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VAT, where applicable, is included in all prices displayed online. We reserve the right to adjust these prices without warning or prior notice. Errors and Omissions are unlikely because the webshop is integrated with our accounts system, but we have to stipulate that they are excepted (E&OE). Note by Nebula: This strain is easy to grow, very high yielding and produces dense and potent buds – we harvested 12.57 oz from just one Wonder Woman plant last time we grew this strain! Sativas can lighten your mood, improve your appetite and make you laugh and talk.

Bong bowls are a removable slide that attaches to a bong and hold the dry herb. Bowl pieces generally comes in two sizes 14mm and 18mm. Whether you need a replacement slide or just want to cool bowl piece to add some life to your bong, you will surely find something that fits your needs. Performance of The DipStick: If you’re facing an upcoming drug screening and need to find a reliable synthetic urine test, we will supply you with all the information you need to have a successful and smooth experience and pass that test! I was being stupid and didn't realize you just connect end to glass tip. Ses probably comes from Sensimilla, the practice of cultivating only female plants.

Dabbing : Since most of the terpenes evaporate, reclaim won’t retain the same taste profile, but as shown in the MCR Labs study, reclaim dabs retain many of the cannabinoids from the original dab, which means it should still deliver potent psychoactive effects. Edibles : In the MCR Labs experiment, researchers found that more than 95% of the cannabinoids in reclaim were decarboxylated, making it an easy-to-use addition to any edible recipe. Chocolate edible recipes are especially popular because chocolate masks the sometimes unpleasant flavor of reclaim dabs . Tinctures and capsules : Since it’s already decarboxylated, reclaim can also be used to make cannabis-infused tinctures or capsules. Some of the water bottles out there are pretty flimsy. We like a water bottle that is a bit thicker so we don’t have to worry about squeezing too hard while we’re smoking. Remove and discard the cap unless you’re going to reuse this homemade bong for some reason. Have your lights on during the cheapest time for electricity – Many electricity companies have certain times of the day that are cheaper than others when it comes to electricity, so if you have your lights on during those cheaper hours you will save! Consider putting plant on 18/6 over 24/0 light schedule in the vegetative stage – that extra 6 hours a day without your light on can make a big difference on your electricity bill each month, and your plant will still grow healthy and fast with 18 hours of light! Choose a more efficient grow light – growers using fluorescent lighting might consider switching to a more efficient light. For example, if you’re using CFLs, you’ll get almost twice as much yields per watt by switching to an equal wattage HPS. So if you had 150W worth of CFLs, you could about double your yields by switching to a 150W HPS (without changing anything else). Learn more about upgrading your grow lights for better yields/watt. Get the smallest grow light you need to produce your result – If you’re already growing more bud than you need, you might consider moving down in grow light size. If you’re using HPS grow lights, consider that a 600W HPS is more efficient than a 1000W HPS (600W HPS is actually the most efficient in lumens/watt of all HID grow lights), so if you could get enough bud from the 600W HPS you’d be getting more light per watt, and therefore more yield/watt. Why aren’t my yields bigger with the light I have now? Lower the power of your light initially , (or start with fluorescents) until plant gets big enough to need more light. Some grow lights allow you to reduce their power output to 80% or 60%. If you have a seedling that’s just a few inches tall, it doesn’t need a big light and you can reduce your power without slowing growth down at all, but you’ll be using far less electricity. Same thing with fluorescents; even if they’re not the most efficient lights for producing buds, they are very low power and work perfectly for growing seedlings. Keep lights the right distance away – Keeping lights too far away from your plant will prevent them from getting all the light they can for the wattage used. Fill space under light using plant training so you’re using as much light as possible to increase yields.

You want your entire grow space under the light filled with a flat canopy of buds for the best results indoors under grow lights. For example, more advanced training techniques such as manifolding can add 2-3 weeks onto your grow, while something more simple like FIMing may take a little more physical work on your part in the long run to manage your colas, but it won’t add much if any time to your grow so you’ll end up saving on electricity. Please remember that all 3rd Grain products are for legal use only. 3rd Grain holds no accountability for misuse or illegal use of our products. Stoner Gift Weed BackPack Cool Marijuana Accessories. Most PAXers like to start on the low or medium temperature setting and work their way up to the highest temperature before finishing.

G FarmaLabs is proud to bring you Liquid Gold Red Cannabis Oil Injectors. This pharmaceutical grade Co2 extract is created by blending the cannabis flower by-products and then further removing any undesirable compounds.


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