how to roll a cannagar

G2 Cannagar Mold | Personal

Everyone’s smoking blunts and bongs, but who’s smoking cannagars? Surprise your friends at the next smoke session with a powerful cannagar that’ll burn for up to an hour.

G2 Cannagar Mold | Personal
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G2 Cannagar Mold: Take Your Blunts To Another Level

The G2 Cannagar Mold Personal is an easy way to make your own cannabis cigars. The device works by compressing cannabis flowers into a dense column. The end result is thick, resinous, and burns for up to an hour!

The mold is a lightweight, box-like device. It requires no skill to use and enables complete novices to manufacture cigars with ease. The kit comes with a packing tool, skewers, and a wooden tip.

Joints and blunts are fun and social ways to smoke, but nothing turns heads like a cannagar. You’ll become the hit of the party when you pull one out of your pocket and pass it around the room. Cannagars trump blunts on several levels. For one, they are much denser. This means you’ll end up smoking more weed in the same amount of time. They’re a surefire way to get baked as quickly as possible!

Simply close the mold and clip it into place. Next, you’ll need to insert a skewer through the bottom hole to create a passage for air to flow through.

Grind up some cannabis flowers and begin packing them into the built-in funnel. Use the packing tool to compress the material. Press down hard! Continue this process until the mold is fully loaded. The mold can handle a maximum of four grams.

Now all the hard work is done, it’s recommended to store the mold in a dry place for at least three hours. Once time has passed, open up the mold to reveal the cannagar core. This resinous mass of flowers will smell fantastic! Now it’s time to roll.

Blunt wraps work well, but that’s not going to impress anyone. Channel your inner cannabis connoisseur and wrap your cannagar core in a dried cannabis fan leaf for optimal taste and smoothness. Don’t forget to use the wooden tip to add a classy touch.

Use the G2 Cannagar Mold to make your own cannagars. The device can handle up to four grams of flower and creates cigars that burn for an hour. Get yours here!