how to clean a silicone bong

How to Clean a Silicone Bong – The Easy Way

Okay, so you’re looking at your silicone bong and thinking: how will I clean this one without destroying the living daylights out of it? It’s natural for us to scratch our heads when faced with such a dilemma because we’re used to cleaning glass bongs. One of the major selling points of a silicone bong is that it’s relatively easy to maintain and clean. Here’s how to clean a silicone bong easily, so you don’t have to bear with a stinky, dirty bong on your next sesh.

Cleaning a silicone bong using soap and water

One of the best things that you’ll love about silicone bongs is their durability and flexibility. You can squeeze and poke them with almost any kind of brush you can think of, and you don’t have to worry about getting a chip or two off of the bong. When cleaning a silicone bong with this method, you will need:

  • A baby bottle brush
  • Your favorite liquid dishwasher soap
  • Running water

The best time to clean a bong using this method is almost immediately after use. The resin is still soft, and you only have to deal with a thin buildup. To start cleaning your silicone bong, here’s what you have to do:

  1. Take out the herb slide and put it aside on a secure, safe place. Preferably on top of a thick hand towel or cloth to keep it from rolling over.
  2. Dump out the used bong water in the sink and let hot water run through the bong for a couple of minutes. Shake the bong to help loosen up the resin.
  3. Take your liquid soap and pour a generous amount around the inside of the smoke chamber as well as the base.
  4. Push the bottle brush inside the silicone bong and scrub the bong firmly but not too hard. Make sure to reach inside the deepest part of the bong to clear out the resin.
  5. Don’t be afraid to twist and bend your silicone bong as you clean it to ensure that the brush reaches hard-to-reach areas.
  6. You can also clean the joint using the same brush. However, do this very carefully. You don’t want to cause a tear on the joint.
  7. If your bong comes with a silicone downstem, you can use pipe cleaners to scrub the inside thoroughly.
  8. Rinse off the soap and residue thoroughly with warm water.
  9. Lay upside down on a dish rack to dry. Make sure there are no other plates beneath the bong in case you weren’t able to get rid of the smell of the resin.

How to clean a silicone bong using your freezer

This method is perfect for those who are too tired at the end of a good session to clean their bong. The procedure is pretty simple.

  1. Set your fridge on the coldest setting for an hour before popping in the in bong.
  2. Take out the glass slide or downstem. Rinse the bong thoroughly with warm water to take out any ash and other residue.
  3. Shake out the water so that it’s wet but not holding in too much water that will solidify into a block of ice. What you need is a good film of water to coat around the inner walls of the bong.
  4. Freeze for 4-6 hours or overnight.
  5. Take out the bong and crunch it like there’s no tomorrow. Depending on the water content, you may need to exert a little bit of effort to take out the frozen residue.
  6. Keep crunching until you get all of the icicles out.
  7. Tap the silicone bong to empty the contents.

Some say are not getting any success with this kind of method. It’s probably either there’s not enough water inside the bong to create a good icy film. Or perhaps, the freezer was not cold enough to freeze the water quickly before it settles either on the sides or the bottom of the silicone bong.

Get an EYCE Silicone Bong that has a removable base for easier and faster cleaning.

Cleaning a silicone bong in dishwasher

If all else fails, and you have a tight schedule ahead, you can clean your silicone bong inside a dishwasher. To do this:

  1. Take out any fragile piece from your bong and set it aside. If you have a silicone downstem with a metal bowl, just detach it from the silicone bong, and set is beside the water pipe inside the dishwasher.
  2. Put water temperature on medium-high to high, depending on how old your dishwasher is.
  3. Let the dishwasher run a 2-5 minute cycle, depending on how dirty your bong is.
  4. Let the silicone bong and downstem cool down before taking it out of the dishwasher.

An important tip you have to consider: do this with caution. Both dishwasher and silicone manufacturers do not recommend this at all even if there are a number of smokers who actually do this. For one, the resin inside the bong will harm the walls and tubes of your dishwasher. Depending on how dirty your bong is, the residue is going to spread and stick inside the walls and pipes of your dishwasher. It’s like a plague of resin got the best of your dishwasher. Your plates are also going to end up smelling like resin as well. As for your bong, the heat of the water, as well as the rough cycling, can cause the silicone to warp or even fade too fast.

How about using regular iso + salt?

Iso and salt can do wonders to a glass bong. For a silicone bong, even it’s a medical-grade one, not so much. It can, and will clean your silicone bong, but it will also damage the coating as well as the material. The strong alcohol will eventually cause the silicone bong to fade and cause the coating to peel. If you want to use this method, you’ll need:

  • 90%-99% isopropyl alcohol
  • Coarse sea or kosher salt
  • A large Ziploc bag for your bong
  • Silicone bong caps, rubber stoppers, or paper towels to plug the joint and the mouthpiece.

Here’s what you need to do to clean your bong with iso and salt:

  1. Remove any breakable piece from the bong and place it in a separate Ziploc bag.
  2. Pour enough isopropyl alcohol to cover the parts. Add in salt.
  3. Shake for 5 minutes or until you get all the residue out.
  4. As for the bong, pour alcohol carefully inside the mouthpiece until half-way the base. Don’t let the alcohol drip outside the bong to protect the silicone coating.
  5. Add in a generous amount of salt, just enough to scrub inside the silicone bong.
  6. Use the caps, stoppers, or paper towel to plug the openings.
  7. Shake your bong for 5-15 minutes until you get all the gunk out.
  8. Since the silicone bong is opaque, you can test the cleanliness by pouring out the iso and salt solution in a non-reactive basin. Check for the murkiness of the solution then pour it back in. Once you see no change in the color, or you’re good to go.
  9. Pour out the iso and salt in the sink and rinse the bong thoroughly with warm water. Keep washing until you no longer smell even a hint of alcohol inside the bong.

Cleaning a silicone bong is not at all that complicated. Because of its durable and rugged design, you don’t have to treat it like a baby just to clean it. It does need regular cleaning compared to glass bongs, but the maintenance is well worth it. You’ll have a bong that will last you for ages, giving you hours and hours of smoking pleasure.

If you want a silicone bong that is easier to clean, get one that has detachable parts. One silicone bong we can recommend is the EYCE Silicone Bong that has a removable base that also acts as a storage compartment for your herbs. Another one is the Ooze Sax High-Grade Silicone Bong with a Quartz Bowl. You can take out the mouthpiece from the body, making it easier for you to check both water level and cleanliness. Big Daddy Smoke has you covered if you’re looking for Silicone Bongs for Sale.

We hope that this will give you the confidence to clean a silicone bong. If you have questions about silicone bong cleaning, please do share them with us in the comment section. Let’s help each other out on maintaining this lovely piece of smoking equipment.

We'll teach you how to clean a silicone bong so you will have a fresh, clean tasting session each time you take it out for a smoke.

Silicone Bongs: The Better Way to Smoke

A silicone bong that delivers a perfect hit every time and won’t shatter like glass? Made from medical-grade silicone, Hydroponique is built to preserve the flavor of your herb. Plus, you can take it anywhere. Wondering how to clean your bong? With Hydroponique it’s easy: Just throw it in the dishwasher and you’re good to go. Ice catcher included.

5 Reasons to Love This Silicone Bong

    1. Dishwasher-Safe : How do you clean a bong, silicone or otherwise? Hydroponique is effortless to clean: You can just pop it in the dishwasher for an effortless clean. It won’t get damaged.
    2. Durability : Hydroponique is really, really tough to break. Drop your silicone bong ( not the glass bowl, of course) and watch it bounce, not shatter. Stop worrying about your friends breaking your favorite piece with Hydroponique.
    3. USA-Made : That means zero mystery additives and honest working conditions.
    4. Peace sign ice-catcher included. We are all about putting ice in this bad boy. That’s why we decided to include a peace sign with literally every Hydroponique. Nice.
    5. Medical-Grade Silicone : We’re nerd out on quality, whether we’re talking about our favorite herb or the materials we use to make our silicone water pipes. Medical-grade healthcare VI silicone every damn time.


Silicone Bongs Are Way Better Than Plastic

Silicone is not plastic. More specifically, it’s a chain of silicon — a very common metalloid that is the world’s second-most abundant element in the Earth’s crust — and other elements like oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon. Okay, great. But why is a silicone bong better for you than plastic? So glad you asked. Here are a few things that set Hydroponique apart from cheap plastic bongs.

  1. Strength : Your silicone bong will last a really, really long time, unlike a low-grade plastic alternative. It also won’t break when you drop it.
  2. Health : It can withstand a tremendous amount of heat, meaning that it’s safe to use in the dishwasher and use in products that you light up (i.e. your bong). By contrast, plastic is not safe to heat because it may leech out chemicals that can lead to health complications, such as infertility according to Harvard Health Publishing.
  3. Sustainability : Ever heard of microplastics? That’s when a plastic bag, water bottle or other consumable made from plastic breaks into minuscule pieces that leech into our water and affect all species on the planet. Silicone resists sun and sea degradation, so it doesn’t do that — unlike plastic.

A silicone bong is better for your health, your wallet, and our planet. Plus, you don’t have to worry about breaking it or damaging it while cleaning thanks to its resilient design.

5 Reasons Why Bongs Rock

Otherwise known as a water pipe or bubbler, a bong is a tool used to smoke all kinds of herb. They can come in all shapes and sizes and be made from a variety of materials, including plastic, glass, ceramic and silicone. The goal of a water pipe is always the same: burn, filter, cool and smoke dry herb. Here are a few advantages of using a silicone bong compared to other smoking accessories:

  1. Cleanliness : Water pipes are known to deliver a smoother, cooler and easier hit. This is partially due to their size and the fact that they don’t require rolling papers. It also means that a silicone bong is less hot than a joint or one-hitter.
  2. Ease : People have been smoking from versions of the water pipe throughout human history. In other words, it’s easy to fill a silicone bong with water, pack a bowl of your favorite strain, light it, and remove the bowl from the stem. No rolling, no need to repack every other hit. Hydroponique is also dishwasher safe and easy to clean.
  3. Power : Anyone who has taken a hit from Hydroponique can attest that it delivers a powerful hit with lasting impact. Brace yourself and enjoy the ride.
  4. Temperature : It won’t overheat your herb, reducing its flavor and diminishing your overall experience. Any seasoned smoked knows that knowing how to use a bong means cooling it. Hydroponique even includes an ice catcher.
  5. Planet : Using plastic vape cartridges isn’t great for your health or the planet. The right bong will last you a lifetime.

How We Built the Best Silicone Bong

There are so many things to love about Hydroponique. Here are some of our favorite things about our unique water pipe

This Silicone Bong Is So Easy to Clean

Say goodbye to smelly bongs for good with Hydroponique. Simply remove the ice catcher and glass and put it in the dishwasher for an easy and safe clean. Don’t have a dishwasher? No worries. Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to clean a bong whether it’s made from silicone or glass.

Designed for Your Health (and Your Herb)

Hydroponique is made from 100% medical-grade silicone in the United States. We believe in keeping plastics, BPA, chemicals, and toxins as far away from you and your herb as possible. That’s why we only use premium silicone in our manufacturing processes.

This Silicone Bong Packs a Punch

Not only is Hydroponique crafted with your health in mind, but the materials we use are ultra-durable. Drop it, kick it, or jam it into a backpack without worrying. But use your common sense: the glass stem and bowl that come with your silicone bong are not unbreakable.

The Silicone Bong Has a Suctions Base

Take your hit care-free knowing that you Hydroponique bong automatically suctions to a flat surface. This doesn’t mean that you should try to tip it over, just that you can enjoy your herb without worrying about spilling it over). When you want to remove your Hydroponique, break the suction on one side of the base rather than lifting from the top.

Take a Hit from the Best Angle

Having your hair catch on fire is no-joke for long-haired smokers. That’s why our female engineer designed our Hydroponique silicone bong at the perfect angle to minimize the chances of singed strands. It also makes tipping your water pipe over that much more difficult.

This Silicone Bong Includes an Ice Catcher

Everyone should try an ice bong, a design that includes an ice catcher. It makes any smoke session that much more relaxing. That’s why we included our peace sign shaped ice catcher with every Hydroponique. Relax, enjoy and breathe deep.

We Make Everything in the U.S.A.

We wanted the world to have access to our premium silicone bong, so we went consumer-direct. No middle man means high-quality materials at a fraction of the cost. Not happy with your water pipe? We offer 100% satisfaction so please reach out to us with any questions regarding our products’ use and return.

How to Use This Silicone Bong (Hint: Just Like Glass)

Using Hydroponique is no different than a glass bong –except, of course, that it’s made from super squishy silicone. This means that how to use a silicone bong requires only a few easy steps, which makes it a great way to smoke outside, at a party, or anytime, really.

The 6 Parts of a Silicone Water Pipe

First things first: It’s important to know the different parts of a water pipe. Hydroponique can be divided into the six elements pictured here:

  1. Mouthpiece : Where you put your mouth to inhale.
  2. Chamber : Where the smoke builds and where you put your ice if you’re using the ice catcher.
  3. Ice catcher : Located inside the chamber. When you insert it, make sure that it lines up with the rim within the chamber. This is (in our opinion) the best place to leave your ice.
  4. Bowl : Where you pack your herb. We recommend a full bowl but don’t pack it down too tightly. This can lead to waste, and no one wants that. Note that the bowl is made from glass, not silicone. This means that you can break it.
  5. Downstem : This is the cylindrical tube that connects your bowl to the base of your silicone bong. Unless you’re doing a deep clean, This part of your piece should stay in the same place.
  6. Suction base : We created a suction base for that extra level of security, i.e. making it even harder to knock off a table. To pick your silicone bong up, break the seal by pulling one side of the suction base up slowly. Then pick the whole piece up.

How to Use This Bong in 9 Steps

Though Hydroponique is wicked cool and way more durable, it actually works a lot like a traditional water pipe. Here are a few simple steps to follow to get the best silicone bong experience possible. Here are a few easy steps to follow to get the best use out of your Hydroponique:

1. Fill It with Water.

Wondering how or where to fill water in a silicone bong? We recommend you completely cover the downstem (i.e. all of its holes are covered). It should, however, be so high as to come out through the bowl. Usually, this ends up being between 1/2″ and 1″ above the downstem’s end, though people may have different preferences.

Is more water better? Not necessarily. It actually can make pulling — the process of breathing from the top of the bong — more difficult. It should be easy to make the water bubble when you pull — and it shouldn’t be anywhere near your lips.

2. Add Ice (Not Required but High-ly Recommended)

Adding ice is not necessary, but it can take your silicone bong smoke session to the next level. To add ice, insert the peace sign ice catcher in the chamber and make sure it’s lined up with the ring in the chamber. Adding a cube of ice will give your bong a refreshing, cool hit.

3. Clean the Bowl

Repacking? Dump ash into a trash can and use a poker tool (or paperclip) to get any unwanted resin out of the bowl. You want your hit to be as fresh as the last, not all ashy. And the key to a smooth and potent hit is airflow.

4. Grind Up Your Favorite Strain

We recommend using a great weed grinder rather than your hands. This is the best way to preserve the herb’s terpenes, i.e. the elements that give your blend its flavor and potency. Grind it up evenly so its light and fluffy.

5. Loosely Pack Your Silicone Bong’s Bowl Until It’s Full

Padding down the herb so you can fit more in does not amplify your smoking experience. Don’t fill it up so much that you lose herb. And whether you’re using a silicone bong or a regular glass one, make sure that it’s loosely packed so that air can filter through it. If you overpack it, it will be harder to pull through, and therefore your hits will be less potent. You’ll also waste herb.

Place Your Bowl Back (if It Isn’t There Already)

Make sure that it’s fitted snugly and securely before lighting.

Light Your Silicone Bong’s Bowl While Inhaling

Hold your silicone water pipe in your non-dominant hand while you light the edge of the herb within the bowl. Do this while inhaling from the mouthpiece. Most people hold it by the neck, though this is a matter of preference. If you’re new to this, most veteran smokers recommend placing your water pipe on a flat surface. Hydroponique also offers extra security with its suction base.

Make sure that you’re placing your lips inside, rather than on the outside, of the mouthpiece. You want to keep it as clean as possible for the next user. Also, make sure that you’re only lighting part of the bowl, not the whole thing. This is common courtesy and ensures that you aren’t wasting your herb. Only at the end should you “torch” your silicone bong bowl: light the entire bowl while taking one final hit before repacking.

Remove the Bowl When the Flame Has Caught.

You don’t need to light it forever. Once the flame has caught, remove the bowl while you keep inhaling. Some people will breathe deeper to get a more substantial hit, but this is a matter of preference. If the flame is still going after your hit, pass it to a friend while you exhale.

How to Clean Your Silicone Bong

Knowing how to clean a bong is a crucial step for anyone who owns one. Not only does it ensure that you’re getting the strongest hit possible, but it’s a great way to preserve the flavor (and make sure you’re not using old, dirty water for filtration). But knowing how to clean a bong isn’t necessarily easy. In many cases, it’s hard or next-to-impossible.

Hydroponique was crafted to make cleaning your bong easy. In other words, it’s made from medical-grade silicone and features a glass bowl and stem, all of which are dishwasher safe. Here is how to clean a silicone bong as well as a general guide on how to clean a bong, no matter what it’s made form.

How to Clean a Bong in the Dishwasher: 7 Steps

Hydroponique is engineered from medical-grade silicone. Not only do our premium materials make it a smart choice for your health and your blend, but they’re also 100% dishwasher safe. To clean your silicone bong using your dishwasher, follow these simple steps:

  1. Remove the glass bowl.
  2. Empty your bong of all water over a sink or tub.
  3. Remove the peace sign ice catcher.
  4. Remove the downstem. This may take some effort, as it is fitted securely into your Hydroponique.
  5. Place your water pipe upset down in your dishwasher to ensure maximum cleaning.
  6. Run your dishwasher on a regular or gentle cycle.
  7. When the cycle is over, remove your Hydroponique and check that it’s clean. Have some resin buildup from extended use? Don’t sweat it: run it through the dishwasher again.

How to Clean a Bong using Alcohol

Let’s face it: Having a dishwasher is a luxury not all of us have. That doesn’t mean that you have to use a dirty water pipe or bring it to a friend’s house for cleaning. Here’s what you’ll need to clean your bong the old fashioned way:

What You’ll Need:

  1. Sea salt: The coarser the better
  2. Rubbing alcohol: Also known as isopropyl alcohol (contains approximately 70% or more denatured ethanol or isopropanol)
  3. A towel or rag
  4. Two bong plugs
  5. Two big plastic bags

Step 1: Start with Your Silicone Bong’s Glass

  1. Remove your glass bowl and downstem carefully. The downstem will be more challenging to remove as it is fastened securely within your water pipe.
  2. Place each of these in one of your plastic bags.
  3. Fill each plastic bag with salt and rubbing alcohol. Use approximately two tablespoons of salt and make sure that there is enough alcohol to completely cover each item.
  4. Gently shake each to ensure they get a good clean. Be careful that the plastic bag seal does not break and that you do not damage your glass.
  5. Once you are satisfied with the resin that has loosened from your glass, empty the plastic bags of alcohol and salt.
  6. Fill your plastic bags with warm water and shake gently.
  7. When you believe that your glass is clean of salt and alcohol, empty your plastic bags and leave your glass to dry.

Step 2: Use Rubbing Alcohol to Clean Your Bong

  1. Dump out any old water. We suggest emptying your water pipe every day to prevent murky buildup, but if you haven’t gotten rid of old water, now is a good time.
  2. Put salt into your bong. Make sure that there is enough to coat the base of it.
  3. Pour a minimum of a quarter of a cup of alcohol into your bong.
  4. Cover the top and the stem of your pipe with your plugs or something similar. Don’t have these? Headshops will have different sizes available and you can also find a water pipe plug online. No matter where you get them, make sure that it is completely sealed. You don’t want alcohol, salt and murky water spilling everywhere.
  5. Gently shake your pipe. The resin will start to loosen. When you are satisfied with the amount of resin that’s floating around and no longer coating the sides of your bong, remove the plugs, and empty the alcohol and salt into the sink.
  6. Rinse your water pipe in warm water and shake lightly. Repeat until all traces of alcohol and salt are gone.

Now that you know how to clean a bong with alcohol, repeat the process until all the resin is gone. Make sure that you rinse your water pipe thoroughly before use.

How to Deal with Strong Stains and Resin

Not sure that shaking your water pipe with some salt and alcohol will do the trick? If you’ve waited too long between washes, consider soaking your favorite smoking buddy in some warm water and dish soap to loosen tough-to-remove grit.

Step 1: Fill a Sink or Tub with Warm Water.

Make sure that there is enough to completely submerge your accessory.

Step 2: Add a Few Squirts of Dish Soap to Clean your Bong.

Don’t add too much, though. This could leave your water pipe with a soapy film that could affect the quality of your herb and smoking experience.

Step 3: Let Your Silicone Bong Soak for 1-2 Hours.

Mastering how to clean your bong sometimes means giving it time. For anyone trying to clean an especially dirty piece, we recommend letting it soak in soapy warm water for one to two hours.

Step 4: De-Grime Your Silicone Bong Glass Simultaneously.

While your pipe is in the sink, clean your downstem and bowl with alcohol and salt (as described above). Place them in two different plastic bags with enough rubbing alcohol to completely submerge both glass pieces. Then, add a tablespoon of coarse salt, seal the bags, and gently rinse the glass in the salty alcohol mixture.

Let it soak for several minutes. Do this for a few minutes before thoroughly rinsing with warm water so as not to affect your smoke session later on.

Cleaning Nooks and Crannies

Sure, you may get the big chunks out no problem, but how do you get the grime in the nooks and crannies of your favorite piece? We recommend using a pipe cleaner or a cotton swab to carefully clean hard to reach grime. For extra efficacy, add a little rubbing alcohol to get in those tough-to-reach areas.

Meet the Next Generation Silicone Bong

We believe in an age of legalization, of travel, and of premium products at accessible prices. It’s time to stop selling for breakable water pipes made from less-than-quality ingredients. Try Hydroponique: the American-made silicone bong that will deliver cool, smooth hits for years to come. Engineered for tomorrow’s smokers.

The best silicone bong is made from medical-grade materials in the USA. Here's how to clean a bong that's shatter proof, dishwasher safe, and includes an ice catcher. ]]>