heady bubbler

Heady Bubblers

Half bong, half hand pipe, bubblers are a great compromise between size and filtration.

Colt 45 Bubbler

Colt 45 and 2 zig-zags that’s all you need! The all NEW Colt 45 Bubbler is one of the most UNIQUE pieces to ever hit the Vault. These HIGHLY-DETAIL.

Purge Bubbler

Are YOU ready to purge some bowls?! These high-quality hammer bubblers are blown with thick translucent-black glass and are HAND-PAINTED with a Pur.

Jason Bubbler

Smoke out like it’s Friday the 13th! These 6″ hammer bubblers are blown with thick pearl-white glass and contain a HAND-PAINTED Jason mask on the f.

Grenade Bubbler

Fire in the BOWL! Prepare to BLOW through bowls with the all NEW Grenade Bubblers! These highly-detailed hammer bubblers are 6 inches long and cont.

Retro Bubbler

These HIGHLY-UNIQUE Hammer Bubblers are over 6 inches in length and contain a beautiful blend of bright colors. The artistic shape of the Retro Bub.

Battle Axe Bubbler

Go into battle with your bud with the all NEW Battle Axe Bubbler! These incredibly heady pieces are 12″ long and contain a gorgeous glass pendant. .

Dragon Tail Bubbler

Are you ready to blow smoke like a Dragon?! The all NEW Dragon Tail Bubbler is a HIGHLY-UNIQUE hammer bubbler that is nearly 8″ long and blown with.

Aqua Bubbler

These gorgeous hammer bubbles are blown with a unique blend of blues and greens that give it a coral-like finish. The Aqua Bubbler is over 7 inche.

Scythe Bubbler

Don’t FEAR the reaper! The all NEW Scythe Bubbler is one of the most HEADY bubblers to ever hit the Vault. This HIGHLY-DETAILED and UNIQUE bubbler .

Pokeball Bubbler

Gotta TOKE em’ All! The all NEW Pokeball Bubbler stands at 8 inches tall and contains a large bubbler chamber, an extra-long bent mouthpiece, and t.

Brian Bubbler

Introducing the Brian Bubbler – a Sherlock Bubbler blown with translucent black glass containing a highly-colorful image of Stoner Brian on the fro.

Bottle Bubbler

Turn ANY bottle into a bubbler in seconds! The Bottle Bub is an awesome stoner tool that can attach to the top of nearly ANY type of bottle and ins.

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