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Graffix is a leading name in the industry, with smoke shops stocking their acrylic pipes since 1988. Customers have come to recognize the iconic 420 Jester that decorates each of their pipes, and trust the brand as high-quality and American-made.

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If you’re in the market for wholesale acrylic water pipes, Graffix is the way to go. We supply wholesale Graffix to shops across the country, and carry every style from the brand, including bubble skinny, straight skinny, and steamroller in every popular size and color.

Wholesale Graffix water pipes, bubblers and steamrollers available here. With more than 30 years in the industry, Graffix produces American-made Acrylic.

Graffix 18″ Bubble Bong, Assorted

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  • 18″ Tall
  • 2″ Diameter Mouthpiece
  • Bubble Chamber
  • Many Colors Available
  • Made in America

This tall tube offers great fun for you and your friends! With a large 3″ diameter bubble, this is the perfect water pipe for those who like smooth diffusion: the extra large bubble chamber allows for more water and more space for smoke to circulate and purify.

Graffix bongs are made from acrylic, just like they were back in 1988! But, of course, quality of production and materials has increased a lot since then.

Every Graffix 18″ Bubble Bong has a glass downstem already installed and includes a 3″ metal pull slide bowl.

Available in Assorted Colors

We carry our Graffix Bongs in a wide assortment of colors! Pick the perfect one for your style from the “Preferred Color” option* above. If you can’t decide, just pick “Randomly Awesome” and we will pick one at random for you.

  • *We cannot guarantee your requested style will be in stock. Un-check the “Allow Color Substitution” box and we will help you get what you want; otherwise we will substitute an available style.
  • *Available colors are subject to change without notice, because we manually check our quantities and these items are available in an assortment.

A Word from Graffix

Here’s what Graffix has to say about their acrylic bongs, from their site:

Graffix is the original classic bong design. Graffix acrylic bongs feature a shaped mouthpiece that is built to fit comfortably around your mouth. Like all Graffix bongs we carry, they also feature the Graffix custom glass downstem for a smoother, more enjoyable smoking experience. Each bong is easily disassembled for easy cleaning. Features a [metal] pull slide with a handle, removable base, and Graffix decal.

Made in America Since 1988

Graffix has been producing high-quality yet affordable water pipes for over 30 years! In fact, Graffix claims themselves as “the original waterpipe,” and all of their pieces are built to last a lifetime. So keep an eye out for the 420 Joker, Graffix’s brand mascot, to know you’ve got the real deal!

This is one tall tube! The Graffix 18" Bubble Bong is great for sharing at parties or enjoying alone to unwind. Many colors, 3" bubble chamber. Made in USA.