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Dabbing 101: What Are Dabs and How To Smoke Them

Smoking dabs is a growing trend. Dab wax is super concentrated from marijuana buds and usually offers a higher percentage of THC, as opposed to just smoking the bud itself.

Dabs are used in treating medical complications that other forms of cannabis–such as edible, bud, or vape–cannot. Whether you are looking to treat chronic pain or just relax, this guide will advise you on several different ways to smoke dabs.

Oil Rig

An oil rig looks like a bong but it has a vertical chamber, mouthpiece, and a nail made of titanium or glass. The concentrates are placed in the nail, which is located where a bowl would be on a regular water pipe.

Smoking your dab in an oil rig is simple. You fill the chamber so that the stem is submerged in water, and then you prepare your concentrates. Next, you will light the nail with a lighter or Email. Eventually, it will get very hot, and you will use your dabber to place the concentrates. Finally, take a hit.

Vaping Dabs

To smoke a dab from a vaporizer, you will need to purchase a pen. The process of smoking your dab in a vape is simple.

First, remove the atomizer from the battery. Add a small dab onto the coil of it. Next, turn on the battery, and then place the atomizer back. Connect the mouthpiece, and then use it to inhale. Try to take the smoke in slowly to allow the heat to flow. Vapes are a wonderful alternative to other devices that may cause greater health risks when doing a dab. Those who are sensitive or allergic to butane could experience rashes, tingling, or respiratory issues. The side effects of smoking dabs vary from individual to individual, so always use caution.


Healthstones use a bowl to smoke a dab. It is a porous insert that you use for a screen on your bowl. To use, you will place the healthstone into your bubbler or bowl. Add a dab of whatever concentrate you prefer, and then apply heat. Once you see smoke, you know it is time to take a hit. Light up and enjoy your high.


You can also mix your dab in with your regular cannabis buds. Whether you use a bong, bowl, or joint, it doesn’t matter. This method is known as “twaxing.” When using shatter, you will need to be careful, as it is a considerably high dose. Heat the concentrate until it is like a thick syrup, then dip your joint into the mixture lightly. You don’t want to overdo it. The mixture will wrap around the joint, effectively coating it. Now you are ready to light it up, inhale, and experience the sensational feeling of doing a dab.

What does doing a dab mean? How does one smoke a dab? We explain the basics of dabbing to the curious of minds in this article.