helix vortex pipe sale

Helix vortex pipe sale

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  • Tornado Storm – GRAV® Helix™ Classic Glass Hand Pipe



Come see your smoke spin like a tornado! Seeing this helix hand pipe in action is like being treated to watching superhero ‘Storm’ play around with her weather manipulating powers live. The side view of this pipe has an interesting appearance. The two small projections look like the antenna of an Android or alien species sent from the future to ensure you get constant supply of mind-boggling hits. The helix air chamber of the Tornado Storm utilizes the wonders of physics to aerate and cool your smoke. The chamber, which is shaped like a funnel or bulb, has small slits that are in the same direction. The holes alter the direction of incoming smoke in different ways, creating the twirling tornado smoke shape that helix pipes are famous for. The swirling movement dramatically increases the surface area of smoke that comes in contact with cooler air in the chamber, thus cooling the smoke. The overall result is efficient cooling and aeration of smoke, producing hits as smooth as silk.

Smooth hits are particularly necessary for those that have sensitive lungs. And if you want massive hits, then feel free to go for it, as cooler and smoother hits mean you can take in as much hits as possible. The Tornado Storm also preserves your stash and prevents excessive burn down of your herbs. Also, the flavor of your herbs is preserved. This pipe has two knob-like legs that allows it to sit comfortably in your hands as you take in massive twirling hits. The Tornado Storm is a perfect blend of art, science and functionality. And such a valuable piece deserves to be added to your collection. Need we mention this pipe is designed by Grav Labs. If you’ve ever used any of Grav products, then you’d know they produce top-notch pieces that exceed your expectations and perform flawlessly.

The classic Helix™ Hand Pipe is 5" long and made on 32mm tubing. The familiar spoon head is fused to a Venturi chamber mouthpiece, featuring three air intake holes that cool and spin smoke. Two feet stabilize the piece between uses. The Helix™ design both ]]>