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Best Buds Smoke Shop is located at NW. corner of Apache Blvd. and McClintock Dr. in Tempe, Arizona. Our smoke shop is right next to the McClintock light rail stop, and is very close to Arizona State University Tempe campus. Check out more about Best Buds Smoke Shop and see why are also the top head shop in the east valley of Phoenix.

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Best Buds Smoke Shop is the only illadelph glass pipe authorized dealer in Arizona

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Best Buds is Tempe Arizona’s Premier Head Shop. Find The Deals You Want On The Products You Love.

Best Buds carries all sizes of Glass Pipes, Bongs, Water Pipes, Rigs, Scales, Grinders, Bowls, Vape Pens, Vaporizers, eJuice, Papers, Storage and Stash Containers, Custom Glass, Torches, Butane, Apparel, Decor and of course. Munchies.

Best Buds Smoke Shop is also your ultimate resource for all things about CBD Oil. We offer the best quality CBD products in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Top quality pure CBD Oil based products to choose from.

Best Buds Smoke Shop is Tempe Arizona’s premier head shop offers the largest collection of Vapor e-Cig, Hookah pipes, Tobacco cigarettes, glass pipe & swag items

Water Pipes – illadelph-glass

Who doesn’t love today’s water pipes? Water pipes take glass pipes to a whole different smoking level by drawing the smoke through a percolator. This cools the smoke down, raises it’s moisture level, and filters it all at the same time. The end result being a cooler smoother experience for the user. The size, shape, and even functionality can vary from pipe to pipe. Top brands like Illadelph, Blown Glassgoods, Roor, and more constantly change the game. Water pipes can be made out of glass, quartz, ceramic, or even acrylic. Glass water pipes can range from colored soft glass to clear scientific glass. Some have true glass on glass fitting where others are sealed by a rubber grommet. Water pipes can have added built in features such as ice catchers and percolators of different styles and configurations. Browse our vast selection of water pipes below and find one that fits your needs. Your next piece is here waiting for you. You are going to love our water pipes.

Don’t worry about ordering glass pieces online – we guarantee it’ll show up to your door in one piece or your money back!

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Shop our massive online selection of water pipes. All sizes, brands, styles, and colors. All of our water pipes have Free Shipping anywhere in the US. Up-N-Smoke is your premiere online smoke shop. We boast a full line of glass water pipes, glass hand pipes, herb grinders, vaporizers, detox and lot more. ]]>