killer post. The setup looks like something you’d carry on the front lines to call for a air strike or bomb drop. Be careful with nails cause like you found out, they get dangerously hot and will burn anything it touches in ms.

Dabbing is a completely different high/experience than pens, herb vapes and regular smoking. or I feel at least.

Yeah, bring that Sublimator with you. I have to see that thing in person. Time to burn the neighborhood down! YEAH! 😉 LOL

Thanks, mate. Yes, definitely a bit different that pens and herb vapes. like I said, there is a place for it in my vaping life but a somewhat limited one at the present.

When the med program kicks in here, I would love to try some live resin and see how that is on the Liger.

Ok boys and girls….I know its August and the summer vacation season, but this board has seemed moribund of late (yes, you get a vocabulary lesson along with the rest of my constant drivel LOL) so I thought to stir it up a bit. I present to you, the Greenlight G9 enail with the Omron E5CC QX…

CCA Liger banger V3.0

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  • Oct 7, 2016
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  • This isn’t so much of a review but just getting the ball rolling on the CCA Liger banger V3.0. I am sort of the “Lead” (and first) member of the Beta team, my first beta model was the Turtle banger followed by the V1 Liger so I have been working with Josh for a while now. He is not only a stand up guy but also a genius and I am lucky to be on the team! Since then there have been several other FC members recruited and on board the Liger beta team now as well. They will also be chiming in before release. The actual release date is October 30th but we have been testing it for a while now with great success! If Mods feel like this should be merged with the V2 thread we can just change the title and continue posting there. If not we can move the V3 conversation here!

    This product in my eyes isn’t just a different piece of enail equipment, it is THE premier concentrate accessory on the market right now in my opinion. Josh’s dedication to constantly improving the product has resulted in the most efficient, effective , enail on the market. Watching the progression from the V1, to the V2, now to the fully encased V3 the transformation has been incredible! The original idea was to take get the taste of a quartz banger but have the durability of a Ti nail. He has succeeded or Exceeded in both!!
    The Body is made of pure Type 2 Ti and The inserts come in Quartz, Silicon Carbide, and Sapphire! And there will be 2 carb cap options. Both have variable air flow and 4 angled air holes that create a vortex inside the vaporization bucket. The Storm Cell Cap is the Flat cap for the 16mm,20mm, or 30 mm buckets. The Hurricane cap is the round bottom cap that works for the 20mm and 30mm buckets.

    I will post A LOT of more info, Pictures, Videos, and thoughts as will all of the other early adopters of the Liger V3. We have been posting in the V2 but this should get the ball rolling on the V3.

    As you can see all 3 models (only the 20mm and 30mm flat coil shown in my pics) have the coil encased in Ti for extra thermal efficiency.

    Below are both the V2 and V3 inserts side by side for comparison as well as both new carb caps and the new dab tips!!

    This isn't so much of a review but just getting the ball rolling on the CCA Liger banger V3.0. I am sort of the "Lead" (and first) member of the Beta team…