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You have FSE Pen questions? We’ve got answers! Check out the blog for all you need to know to make the most of your Black Label Pen experience.


Your Black Label Full Spectrum Extract Pen Questions, Answered

Green Dot Labs

Colorado has faced its worst wildfire season on record this year, burning more than 700,000 acres and impacting the lives and livelihoods of so many in our community. We knew we had to help, and we’re inviting you to join us. Through our Fighting Fire With Fire initiative, we’re donating a portion of proceeds from every Black Label Live Resin Cart from participating retailers between now and Thanksgiving directly to Coloradans impacted by the fires. Your dabs on the go can help us do good! Visit to learn more 💚 Thank you to our partners for their support!

Green Dot Labs

We could all use a little palate cleansing pick me up right now, and fortunately we have JUST the thing for you: a brand new Black Label Branded Strain Release! Lemon Wreath (Chem Brûlée x Secret Kush Mints) was created for connoisseurs by connoisseurs to showcase those lemon and gas terps that we all obsess over in a new and exciting way 🍋 ⛽️ This bred-by-GDL original features soul-searing notes of lemon rind, jet fuel, and tea tree oil that will overwhelm even those who have seen and smoked it all 🔥 This is our daily driver, can’t get enough, wake you and shake you hash. We’re so excited to share it with you in the form of Black Label Live Resin Carts featuring our fresh and festive custom design 🌲 💚 🙌 Visit for more info!


Lemon Wreath

Green Dot Labs

This s#!t is bananas 🍌 Black Label Live Resin FlavorPacks are BACK in all of their terpy glory 🙌 The Banana Pack is one of our latest and greatest, showcasing the range of this distinctive tropical fruit terp profile, from the baked and frosted mellow fruit pastry form of Honey Banana (Banana OG x Honey Boo Boo) to Banana Piepaya’s (Banana Pie x Papaya) sunny-sweet banana candy and papaya notes 🤤 What’s your favorite Black Label banana dab?

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You have FSE Pen questions? We've got answers! Check out the blog for all you need to know to make the most of your Black Label Pen experience.

Green Dot Labs

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From seed to sauce we take every measure to ensure our genetics are fresh and exciting, our plants vigorous and healthy, and our extracts clean. Green Dot Labs was the first Colorado concentrate brand to build safe indoor hydrocarbon extraction facilities.

Every single gram of Green Dot Labs extracts are made with whole plants, providing you with whole plant cannabis medicine. This means more flavor and more medicinal value for the consumer, whether med or rec. Moreover, we do varietal specific extracts, so you know exactly what you’re getting when you purchase our extracts, and you can read about the varietal of your choice at

Years of experience have given our growers immense cannabis, genetics, and cultivation knowledge. Our plants thrive under their expert care with colors, aromas, and plant structure you won’t find anywhere else. Our belief has always been Quality In, Quality Out and our extraction process begins with the finest cannabis available.

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