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Pistils can tell you a whole lot about your cannabis plants. In this blog, we take a closer look at why they are so important. TAMPERING: While urine dilution is useful, it isn't 100% reliable, especially for heavy daily users.

Another tack used by some people is to tamper with the sample by adding adulterants or substituting clean urine for their own. Ethical issues aside, tampering is risky since subjects may be observed or made to disrobe beforehand, and cheating isn't forgiven. For the adventurous, Abbie Hoffman's book Steal This Urine Test has full instructions on how to rig yourself up with a plastic bag to substitute clean urine. You can buy clean, dehydrated urine from Byrd Labs. Beware however that labs check to make sure the temperature of urine samples is right (around 91-97ƒ). Shake it up to ensure all nutrients mix thoroughly. If you’re getting a reading 5.5 or below, or 6.2 or above, adjust your PH to get as close to 5.8 as possible. Just add a little bit of PH Up/Down at a time, as to not over adjust.

Pour in your mixture of nutrient water to your 5-gallon bucket. Fill the bucket just enough so that the water level is just touching the bottom of your net pot. How high you wish to fill the DWC bucket is up to you. I usually keep the water line about an inch or so above the bottom of the net pot. The ProVari is the best-known of all USA-made electronic cigarettes, and with good reason — it’s awesome. Although I compulsively try new e-cigarettes, the ProVari is one I always come back to. It has a voltage booster allowing you to set the output between 2.9 and 6.0 volts, and I find that there is no noticeable decrease in vapor production as the battery drains. I also love the design; everything fits together beautifully, which seems to result from some very strict quality control. The downside of the ProVari is the price, although you can save a bit of money by buying the ProVari body only if you already have your own batteries, charger and attachments. The ProVari is available in stainless, chrome, black and gold. Please note that it is critical to understand that this process can only be used with syrups containing DXM only, or with Guaifenesin added as well, as the active medical ingredients. It will not remove Tylenol or any other drug, so they will end up in your finished product, and could hurt you, or worse. For special occasions, give 24k Shine gold rolling papers a try. While they have a higher price tag than regular papers, you get an even, long-lasting smoke, and they look chic, too. The reamer is an ideal tool to reduce the layer in the heel. Its use is quite straightforward: The roller screw (2) allows adjustment of the blade diameter (3) in the chamber (clockwise, the blades spread out. ) Adjust (2) in one direction or the other to allow entrance to the chamber. Turn the reamer using it to (1) scrape, and then readjust (2) to ream more deeply. @JaneGoodallInst please check this out, something needs to be done if he’s abusing animals. The Nutra Cleanse Total Body Cleanse is the same product as the $179.95 Extreme Total Body Program that we listed above.

It basically includes the 5-day Permanent Cleanse, as well as a supplemental bottle of the Two Steps Ahead Cleansing Shampoo – essentially if you know that your hair will be tested for THC in addition to your urine.

Getting a job that you love can seem like only a dream. Getting a job that is 420-friendly may seem nearly impossible. As the legalization of marijuana looms, new industries and fields are becoming available. New possibilities are emerging, and as the world pushes to accept these less rigid, contemporary dynamics, attitudes are quickly shifting. This quantity is also referred to as a half or half “O.” With a half-ounce, you can roll between 7 and 14 blunts.


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