how long do you heat a quartz banger

Heating Your Quartz Banger For Safe & Smooth Dabs

When it comes to dabbing temperatures, every stoner has a different preference for heating their oils, concentrate, and extracts. Some cannaseurs enjoy a cool dab while others love taking a red-hot quartz banger dab.

But if you’re the kind of smoker that loves taking a smooth dab after a long day at work, a quartz banger is your dab rigs best friend, especially if you dab at low-temperatures. Low-temp dabbing itself is very popular among stoners who want to preserve the most amount of flavor while providing cooler hits that are easier on your throat and lungs.

It’s seen as the “safer” alternative for stoners who want to avoid extra pollutants and damage to their lungs & throats during a session.

One thing is for sure, when it comes to dabbing red-hot or as cool as possible, a reliable dab torch is a must. Without one, you’ll be left with choosing less than safe options to heat up your banger. While there may be methods to heat your dab torch on your stove or with propane, using a torch is far easier and definitely the safest method to heat your dabs to the right temperature.

So, keep on reading stoners and cannaseurs, in this post we’ll go over everything you need to know to correctly heat up your quartz banger for those smooth hits you’ve come to love. Say goodbye to coughing fits and check out our torches below!

Dabbing Temperatures Overview

To correctly heat up your favorite weed concentrate material, your torch needs to get heated to about 350-400 degrees. Anything hotter can be too hot for some stoners and could lead to some less than pleasant times.

It can be a little tricky to heat your nail to the proper temperature but having a quartz banger makes it easier. If you’ve stayed up to date with our blog posts, you’ll remember how quartz heats up quickly and also retains heat very well. They’re also known as domeless quartz nails and make the perfect duo with carb caps.

Here are some quartz bangers to look through if you’re interested in low-temperature dabbing in 2020!

For reference here are some benefits of choosing and dabbing with a quartz banger.

1. Quartz bangers are durable and retain heat really well. They won’t break under high temperatures if you choose to dab with high temperatures.

2. Quartz bangers are the best option banger if you want to rip low temperature dabs. Their ability to retain heat makes it easier to add your concentrate at your own pace to preserve the most terpenes for better tasting hits.

You definitely can’t go wrong with a quartz banger

Milky rips require hotter temperatures and evenly distributed heat through the base and sides of the banger body. For big dab clouds heat up your banger for about a minute or until your quartz banger begins to glow red-hot.

Once it’s red, remove your torch and truly decide what kind of dab you’re going to go for. A reddy or a low-temp dab?

Whatever you decide, it’s best you wait a good 10-20 seconds before taking your cloudy dab to avoid destroying your throat on first rips. If you want something smoother and easier on the lungs then keep your quartz banger at around 350 degrees.

You’ll enjoy the sizzling sound from your concentrate being vaporized and the smooth hits that comes afterwards as you plunge away! But wait, what about torch options for your dab rig combo?

Dab Torches For Your Quartz Banger & Dab Rig Combo

If you want to dab safely, it’s probably best to just use a torch. Skip out on the alternatives and check out our torches buying guide to find the perfect torch for you!

You’ll remember the Newport Dab Torch from our post above, but we waited to feature this dab torch because it is a great beginner torch. It’s ergonomic grip makes it comfortable to hold and easy to use whenever you’re heating up your quartz banger.

You won’t burn your fingers because the flame is controlled and continuous for up to 130 minutes. This is because the Newport Dab torch is refillable with butane for a long and joyous heat session.

The Newport Dab Torch comes in all your favorite colors for all your styles, including pink, gray, black, blue and green. The child-proof safety lock will also stop any mishaps around the little ones for complete ease of mind.

Next on our list is reliable Blazer Big Shot.

This dab torch comes in red and in blue and produces a 2500-degree flame to heat up your quartz banger for you and your buddies during the smoke session.

The Blazer Big Shot features precision flame control with a high-grade brass nozzle that helps keep the flame steady when you’re heating up your quartz banger to your preferred temperatures.

Even if you hold this torch upside down, it won’t go out.

The Blazer Big Shot also has a big fuel capacity to burn long and full flames for up to 35 minutes of continuous fire show. Now that’s what I call a BIG SHOT!

Dab Heating Mishaps and Tips

Don’t give up if you’re having trouble find the sweet spot for heating up your quartz banger. It will take some time and trial and error to get it just right.

Here are some quick tips to look out for to help your safely heat your quartz banger for dabbing.

  1. Black scorched concentrate means that you need
    to chill out on the flame. Pull back a bit and hold your torch further away.
  2. Semi-milky clouds means you need to keep hitting
    your banger longer. Sometimes it takes a patient stoner to have the best hits!

That’s it for this time cannaseurs and dabbers alike! Check out our dab rigs for sale from Cannabox and stay tuned on our next batch of Cannabox posts!

Check out our post on the best heating practices for dabbing with your quartz banger. You’ll love the way your dabs hit smooth with just the right temperature!

How Long to Heat a Quartz Banger

How Long to Heat a Quartz Banger?

Heating your nail to the proper temperature is the trickiest part of dabbing. Too hot and your concentrate will burn. Too cold and your concentrate won’t vaporize at all. If you just picked up a new quartz banger nail, or haven’t been able to master heating your quartz banger, we’ve got some tips that anyone can follow for the perfect dab. Keep reading to learn how long to heat a quartz banger for milky rips.

How to Heat a Quartz Banger

This article assumes you aren’t using an e-nail. E-nails are electronic devices which automatically heat your nail to a desired temperature. If you’re using a butane torch instead, things get a little tricky.

Start by lighting your torch and evenly distributing the heat around the base and sides of your quartz banger. Be sure to move the torch regularly so you don’t get spots that are hotter than others. Don’t forget the bottom of the banger. Heat the quartz banger for about 30 seconds to a minute, or until the banger glows.

Once the quartz begins to glow, remove the torch. Now it’s time to wait. Depending on your prefer dab temperature, you’ll be waiting for anywhere from 15 seconds to a full minute. Quartz retains its heat very well, meaning it doesn’t cool off quickly.

For high temp dabs, or those between 500-600°F, wait just 15 seconds before dropping a dab. High-temp dabs result in huge plumes of smoke and a quick, powerful high. High-temp dabs are also harsher on the lungs and tend to taste a bit burnt.

To preserve the flavor of your dab and to enjoy a smoother rip, try low-temp dabs. Low-temp dabs occur between 350-450°F. Low-temp dabs are also easier on your nail, improving the longevity of the nail. Wait longer, around 30 seconds to a minute, for your quartz banger to cool to this temperature range.

Something Went Wrong

You followed the steps above, but something’s not right. Either your concentrate burnt, turned black, and tasted awful, or you were left with a wet puddle at the bottom of your banger. Those are signs that your banger was too hot or too cold. It’s time to adjust.

Heating a nail to perfection takes practice and a little trial and error. How long it takes to heat a quartz banger also depends on multiple factors. The thickness, size, and quality of your quartz banger will all affect how long it takes to reach the right temperature.

If your concentrate is burning, the nail is too hot. Add another 5-10 seconds of waiting time after the nail begins to glow. If your concentrate is melting into a puddle, your nail is too cold. Try subtracting 5-10 seconds from your waiting time after the nail is glowing. Keep adjusting the time between heating the nail and taking a dab until you get the desired results. Once you know how long to wait, you can depend on your quartz banger to deliver the same results over and over.

I Still Can’t Get it Right

Okay, so you’ve tried again and again to get your quartz banger to the right temperature but it’s just not working. You still have some options.

The first option is to pick up a thermometer gun to monitor the surface temperature of your nail in real time. These relatively inexpensive tools typically run under $20 and take all the guesswork out of heating your nail.

Your second option is to invest in an e-nail. While more expensive than butane torches up front, e-nails usually save you money and frustration in the long-run. Just be sure the coil is large enough to fit around the “bucket” of the banger.

Keep Practicing

Learning how long it takes to heat a quartz banger takes plenty of practice. Don’t get frustrated if you can’t get it right in the first few tries. Also remember to experiment with different temperatures to discover what the perfect temperature is for you.

How Long to Heat a Quartz Banger? Heating your nail to the proper temperature is the trickiest part of dabbing. Too hot and your concentrate will burn. Too cold and your concentrate won’t vaporize at all. If you just picked up a new quartz banger nail, or haven’t been able to master heating your quartz banger, we’ve go