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Empire Glassworks Avocadope Heady Glass Bong Water Pipe

Empire Glassworks Shenron 7.5 inch Bong Water Pipe

Empire Glassworks Dragon Wrapped Worked Glasss Spoon Hand Pipe

AMG Glass Rocket Ship Double Showerhead Perc Glass Bong Water Pipe

Gotta Smoke’Em All Worked Glass Spoon Hand Pipe

Currently In Stock.

AMG Glass Massive 18 inch Beaker Base Cartoon Decal Bong

Route Package Protection

AMG Glass Massive 22 inch Double Perc Glass Bong Water Pipe

AMG Glass Massive 18 inch Clear Beaker Base Glass Bong Water Pipe

Let customers speak for us

I ordered this and it came with the second perk completely broken in shipping and after emailing them I was quickly sent a replacement and it is perfect no issues at all , hits like a dream good customer service will do business again 👍🏽

Empire Glassworks Panda-Themed Bong Water Pipe

No cracks or anything, shipping was good and was here in a respectful time.

Fast delivery although not stealth. Love the size and the thickness of glass. Looks easy to clean. Large base so no tip over. Good solid product.

Solid stable very attractive

Bought this for my dad for his birthday. He loves it! All the pieces were easy to assemble and everything shipped and arrived smoothly. The glass feels nice and sturdy too!

I haven’t owned a bong in 10 years. This one is perfect. It’s the perfect size , it’s easy to clean and it’s hard to tip bc it has a very nice weighted base. I recommend it to anyone looking for a mid size bong.

First time bong user and I’m absolutely amazed at how good this product is. The glass is strong and sturdy. It leads to a great smoking experience.

Thank you! Awesome so far!

AMG Glass Tall 15 inch Clear Beaker Base Bong

My favorite bong I’ve ever bought. Rips well, looks simple, and a good deal for what you get.

Was well blown glass solid. Very nice piece for any collection.

AMG Glass 15 inch Bob Marley Decal Beaker Base Glass Bong

Looooove the wide base. Very thick glass, feels strong. Great size for my personal piece!

About Us – Glass City Pipes

Glass City Pipes is an online smoke shop headquartered in the Northern New Jersey / New York area that specializes in selling Quality.

Glass City Pipes Commitment to Quality

There is no need to brave a windowless store and thick cloud of patchouli smoke to get your hands on some quality glass. Glass City Pipes digital head shop provides our customers a grown-up experience and access to top tier pieces from the US and abroad. We have researched established companies such as Grav Labs, Alien Flower Monkey, and AMG to bring our customers the industry’s finest bongs, dab rigs, pipes, and other smoking accessories.

Our appreciation for the craft of glassblowing and mechanics of technical designs is why we never sell glass we wouldn’t use ourselves. We’ve tested them all. And our relationships with respected distributors translates to discounted prices for our customers. Each of our pipes and bongs for sale is in need of a loving, caring home. Find out which one is right for you.

Glass City Water Pipes and Bongs for Sale

Glass City Pipes offers an array of bongs, from beakers and straight tube bongs to 84-arm percolators with a propulsion system and force field technology. OK, not really that advanced, but we do offer intricate water pipes that will impress serious glass enthusiasts. Glass City Pipe’s scientific glass comes from industry heavyweights like Tsunami and Grace Glass. We also have an eclectic mix on heady water pipes for sale from Empire Glassworks and others. All of our products are blown from durable borosilicate glass, ensuring your precious piece will last a long time. Products range from the high-end water pipes for those wanting a work of art, to simple designs at approachable prices.

Hand Pipes for Sale

Gandalfs, Sherlocks, Spoons, and Steamrollers—it is useful to have a hand pipe handy. Our collection of hand pipes are fit for smokers of all types. Though these traditional pieces are known for their simple linear structure, each one has a distinct personality. Glass City suggests everyone adds a hand pipe to their collection. We can all benefit from a pocketable piece, especially since some of our hand pipes cost as little as $9.

& So Much More

Glass City Pipes also supplies plenty of accessories, from roach clips, downstems, and domes. The variety of add-ons means you can replace missing or broken parts, or mix and match your pieces to create a custom setup. And don’t forget about our dab rigs. Dabbing has quickly become a favorite method of smoking, and Glass City supplies some impressive rigs from your favorite glass companies like Hoss Glass and others.

Glass City Pipes is an online smoke shop headquartered in Northern New Jersey, specializing in high quality glass bongs, dab rigs, bubblers and much more.

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