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Honeycomb Clear : Black Market Brand

Today on the “Spot that cart brand” show, we have Honeycomb Clear. If a cart brand is showing up on Dab Connection and we don’t have rating scores on it, you can guess the rest of the story already… We find no original source taking credit for Honeycomb Clear, but many suspicious distributors.

Immediate red flag: No website, no license, no corporate presence

We find no website, no license, no lab testing, no permit, no company, no human being on Earth who takes credit for the Honeycomb Clear vape cart brand. There’s the usual private Instagram channels and the hundred copycats all claiming to speak for the “real” brand, exactly like we see for every black market brand ever.

Of course, the present blog post is nearly guaranteed to bring an alleged brand owner catapulting out of the ether to chew us out in the comments for calling their brand fake. If you do so, please advise yourself of the wisdom in the forum notice: “if we get your brand mistaken for fake, IT’S YOUR OWN DAMN FAULT!

We’re not listening to any claims of legitimacy without a license #, state, and address. Feel free to entertain us anyway.

Honeycomb Clear comes in a tube and is found in NYC

One thing we can say about the packaging for Honeycomb Clear, it appears to have stayed relatively consistent over time.

The packaging looks identical to the style of Lion’s Breath, so much so that it might be from the same source. They are reported quite frequently from NYC. We see them pop up all over the US in scattered reports, like this WeedMaps listing for a delivery service in Culver City, California. But for the most part they seem to be a New York City brand, just like Lion’s Breath.

Honeycomb Clear is labeled with a variety of strain names, including:

  • Candyland
  • Atomic Haze
  • Fruity Pebbles
  • Gelato
  • Bubblegum Kush
  • Monster Cookies
  • King Louie XIII
  • Strawberry Cough
  • Legend OG
  • K-Train
  • Orange Kush
  • Sunset Sherbert
  • Sour Diesel
  • Pineapple Express

A theory about cart tube packaging

The thing with tube brands is, we rarely find empty packaging being sold for them online. With other black market, fake, and counterfeit brands, all we have to do is check by our list of the usual vape cart packaging sellers and there they are. With brands that come in a tube, we never find them.

HOWEVER: The tubes themselves are everywhere. Here’s just one example.

Another retailer even offers custom vape packages to print on demand, like an Amazon Kindle book.

If you can get together any bulk order of carts and glass tubes, you can then print out any square label and glue it on yourself. There’s also custom print shops that will run off a batch of any label you want, specifically selling to “e-liquids, vapes.” This might explain why bare tube packaging seems to be missing from the usual packaging wholesalers.

We do see the beehive logo on the mouthpiece too, but that could be custom-etched as well. Hey, whiel you’re there, your shatter or flower could be fake too.

What we’re saying here is, you don’t have to buy your fake brand vape packaging ready-made. You can get it piece by piece to your custom order assembled on the fly. You can start a vape company in Donald Trump’s name if you want to – oops, forgot, somebody did that already

Honeycomb Clear has a history going two years back!

Impressive for what is, at best, a street brand, we find Honeycomb Clear mentions going back to 2018. We know from this handy review from March 23, 2018, which mentions Honeycomb Clear at the bottom of a list. The reviewer apparently got lucky on the oil that time, but we’ll soon hear from the not-so-lucky.

Meanwhile, most recent mention we can find of Honeycomb Clear is 20 days ago as of this writing. Still tickin’.

You can find retailers online vending Honeycomb Clear everywhere, including all the sketchy third-party rip-off sites with laughably low prices. And LeafedOut, because there’s always one LeafedOut example.

Some complaints about Honeycomb Clear

One complaint is that the carts are sold as “live resin” but poster is suspicious of the contents.

One user two months ago used Honeycomb Clear and now has throat symptoms.

This user reports sketchy package printing that flakes off into glitter. What did we say about cheap online print jobs back there?

Honeycomb Clear user reports leaky pods. Be careful with hot oil at hundreds of degrees; it can blow up in your face!

Honeycomb Clear : A mystery brand at best, fake at worst

At our most generous, we could say that Honeycomb Clear appears to be a street brand with some consistency, perhaps meaning that the packaging is controlled through one channel at least. Readers, let’s hear about Honeycomb Clear and any clues you have as to who to talk to about this brand – because the answer to that question is anything but clear! Our forum awaits.

Honeycomb Clear is a longstanding street brand with unclear origins. With no website, registration, or licensing, you have no idea what's in the carts.