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Information on Hemp Rolling Papers

Rolling papers have been around for centuries. It is certain that, even before rolling papers began to be mass-produced in the 18th century, the concept was still there: people have used spare bits of paper to create cigarettes for ages. Ever since production the production of rolling papers began, though, innovation has occurred steadily. One of the first manufacturers of the paper, the RizLa+ company, originally made their papers out of tissue based on wood pulp. Later they changed their formula to use rice paper rather than wood-based paper. Other companies user various combinations of wood pulp, rice, hemp, and flax.

These days, many people are very concerned about the materials they put into their bodies, and there is a preference for all-natural products – like hemp rolling papers. As a result, among those who roll their own cigarettes, there is a rising preference for all-natural rolling papers. It is certainly true that some rolling papers contain additives, particularly those with artificial flavorings. Although there is no widely-available and conclusive evidence on the negative health effects of rolling papers containing such additives, many people prefer all-hemp rolling papers for this reason.

Hemp is a soft and durable fiber, and is used for various purposes, including paper and textiles. Products made from hemp are likely to have less of a negative environmental impact than some other products, since the growing of hemp requires few pesticides and no herbicides.

Some smokers particularly those who consider themselves connoisseurs of tobacco, prefer hemp rolling papers for reasons besides its natural composition and the lack of negative ecological effects. Many people find that rolling papers in general interfere with their smoking experience by contributing their own flavors to the what is being smoked. With hemp this is less of a concern, since hemp is usually experienced either as tasteless or as having a pleasant, “organic” flavor. On the other hand, some people find that, while hemp’s flavor is not intrusive, it can lessen the flavor of what is being smoked.

Hemp papers are also a good choice for those just beginning to learn to roll cigarettes. One of our most popular pure hemp papers are raw rolling papers. While rice paper is another popular choice for rolling paper material, it tends to be thin and difficult to grip. Thin rolling paper does allow for longer burning, but it also makes for trickier rolling. In general, hemp rolling paper is a matter of preference, and it is suitable for beginners and experts alike.

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