how to take apart a vape pen battery

How To Take Apart A Disposable Vape Pen

If you are going to take a disposable pen apart, I advise you not to do it in a hurry. Here the question arises, why do you need to take it apart when it’s disposable?

The reason is quite logical when disposable vape pens function improperly, you cannot return it. So you try to fix the issues on your own. So, if you think that you can apply different techniques to fix the one, you should get a chance.

But you should understand that it is not meant for fixing and they cannot work for a long time. So, if you have to take it apart, do it very carefully.

What Will I Find Out?

When Should You Take The Disposable Pen Apart?

Just as the name indicates, the ultimate fate of a disposable thing in the dustbin. But if it stops working before time, you should go for fixes. It depends on variables like numbers of puffs, temperature, battery quality, and length of the draw.

Quantity of fuel is also the key factor in determining the span of this disposable product. So, if it has a large fill size, it will last long.

So, if it stops working after two to three puffs, or even without using it, it’s time to take it apart and do some fixes.

But listen, you must have some electronic knowledge as Li-ion batteries can be hazardous or not handled properly.

How To Take Apart To Check Fluid Level?

There are two ways to check the oil level

  • One way is to look through the small window
  • Or toss it to see if it’s empty or have something.

If you don’t find the window easily, unwrap it to the extent where you can find fluid.

How To Take Apart To Remove The Dead Battery

If your disposable vape pen is stored improperly or in cold storage, there are chances that the battery will drain out. So if it is not fully charged, check the indicator light.

Then, dismantle the box mod using small driver heads and remove the battery. Try to connect it to external sources. If it doesn’t work, it means it’s dead.

Throw it away following all the safety instructions.

How To Take Apart If a Vape Pen Gives a Burnt Taste?

A vape pen is all about flavor. But if it is not tasting well, then the reason is high-temperature. Coil type and quality also affect the taste.

Use the Torx or Allen Key to open the vape pen, but if tiny buttons pop out, you should be even more careful. Once you feel the coil is hotter than room temperature, throw the pen away.

Here I want to make it clear that Vape batteries are usually made of layered foil of a certain type of metal, but could also have a liquid energy storage mechanism. So, in this case, making a decision is easy and you can fix the issue. But if your pen has a disposable built-in Lithium power source, it becomes impossible to fix the issue.

Summing Up

You have learned how to take apart a disposable vape pen but when it comes to holding the parts together, finding the screws and fixing them in the right place may seem difficult. No worries, use a small bottle of glue to reassemble it, and that’s all. This is also the perfect solution for cannabis vape pens.

Here is a video that you can watch for more information.

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Hi. I’m the co-owner of VaporizerBud. I’ve used the Pax 3 for the past couple of years now and I love it.

Has your disposable pen gone faulty? Here is a quick guide on how to take a disposable pen apart and fix the issue yourself.

7 Ways to Clean Your Wax Vaporizer

Wax extracts are great for anyone who enjoys a really potent, intense vaping experience. However, they are not that great for anyone who hates to clean because wax can get a little messy. Nonetheless, if you want to keep enjoying your extracts, you need to clean your wax vaporizer on a regular basis. The wax vapes I’m talking about here are vape pens specifically. Yes, you’ve got your fancy e-nails and portable dab rigs, but most people will be using the more affordable vape pens for their wax vaping. And those people will need these tips on how to keep their vape pen nice and clean so that they can enjoy their extracts for a very long time.

The Cotton Swab Scrub

Scrub might be too strong a word but you should definitely wipe down the atomizer—aka the coil—of your vape pen with a q-tip or cotton swab that has been soaked in isopropyl alcohol. Vape pens consist of three parts, the battery, the atomizer, and the mouthpiece and the atomizer is the part of the vape pen that gets the dirtiest.

That is because the atomizer is where the wax gets placed and is where it gets vaporized. Once a session is completed, any leftover wax dries and becomes much harder to remove. Isopropyl alcohol helps to dissolve the hardened wax, which makes cleaning a whole lot easier.

The Alcohol Bath

For really stubborn residue, where a mere q-tip won’t cut it, you need to go full immersion. Get a fairly shallow bowl or dish, fill it with iso alcohol, and then submerge the atomizer in it for a few hours. The alcohol will steadily break down and dissolve the hardened residue over time. Once the residue has been dissolved, take the atomizer out of the alcohol, dispose of the alcohol, and dry the atomizer thoroughly before using it again. That is because you don’t want the aftertaste of alcohol ruining your next session.

Higher Standards make cleaning products, especially for vaporizers. They have a kit for $30 that contains everything you need to keep your vape in top-notch shape.

Get Creative With Paperclips

Paperclips and even some dab tools (view on Amazon) can be used to clear out the air holes of your vape pen. The air holes help to promote airflow and help to keep the draw resistance low. If they become clogged with wax residue, then that can make inhaling the vapor difficult, if not impossible.

The common paperclip is small enough to fit into the air holes and dislodge any gunk that is blocking them. You should be careful not to scratch up the vaporizer while you’re doing this of course.

Huff and Puff Into The Mouthpiece

This might seem like a pretty low-tech method of taking care of your vape pen but it works. Removing the mouthpiece from the vape pen and then blowing into it is an effective way of dislodging any debris that’s clogging up the air path. The reason is that you are reversing the airflow from its usual direction, which helps to push out any leftover residue.

When you inhale from the mouthpiece, you are not just inhaling the vapor, you are also inhaling little droplets of wax. The droplets that do not pass through the mouthpiece get trapped in the vapor path where they dry and harden and become obstructions to the airflow. A good, hard exhale should be enough to blow those bits of hardened wax right out of the mouthpiece.

Keep Your Connections Clean

You need to keep the connection between the battery and the atomizer clean and clear if you want your vaporizer to work properly. If there is residue or debris on the threading, then that will disrupt the connection between the battery and the atomizer and your vape pen will be rendered useless. In order to prevent that from happening you need to clean the threading, especially if you have an atomizer that leaks.

Fortunately, isopropyl alcohol comes to the rescue once again. You can use a lint-free cloth that has been lightly soaked in iso alcohol to wipe down the threading. That will keep the connection between the battery and the atomizer clean and uninterrupted.

Burn Off The Leftover Wax

One common but effective method of getting rid of leftover wax residue is simply to burn it off. You do this by removing the mouthpiece from the atomizer and then holding the rest of the vape pen upside down over a paper towel. You then turn on the pen and crank it up to the highest voltage setting, making sure to use whatever technique is unique to your vape pen to keep it turned on.

The heat will melt off the excess wax, which is why you need the paper towel to catch the dripping wax. Otherwise you will have a different kind of mess to clean up.

Use Coil-less Atomizers

The types of atomizers that you will see in vape pens are quartz coil atomizers, ceramic bowls, and quartz bowls. They each have their strengths and weaknesses, but one of the strengths of the bowl-type atomizers is that they are easier to clean than the quartz coil atomizers. Any of the atomizer cleaning methods mentioned above are easier with ceramic or quartz bowls than they are with quartz coil atomizers.

That is because quartz coil atomizers have a coil wrapped around a quartz core and bits of dried-up residue can get stuck between the coils. Since the coils are so close together, it can be difficult to remove the residue from them. The bowl-style atomizers don’t have that problem since they are just a smooth, even surface. So, if you want your vape pen to be as low maintenance as possible, you should consider one that has a ceramic or quartz bowl. You might even find that they have other attributes that you might like.

Examples of coils-less vape pens are the KandyPens Crystal (Review | Buy) and the Linx Blaze (Review | Buy).

No one wants funky tasting vapor or clogged airways in their wax vaporizer. Keep your vape pen clean with the tips and advice in this article. ]]>