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It’s beautiful design, it’s powerful effects and it’s attractive price points are all reasons it secures the number 1 spot. Another option, if your screw has a Phillips head, is to use a flat-head screwdriver that is narrow enough to fit within the Phillips head hole. To pull this off easily try using the rubber band method mentioned above. “This flushing of the kidneys can lower the specific gravity or density of the urine,” he added, “and a low specific gravity indicates contamination on the test, and the specimen could be discounted.” Summer Cream 55151-19.

Whatever the specific percent level is, however, respect the potency of the dab! Imagine purchasing a smokable marijuana strain with 18% THC. If you purchase a 90% THC dab, you’d only need 200mg to achieve the same level of consumption of the psychoactive compound. For the ultimate kief collection method, we start introducing a little science. THC is not water soluble, meaning it won’t dissolve in water, and colder trichomes become more brittle and fall off with greater ease. This means that any method of freezing won’t disturb the THC, while making the kief easier to agitate and collect. Dry ice alone, or (or even your trusty freezer) can be used to cool the buds to a point where the kief can be shaken off in a jar or container. Freezing prior to using the coin and grinder trick will also improve yields.

While shopping in regulated markets is key, you can also check the product packaging to see if anything looks fishy. Over my decade of recreational use, I've found that while it is sometimes fun to just smoke and watch Broad City , there are plenty of fun things to do high that also have the added benefit of helping me see myself more mindfully. Discreet Smoker has four different options on their site, including a backpack, stash box, soft case, and the very popular 11x9-inch bag. All of them feature a child-resistant combination lock and discreet black or gray exterior. The pouch is more affordable than many other carbon-infused fabric bags and is available on Amazon. Whatever you wish to call it, this is the type of weed that you’ll find on the top shelves of dispensaries, a diverse cast of strains that vary in effects, flavors, and aromas. In legal states, top-shelf weed usually comes at a top-shelf price, as an eighth of dank can cost upwards of $60 on some adult-use markets. Ultimately, the price will vary on a number of factors, such as the dispensary location, cultivator, and product availability. Think of top-shelf bud as craft beer, carefully curated to offer unique aromas and flavors. In most adult-use markets, top-shelf weed tends to have a focus on higher THC levels . Hacienda Mosaico PROMO 2017 - Продолжительность: 3 минуты 37 секунд. Church says he's already seen retrofitted pneumatic, hydraulic, and hand presses (like a t­-shirt press) capable of processing about a pound of starting material per run, and a number of industry innovators have begun developing next­-generation commercial­-sized set-ups specifically designed for making Rosin. It would seem Rosin production just might be poised to scale, but the question remains: how high? Use your box cutter to cut the bottom off your smaller bottle. The more of the bottle that remains, the larger the hit you’ll receive, so be careful not to trim too much off the bottom of the bottle. The latest vaporizer from Zeus impresses with a gold-plated cooling element and a gold-plated steam path (only in the GT Version). With haptic feedback, an internal acceleration sensor and other clever functions, the Zeus Arc is an absolutely solid device that meets the latest requirements for a vaporizer. As these are pre-filled, though, there is the irritating issue of marijuana laws to contend with. As a consequence, only residents of Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, Illinois, Maryland, Florida, Pennsylvania, Washington, and Colorado are allowed to purchase the Gio at the time of writing. Rickyisms is the term devised by the fans of Trailer Park Boys for Ricky's malapropisms and eggcorns (substitution speech errors.) Most of Ricky's speech errors are idiomatic in nature resulting in a phrase (or word) that are linguistically incorrect, but phonetically similar. These slips of the tongue are often the result of Ricky’s lack of education, and extensive use of drugs and alcohol, and situations where he may not be thinking clearly. Ricky’s speech errors are possibly some of the most entertaining aspects of his character, and arguably of the entire show. Compiled below are several tables listing the different kinds of speech errors found throughout the Trailer Park Boys movies and television series. These are a work in progress, and if you have any updated information, or find new errors that are not listed, please don’t hesitate to enter them in, or contact a moderator.

And, if you’re really looking to break up the smoke and have the supplies, whip up a quick “doob tube.” UCLA professor Donald Tashin, more or less the expert on marijuana and lung health, already assured me weed doesn’t give you lung cancer , but when I ask him about smoking the same joint over and over again, he did have some advice based on his research. “In 1991, my colleagues and I published a paper in which we found (not unexpectedly) that the amount of THC, tar and [carbon monoxide] delivered to the smoker’s lung from the proximal half of a marijuana cigarette (after the first half was smoked) was significantly greater than that which had been delivered from the distal half [or the half that starts out farthest from your body],” he tells me.

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