koffing bong

This new Galar Pokémon is a bong, and fans are going wild

-slamming fists against desk and chanting- BONG! BONG! BONG! BONG!

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Game Freak / Nintendo

Nintendo and The Pokémon Company released new Pokémon Sword and Shield revelations this morning, and it’s delightful to get to see the host of new Pokémon we’ll get to meet, collect, and use in combat.

We now know that we’ll be battling against the very enthusiastic Team Yell, and we’ll get to use a hangry little mouse in our battles. All of that is pretty cool, but there’s one new reveal that is pretty high on the list of best new details: the Galar regional form of Weezing, who is a bong.

He’s not just a bong. This dignified take on Weezing has some striking smog facial hair, and certainly looks much classier than his non-Galar equivalent. But, I mean, look at him. Just take a long gander at this guy.

That is a bong. Even those of you who have never smoked a single weed in your entire life can admit that this Pokémon looks a whole lot like a bong, right?

was away from my desk when the pokémon news happened and y’all weren’t fucking around about weezing moneybongs huh

While noted scholar Brian David Gilbert has gone over a variety of Pokémon who can serve as names for weed, we’ve never gotten a visual representation of pot or associated paraphernalia like this guy before.

I love him, and I would only volcano a massive hit off of Galarian Weezing if I knew for a fact that it wouldn’t harm this little guy. I’m not the only one who’s in love with the new Weezing, either. Fans have rallied to celebrate this new take on an old classic, and only some of the fan art and memes are related to getting high on marijuana.

Galarian Weezing will be introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield. This new twist on an old favorite Pokemon gives him a smog beard and mustache and two stovepipe top hats. Also, he’s a bong now.