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G Pen Connect

The G Pen Connect is a revolutionary concentrate vaporizer that delivers top vapor without the need for a torch or an exposed nail. It’s compatible with common glass-on-glass attachments, so you can use it with most female-jointed water pipes. Suitable for many types of concentrates and featuring three temperature settings and an extended draw mode, this vape can be tailored to your preferences.

G Pen Connect
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G Pen Connect : Versatile Concentrate Vape

The G Pen Connect is a market-leading concentrate vaporizer that rivals the finest dab rigs. It pairs with most female-jointed bongs and water pipes so you can enjoy super-smooth draws every time. A 14mm male glass-on-glass adapter is included; 10mm and 18mm adapters are available separately. A spring-loaded carb release button allows you to clear the chamber effortlessly.

A powerful 850mAh battery heats your concentrates in a short five seconds. Thanks to the ceramic heating element and G Pen’s patented reverse airflow technology, you can vape your concentrates evenly and efficiently while enjoying dense clouds full of flavour.

The G Pen Connect features three temperature settings as well as an extended draw mode. This way, you can tailor your vaporizing experience to your own taste and preferences.

The G Pen Connect is small enough to fit in any pocket, and the magnetic tank cap allows for quick and easy setup. Despite its small size, the Connect will last for several back-to-back sessions on a single charge. The pass-through charging option allows you to charge the battery even while using the device. Although perfect for use at home, the G Pen Connect also comes with a handy hemp travel pouch for easy storage and transportation.

The G Pen Connect is a powerful concentrate vaporizer that rivals dab rigs and other vaporizing methods. Get the G Pen Connect vaporizer at Zamnesia! ]]>