infinity gauntlet pipe

Infinity Glass Pipe – 4.5in

When you smoke from the Infinity Glass Pipe, you’re going to wish it could go on forever and ever. The twisting design through the handle alludes to the iconic infinity symbol, and streaks of color are striped across different areas, adding a bit of color to this emblem of eternity.

♾️ CLASSIC STYLE – Handheld Glass Spoon Pipe

♾️ GET TWISTED – Twisted Stem

♾️ HIGH QUALITY – Handblown Heat-Safe Borosilicate Glass

♾️ PORTABLE – 4.5” Length

♾️ LIGHTWEIGHT – 2oz Weight

♾️ YOU DO YOU – Choice of 4 Colors

This funky lil’ pipe makes a great gift for your BFF or anyone else who you’re gonna stick with until the end of time. Or you can treat yourself to a little gift that will say “I love me forever!” That’s why we, in our infinite wisdom, are bringing the Infinity Glass Pipe to you.

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The Infinity Glass Pipe measures at 4.5” in length, with a twisting design through the handle, alluding the iconic infinity symbol. Through the piece, streaks..