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How to Hide the Smell of Weed from Neighbors (15 Simple Tricks)

Most cannabis users eventually learn how to hide the smell of weed from parents, teachers, or when they get older — from neighbors or coworkers (yikes).

The unique aroma of cannabis can be very persistent, obvious, and hard to get rid of, especially if it’s in your clothes, hair, or even your furniture.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to get rid of that marijuana smell during and after smoking, with a bonus tip on how to store cannabis without spreading the odor.

Prepare the Smoking Space

Preparing the room before smoking makes it easier to get rid of the smell afterward.

Here are some simple things you can do before lighting up a joint, which will make your life easier when the couch-lock kicks in and you get too lazy to air out your chamber.


If you are growing marijuana indoors, or if you simply often smoke behind closed doors and windows, it’s necessary to have a proper ventilation system installed. It’s important to have constant airflow in order to keep the space fresh and it’s much easier to get rid of the marijuana smell from a well-ventilated room.

Hotboxing is never an option!

Pro tip: check and change the filters of your air conditioning unit regularly.

Let the fresh air in

There is nothing better than enjoying your favorite herb in a fresh room and it’s actually much harder to get the smell of marijuana out afterward if the room is stuffy and dirty.

If you don’t live in a building with a lot of neighbors or in a state/country where weed is illegal, just throw the windows wide open and light up that blunt.

The “Towel Under the Door” trick

This is the old school trick we all tried back in our college days. Marijuana smell can spread rapidly through leaks around doors and windows.

If you don’t want the smoke to spread to other rooms, or just don’t want your neighbors to smell it, nudge a dry or damp towel or blanket directly under your door.

Make sure you press it firmly against the door to close off all the leaks.

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Smoking in the bathroom

This is not the best option if you have some company over, but if you’re alone, you can get high in the bathroom. You’ll need to turn on hot water, which will cause the bathroom fan to suck in steam along with the smell of weed.

But if you’re not a fan of hot saunas, you may as well skip this idea.

How to Reduce the Smell of Weed While Smoking

There are a couple of things you can do to cover up the weed smell or prevent it from spreading in the first place.


If we’ve learned something from “That ‘70s Show” circle scene it is that lighting incense sticks during smoking can mask the smell of weed.

This can be tricky since simply owning incense can make other people suspect your marijuana habit. But, unless weed is illegal where you live, or there’s some other valid reason for hiding the smell of weed, you should only be doing it out of consideration for others people’s well-being, not because of what they’ll think.

Hit up essential oils

Essential oils are a great way of camouflaging the cannabis odor. There is a wide range of scents on the market and with the increasing popularity of essential oils over the last few years, there are now many types of essential oil diffusers available.

Make a sploof

A sploof is a simple and easy-to-make filter that supposedly turns the smell of weed into the smell of freshly washed laundry.

Yes, you read that correctly.

If you are a DIY kind of person, you’re going to love this homemade device.

All you need is a toilet paper roll (or a plastic bottle), a paper towel, scented dryer sheets, and an elastic band.

Here is how to make a sploof in four steps:

  1. Take a toilet paper roll (or a plastic bottle, and cut the top off with scissors or a knife).
  2. Fill the toilet roll tube with three or four scented dryer sheets.
  3. Take another dryer sheet or a paper towel and fold over one end of the toilet roll.
  4. Secure it with a rubber band or some tape.

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And that’s it, you’re good to go.

Do not inhale through the sploof because the fabric dryer sheets contain chemicals that can be unpleasant to breathe in.

When you smoke pot, exhale the smoke into your DIY device and it will smell like you just washed your clothes.

Smoke in a bottle

If you don’t want the smoke to spread through your room, and if you are feeling very, very lazy, exhale the smoke into a big plastic bottle and then simply screw on the cap.

How to Get Rid of Weed Smell After Smoking

Besides opening the windows and turning on the fan, there are a few more tips and tricks to get rid of marijuana odor fast.

Cook an aromatic meal

If you have to get rid of the smell very quickly, cooking a nice meal in your home is actually not a bad idea.

Choose a recipe with fragrant herbs and spices and be sure to add some garlic or onions into the pan. Those aromatic ingredients will mask the smell of weed almost instantly.

Safety tip: It’s fun to cook while high, but please be extra cautious, and double-check to make sure you turned the stove off when you’re done.


Vinegar can do wonders when it comes to cleaning your house, but also it’s very useful for eliminating odors. The smell of vinegar is not as pleasant as you might expect, but it wears off after an hour or so, taking the marijuana smell with it. Plus, it’s cheap, available in your local store, and you can use it afterward for cooking and cleaning.

To use, boil a cup of vinegar in a saucepan on your stove until the smell spreads throughout the room and masks the weed odor.

Fragrant furniture

The smell of cannabis can be very persistent, especially if you smoke often in one particular room. Fortunately, there are a few ways to get rid of the weed smell from carpets and fabrics.

Baking soda can do wonders when it comes to absorbing smells, plus it’s not harmful. You can simply add a few inches of baking soda into a shallow, wide box or dish and leave it in the room for a few days. It will take some time to absorb any odors, so it’s not a bad idea to just keep a dish in the room before, during, and after smoking.

Activated charcoal has been used for years as a smell neutralizer, especially in industries using gases and liquids. It binds to the odor molecules and attaches them to the surface. You can buy room deodorizer bags that contain activated charcoal or you can buy activated charcoal powder and use it in much the same way as baking soda.

The faster way to get the smell out of your furniture is by spraying odor removers or neutralizers onto it. Don’t forget to read the instructions first, since some of these products are not suitable for all types of fabrics or materials.

Clean yourself up

It’s good practice to at least wash your face and hands after smoking, but it’s best if you can take a shower and wash your hair as well because the hair will probably absorb most of the weed smell.

If you don’t have time for a shower, use odor-neutralizing sprays and at least change your wardrobe. And make sure you wash the clothes you wore while smoking as soon as possible.

Also, we recommend brushing your teeth or chewing gum.

Get some sun

If you’ve smoked on a sunny day, you can use UV rays to clean up. Sunlight neutralizes odors, so a relaxing walk in the sun for 30-45 minutes might do the trick.

Other Consumption Methods Instead of Smoking

To make sure you really use weed in stealth mode, your best bet is to use vape pens, bongs, or pipes. Depending on the actual accessory, they can significantly soften the smell of cannabis.

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Edibles are also an option, but not if you’re home-cooking. In that case, you’ll again need some odor-masking tricks (strong spices, covering the pot, etc.).

How to Hide the Smell of Your Stash?

Dried cannabis flowers have a very intense smell. Most of us like it, but some people can’t really stand it.

Whether you are hiding your stash from someone or just don’t want your room to smell like fresh weed, it’s handy to keep these tricks in mind.

Also, you can try combining some of them. Experiment to see which trick works best for your stash.

Plastic bags

Storing your stash in plastic zipper bags or vacuum bags will minimize the smell and will also keep your pot fresh a little bit longer. Freezer bags tend to be thicker and stronger than other types of bags.

Glass or ceramic containers and Mason Jars

Depending on the material itself, cannabis can leave a strong odor on the container you keep it in. That’s why a ceramic or a glass jar with a good rubber seal is a must-have for every pot smoker.

Bonus Tip (Triple Protection Strategy)

Although I live alone and I have pretty cool neighbors, I don’t like my apartment smelling of weed. You never know who might show up unannounced. So to avoid awkward situations, I tend to follow almost all of the rules I lined out above, plus a little trick of my own.

My secret is that I use “triple protection”. It’s not stupid if it works.

This is how I store my stash:

First, I put the weed in a little plastic bag and then wrap that in an aluminum foil. Next, I put it all in an odor-resistant bag, and then I put the whole bundle in a glass jar.

Try this method and you’ll see that there is no way the smell is getting out.

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Helena Miles

61 thoughts on “How to Hide the Smell of Weed from Neighbors (15 Simple Tricks)”

Mentos perfectly removes the smell from the mouth. To get rid of a cannabis smell in my place I use room spray. And yes, for those geniuses who think that you blow out weed smell with a fan: a) the smell can be absorbed into some surfaces in the room so fan become useless; b) it blows away on your neighbors.
For transportation I use a vacuum container.

Thanks for sharing! Forgot about the Mentos, though, that’s a good one as well 🙂

I live in an apartment and my neighbors smoke regularly, opening their patio doors to air their place out. The smoke gets sucked straight into my air conditioning unit triggering headaches, burning noise and throat and asthma attacks bad enough for an emergency inhaler. Seems to get worse each time.

I don’t care if people use, but for God’s sake stop killing the rest of us!

I’m in the SAME BOAT DEAR. Where are OUR rights?

Move to a damn house then or ask your leasing office to put you in a different unit. People can’t even relax in peace smh.

Wow, you’re a see you next tuesday kinda gal

any advice on the type of model of air purifier to buy?

That’s certainly an exaggeration… you’re not getting asthma attacks from your neighbor smoking weed in their home. I’m sorry about your heatlh but don’t blame it on the weed ! @@DAWN

Right? I have asthma and smoke doesn’t cause asthma attacks. I take very small hits. So diluted smoke between apartments most certainly won’t. It’s just an annoyance to the person is all.

Perhaps they have health issues and the medication(s) can have ad adverse effects when combined with alcohol and or smoke coming from ingesting fumes from weed. Moving is not a solution or for some even viable. Being considerate maybe easier for all involved. Some areas have no smoking ordinance get involved with legislation and for those that smoke or don’t smoke you both have rights.

I’m just saying I have asthma and I smoke 3-5 times a day only need my rescue inhaler when I get one of those good coughs and it enhances my high 😂🤣💨 so I don’t know what your talking about the small of weed is not gonna trigger an asthma attack little bit overdramatic

Yep! Exactly! Selfish idiots next door constantly smoking weed in our non-smoking apartment! Why go to all this trouble? If you’re not supposed to smoke in your apt than don’t! Get a house! Stop being assholes!

Why are you here? On this thread. Lying! 😂

🙂 Great article, Helena!

I particularly enjoyed the reference to the old “towel under the door” tactic. It still works, especially if it’s slightly dampened first.

My 20 yr. old grandson will receive a link to this story; young people need to know these things!

Again, great work…I’m following you now on Twitter.

Thank you for your lovely comment. Hope you’re grandson will find this article useful, too. 🙂

does an air purifier works to get ride the smell of weed?
good article

Thanks for your kind words. To be honest, I haven’t used the air purifier to hide the smell of weed. But, what I have found out is – it all depends on the quality of the purifier and the size of the room. Just make sure to get the right one for your home and to change the filters regularly. Hope this will help you.

Why are you even writing this article? If you’re hiding the smell from your neighbor, obviously you’re breaking the law or the bylaws of a building. Why not just write an article about how to rob someone at gunpoint? Not everyone is into weed and the toxins that go with it? How freaking self-centered can you be?

Is what your saying not also selfish? This goes both ways….. It truly is silly that people will find anything to complain about. What about those nasty cigarettes that stain the walls, clothing, teeth, and air? I received complaints all the time about how the building has been complaining of pot smells…. what about the nasty ass tobacco smells? its discrimination no matter how you look at it and your all being selfish! EVERYONE!

Many thanks for sharing such a great tips for hide the smell of weed. I’m sure people would find best info from this blog.

How about preventing the smell to spread to your neighbours in a condominium? Using room sprays or any deodorants you just pollute the condominium complex. I can sit in my condo living room and be smelling a little bit of weed, some candy like vape smell, then glade and fabrese. Some of these scents causes me to sneeze and have a sore throat. Is there a more environmentally friendly way to smoke weed and not bothering other people? Especially young children around you. May be smoke outside and meditate indoor for relaxation.

I have tried everything! Trying to get rid of pot smell in my hallway of my apt..the smell comes in my apt.ive tried talking to management but that was a waste of time..

best thing to do is vape flowers. i use an arizer extreme q and an arizer solo 2. i keep my stash in glass containers (leak proof) with 62% boveda packs to keep my herb fresh. the smell is very faint as opposed to smoke, you can use the heater on an extreme q and diffuse essential oil. keep the vaped buds in another mason jar and when you have a couple ounces, flush with water a few times, then make oil or butter. you dont have to decarb because the vaped bud is already decarbed! you will barely smell anything from vaping the flower, and you get the added benefit of not smoking. i do it through water pipes for even smoother hits.

How do I keep the smell out of my apartment? I’ve spoke to management and of course the neighbors lied and said they don’t smoke weed, but I smell it daily inmy apartment and I have a young child. Any and all suggestions would help. I also triggers my migraine headaches.

Move to a house or ask for a different unit. People should be able to do whatever they please in the place they pay rent for. I’d rather smell weed than cigarettes.

I can relate because I get headaches from the second hand smoke as well. If it is entering via the entrance door try a good weather seal around perimeter the door where it mates with the top and sides of the door frame. Use a door seal at the bottom of the door.

I smoke outside, but I have a feeling a certain neighbor (a cop) who lives on the next street over has his nose poking around where I dont want it. What candles work best to help mask the smell?

Be safe And careful . Hopefully they’ll
Legalize it soon

Wrap your stash in an oven bag. Smell free.

Where are you that it is not legal? Just curious

I usually place a fan facing outwards towards an open window. This will forcefully push the smoke out. Make sure you are near the fan so that you have a better chance of smoke not escaping. Usually my apartment still has a light smell of Mary Jane which I can easily eliminate with smoke odor candles purchased at smoke shop. These steps work great with hiding the smell from neighbors.

For storing, put your flower in a regular plastic baggie, roll it up amd then put that bag in a vacuum seal bag and seal it with vaccuum sealer. This is THE single best method for keeping flower from stinking. Also, keep your water pipes amd other accessories clean.

I hate the smell of weed and it comes from nearby. Can I do anything other than abandoning my entire garden all summer?

I boil water and cinnamon on low on the stove it smells amazing just make sure you don’t forget it on the stove

Cool tip, Monique! Thanks 🙂

Or you could just stop smoking it if you live closely enough to affect your neighbors. Nobody wants to live next to the asshole who doesn’t care about how their behavior affects others.

I think the asshole in this is you and the others that think just like you. We’re living in a country thats finally appreciating the love for weed but we still have those nosey cry babies that love to make it difficult for the rest of us.

It’s not being nosey. The thing with weed is that the smell travels and if you don’t indulge, it’s offensive to some and unhealthy for others. It’s your choice to smoke, it’s mine not to. Unfortunately, if we live in a condo I still get the smell. If the smoker doesn’t take precautions, there’s nothing I can do to stop it from getting into my home.

I totally agree and feel the same way that it’s super annoying, i used to have a neighbor who smoked right by my kids bedroom over 10 times a day. I smoke outside because I hate the smell on walls and furniture, clothing, the yellowing of everything. But now my neighbor says it all goes into their apartment ( which I feel is a bit exaggerated but who am I to judge since I smoke) I feel super bad, I really want to find solutions to please everyone. Not every smoker doesn’t care if in bothers you. Trying to find solutions and this article was very interesting.

Right. It’s a lot of them out here!! Would you rather smell flower or cigarettes.. if I rent somewhere I should be able to do whatever I want in the place I pay for!

I bought my first house a couple of yrs ago, a semi-detached and my luck I live next door to two of the biggest, most useless human beings on the planet, who wake up smoking pot and go to bed smoking pot. They don’t give a shit about their two small kids, so why expect they will care about how my house reeks of their shit. Smoke all you want as long as it doesn’t affect others. Not happening with current laws. I want to move, but buying a detached home in southern Ontario requires more than I can spend on my own. Don’t my rights end where someone else’s begin? how is that not the case for marihuana smokers?

Perhaps talking to them about it instead of having a weird moral stance against marijuana would be your best bet

You were nicer than i was going to be. I wish they could hear how stupid they really sound like if they’re better.

I notice you do not leave any helpful comments for those of us suffering from inconsiderate stoner neighbors who do not care if they are preventing us from enjoying our apartments. My apartment routinely smells like a bevy of skunks lifted their tails and ran. I have neighbors to the left, top, bottom, and right. Management doesn’t care.
Marijuana use is still illegal in NYS and by federal law. It gives me a headache and it makes me feel irritable and upset. Why can you not leave helpful hints for us.
I was against stop and frisk. Now I see the unintended consequences since it was stopped.

Hi Sophie, thank you for your comment and I apologize for not being considerate enough. This particular article was focused on how not to bother others with the smell of weed from the consumers perspective. Let me do some research to see how you can protect yourself from the smell.

Lol okay Karen. Don’t worry about medical users and disabled/ chronically I’ll people who use it for managing symptoms.

My sentiments exactly I smoke due to medical reasons and I know not everyone tolerates the smell of cannabis so I’m always looking for ways to try and minimize the odor of the smoke.

I do the old school trick of turning the shower on, humidify the bathroom first. It helps to keep the smoke out I find.

Helena, if you come up with ANY more tips to help us non smoking neighbors PLEASE leave them. I CAN’T afford to move. I am NOT against the rights for them just trying to protect my health at 65.
Bless you.

I love you whoever you are!!

I acually peel an orange, clementine, lime or lemon and use the skin in the container/baggie I store my stash in. Smells great while eliminating odor!

Yes please, I am not a smoker and do live by others under me that do. Unfortunately they do it right under my kids window and the smell gets in even with the windows closed. Anything would help thank you

When I was younger and living with the parent, I would tape a garbage (I would use a scented one these days) bag to the end of the cardboard tube from a roll of paper towel or toilet paper, sequester myself in my walk in closet and then blow the smoke into the contraption. This allows you to capture more exhalations than a bottle or something. Then when done I would take it outside and squeeze the exhaled smoke into the wind. (away from other windows and vents.

I also used a cap or placed a coin on top of the bowl after my hit to keep the ember from staying lit between hits. I’m not sure how well it works bc I’m nose deaf to the smell, but I never got called out on it.

I used to think the bathroom vent would disperse the smell, but the outlet of the vents in apartments are often directly below your neighbors window and some share the same ducts, so be mindful of that. it can go straight from your bathroom to theirs.

I have had anxiety and depression since I was very young, preteen. I got diagnosed with severe endometriosis at the age of 20, and I have damage on my spine from the epidural they inserted when I gave birth to my son at 22. I have run the gamut of non-addictive medications to manage my various conditions, none of which work. I also am apparently unable to properly metabolize edibles, they do not work for me unless I eat a special diet for several days preceding consumption and I take multiple antacids and even then its anywhere from 1/2 as strong to as little as 1/4 as strong as it should be. I cannot afford to drop 300+$ on an herb vaporizer. I began smoking marijuana at 18 and it has been a literal blessing, a godsend in many forms. For all of you complaining about the smell of marijuana I understand but also…this is some peoples medications. Does your “right” to not smell a smell override my right to a medication? Should I cease taking my medication and become suicidal and non-functional because of the pain I endure on a daily basis? Would you complain to your landlord if your neighbor had a health condition that required them to use a medication or device that was loud or unsightly? Probably not. I can’t imagine going to my friends and complaining about how my neighbor is in such poor health that I can’t enjoy myself because their medication irritates me. In any case, you could use all of the scented products outlined above to rid your own home of the significantly lessened smell of secondhand pot lightly drifting through the air, or you could speak to your neighbor like an adult. Let them know you get migraines, or have asthma, or have children. Ask them if they are doing anything to prevent the smell of their smoke escaping their apartment. If they are using medicinally and have some empathy, they will most likely work with you to prevent as much as they can. Maybe if you’re passive aggressive and you can’t handle confrontation then you could print o UK t this article and slip it in their mailbox or underneath their door. Sometimes people are unaware of how their medical use is affecting others. Have some compassion for your neighbors, be an adult and communicate. Work together to stop the problem. If they aren’t willing to do that then the only thing you can do is report it to the landlord and wait. Also there us a product called “cannabolish” that include non-consuming neighbors in their marketing, maybe look into that. But remember that the neighbor you feel is being inconsiderate may only be trying to medicate themselves and are unaware that they are even bothering anyone. They don’t live with you, they can’t read minds. They don’t know what is bothering you until you talk to them.

Any tips for those of us who are not smokers, but have no choice in the matter with the stench coming from the next door neighbors who are very heavy smokers, and smoke outside all the time?

If you smoke, stop judging others who do not. Your habit shouldn’t be our burden and if you have to use it for medical purposes please work with your provider to get proper air cleaners. It’s that simple. For the pot smoker who claims she has asthma and it doesn’t bother her so she thinks it shouldn’t trigger asthma for anyone else, you are not informed. Asthma – like allergies and other medical conditions – can have any multitude of triggers. Your experience is not – not will it ever be – the same as everyone else’s. If your pot smoke is making your neighbors sick – LISTEN to them, have some compassion, and do something to help. They aren’t complaining because they don’t like you – they are suffering! If it weren’t for the fumes that are toxic to them they would have NO idea what you’re doing and could care less! It isn’t just the smell that’s “inconvenient”- like cigarette smoke, it is toxic for those of us who are allergic or sensitive to it! And – for those of you who are paranoid – sometimes your neighbors have no clue who exactly is smoking, they just know someone is and it’s either annoying as frick or actually making them sick.

The pot in my building is so bad (and FYI this is the second time I have moved – sacrificing MY finances to try to find a clean, safe place to live only to run right back into the same problem again) wakes me up and my daughter – who has asthma, btw.- up out of our sleep! We’ve tried air cleaners, stopped being able to open the windows at night to enjoy fresh air, so we run the a/c constantly, spend extra money and time changing air filters and STILL can’t escape the headaches and burning eyes from the neighbor’s pot. Believe me – I’m trying to move again, but i take a financial hit every time and can’t afford a house. I’m writing this in the middle of the night because my neighbor smokes usually between 11:30 pm and 4:30 in the morning which means we get NO SLEEP when they are using. It’s unfair and effed up. I would never treat other people the way pot smokers treat the rest of us!! If it gives you relief from a medical condition god bless you and I hope it helps, but just like I wouldn’t expect you to take my chemotherapy, I shouldn’t have to be subjected to the side effects of your drugs either. We can and should find solutions that help all of us. And please – if you have kids or pets – get help to get over your habit, addiction, whatever you want to call it. Please! They are helpless and don’t deserve the torture of being trapped in your smoke.

Still one of the biggest barriers to adoption of the mainstream audience for “Weed” is the smell. The smell is easily identifiable and still has that stigma. You can have your freedom and anonymity back with the WeDANK 5000 Air Purifier specifically designed to remove weed smell.

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