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Buy Kanna Drug? | Sceletium tortuosum

Sceletium tortuosum (Kanna) is a succulent plant from the stone plant family and its natural habitat is in South Africa. Kanna is known for its psychoactive and antidepressant effects. Steeping tea from Kanna extract is a popular way to enjoy the effects of the Kanna drug. You can buy kanna of all types on this page. Take a look at what’s on offer and consult the detailed information for each product.

Kanna (Gold Rush) 2 grams

Kanna extract 10X [Sceletium tortuosum] (Mystic Herbs) 1 gram

Kratom X Kanna Liquid (Kratopia) 10 ml

Kanna Extract 20X [Sceletium tortuosum] (Mystic Herbs) 1 gram

Kanna [Sceletium tortuosum] 1 gram

Kanna Seeds [Sceletium tortuosum] (Seeds of the Gods) 10 pieces

Kanna [Sceletium tortuosum] 5 grams

Kanna Extract 40X (Mystic Herbs) 1 gram

Kanna Extract UC [Sceletium tortuosum] 1 gram

Kanna Extract 10X [Sceletium tortuosum] 1 gram

Tripsitter Party Supplement 6 tabs

Kanna Extract UC2 [Sceletium tortuosum] 1 gram

Looking to buy kanna? Feast your eyes on this page. We have all types of kanna drugs ready and waiting for you. Do you want a strong kanna extract or would you prefer to relax with kanna leaves? It’s your choice! We’re here to help you as best we can with choosing your favourite kanna drugs.

Buying Kanna Drugs

Kanna is a smart drug obtained from the kanna plant (Sceletium Tortuosum). You can get kanna drugs in different forms. Dried plant residues or roots from the green plant have been used for centuries by indigenous tribes, particularly in South Africa. Looking to buy original kanna? Then opt for the leaves. Would you rather have the somewhat stronger variant of kanna drugs? In that case, kanna extract is more your thing. You can ramp it up as much as you want. Go for a 10X extract or go completely mad with a 40X kanna extract.

Kanna is as old as the hills. In the Stone Age it was used by hunters who lived in violent times. They had to erase battles and daily survival from their minds and to do that they used this interesting smart drug. In those days, of course, they didn’t have to buy it because it simply grows in nature. The indigenous tribes made kanna tea or smoked the leaves. This is how they drove out the trauma of brutal battles from their heads. Nowadays, we use kanna to relax. As well as being a relaxant, kanna drugs also produce a stimulating effect that facilitates socializing. Buying kanna for an evening on the sofa with friends makes a great idea. And did you know that kanna may also raise your libido? So using kanna extract or leaves together with your partner can also be recommended.

Kanna Extract and Other Types of Kanna Drugs

Kanna is a succulent plant that has been used by native South African tribes for relaxing and socializing. Buy Kanna in powder, extract or liquid form at the Dutch-Headshop. Normal kanna drugs are handy for beginners. If you are already familiar with the world of Sceletium tortuosum, you can buy a strong kanna extract.We always have your favourite kanna drugs available from stock. Looking to buy kanna? A few examples:

  • Happy Honey – A liquid mix of Kanna, honey and Valerian
  • Kanna – A delicious herb mix with Kanna, for a soothing effect
  • Kanna Extract UC – For a higher Kanna concentration
  • Kanna Extract 10x – A good 10 times stronger than kanna herbs
  • Gold Rush – A mix of kanna extracts
  • Kratom X Kanna Liquid – An interesting mix of two kinds of smart drugs
  • Kanna Extract 40x – The most powerful concentrate available

The History of Kanna – Sceletium tortuosum

Sceletium Tortuosum is a succulent plant first discovered by Western People when they got in contact with the Khoikhoi of South-Africa. This indigenous people had been chewing the fermented strains and roots of this plant since time immemorial, for a narcotic effect. That’s why in South-Africa it is also called Channa or Kougoed. Nowadays, the dried and processed herb is often sniffed or smoked, while chewing Kanna with a bit of chewing gum or making tea from it are other popular ways to use Kanna.

Kanna Effect & Information

The most important alkaloid present is mesembrin, which gives a soothing effect and can cause a certain torpor. Mesembrin ensures your brain functions on a lower level of serotonin. Kanna’s effect is enhanced by combining it with alcohol or cannabis.

Kanna Effects

Kanna is a special type of smart drug. With lower doses, Kanna improves the mood; it can reduce anxiety and stress and suppresses the appetite. Interesting is that with higher doses, an increased feeling of interconnectedness is experienced. A stronger empathy and a euphoric feeling make Kanna a social smart drug.

Looking to Buy Kanna?

Do you want to buy kanna? Then you’ve come to the right place with us. We have a huge range which is actually important because kanna comes in many forms. Are you still uncertain about which form suits you best? Then please contact our customer service. We will help you to choose so that you can always enjoy kanna drugs in a pleasant way. In short: you’ve found the right place for buying kanna!

Kanna is known for its relaxing and stimulating effects. Smoke kanna leaves, brew kanna tea or snort kanna extract and experience it for yourself!