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High Hemp Organic CBD Blunt Wraps – Are they any Good?

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Hello Good People and welcome to a new blog, this time on CBD smoking blunt wraps which are a new addition to the UK market. Remember folks to only buy rolling papers and blunt wraps from official stockists and trust-able re sellers like the ones on our trusted sellers list otherwise you may get your fingers burnt and your card details stolen. So now you know where to buy CBD blunt wraps but what are they and are they any good? well we where given some to try and the answer is yes they smoke well but what else are they about. They claim to be the worlds first Organic Hemp based CBD wrap and this is pretty cool if true and the blunts are not made with any additives and funnily enough for a blunt its made with absolutely no nicotine and no tobacco making it a smoother cleaner smoke to wrap your favourite legal smoking herbs in. The materials used are imported directly from Holland/ Netherlands and unlike the majority of blunt wraps available on the market it has no toxic chemicals of fake flavourings that nay make the blunt taste mildly good but are not good for you or your lungs. The great thing about these CBD blunt wraps apart from the fact they are non tobacco based is that they come in a super handy resealable packet so you can indulge when you feel like it but still keep the other one fresh and ready to smoke, this is a big plus when it comes to blunts as often a cheap pack will not have the airtight seal and once opened you have a ticking time bomb of flavour freshness.

The taste you get from using the High Hemp CBD blunt wraps is what you would expect especially if you have tried CBD oil before and comes through in earthy green notes making it a very natural herbal blunt experience worthy of smoking connoisseurs the world over. Each packet of the wraps is a double and you get two high hemp wraps per packet making it a great gift or an even better treat to yourself. If you have been using blunt wraps for a while and are tired of the same old generic flavours then we really recommend these wraps as a great natural alternative to boring old bad tobacco. The only criticism found is that the product does not say how much CBD is in each wrap or if the cbd is derived from organic hemp then a eco cert certificate would be a great addition and we are sure it will be added soon but until then any claim of the products authenticity regarding CBD is a bit of an unknown. As with all products on the CBD market, there are lots of dodgy people about so certification should always be load and proud when making any product that incorporates CBD. What we thought was excellent though was that the manufacturers dont make specific health claims and this is a big plus. Of course dont just take our word for it get out there and try CBD and these high hemp blunts but remember there are few really dodgy UK resellers out there, check their social media, check the reviews or buy from one of the trusted sellers on the link further up the page.

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CBD Blunt Wraps by new blunt manufacturer of note – High Hemp. Have a read then buy them but only from a trusted seller which can be found on our blog. Enjoy