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Breaking a down pipe happens to everyone but finding somewhere that sells the right one for your bong is impossible right? Wrong! We offer every size and shape so you can easily replace your downpipe at a good price. We’ve got you covered!

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The name’s Bongman, Pierce Bongman. Introducing the ‘Pierce Bongman’ Bong Spear by Cheeky One.

Here we have a Two Part 18mm Glass Diffuser Downstem with 14.5mm Bowl (Bowl & Stem).

Looking for a stem replacement for your bong? Just don’t think about it twice and get yourself of the Black Leaf Stem Replacement, available in 4 different sizes for you to choose from: 8 cm 10 cm 11cm 12 cm 14 cm

Are you tired of getting all your glass downstems constantly broken?

Jaxx USA are a new favourite glass company here at Shiva. They make high quality glass smoking products and accessories such as these diffuser down stems.

The US Style Diffuser Downstem is the ultimate accesory for your glass bong: designed in a way so more bubbles are produced and hence a much better filtration and overall smoother smoking experience!

The 8cm Downpipe with Cone consists of an 8cm metal down tube, a metal screw in bowl and a rubber grommet.

The Drop-in Bowl & Stem allows the user to quickly and easily remove the bowl making cleaning and refilling the bowl a piece of cake.

The Easy Grip Drop-in Bowl & Stem makes removing and re-placing the bowl a doddle. Available in various sizes to suit your need.

Diffuser downtubes are designed to create lots of small bubbles to better filter and cool the smoke. Available in various lengths.

The Glass Downtube 14.5mm (Stem Only) is an ideal replacement for your broken glass stem.

These do pretty much what they say on the tin. Fat Cylindrical Downpipes are fat, cylindrical and ummm. downpipes. They also come included with a drop-in brass cone.

ROOR Diffuser Downpipes are a little special something extra for your already beautiful ROOR Bong.

These Glass 18.8mm Diffuser Downpipes are designed to cool the smoke and give better filtration than a regular downpipe.

As with all ROOR products, these downpipes are hand blown to perfection. The ROOR Downpipes are an essential item if you have lost or broken the one that came with your ROOR Bong.

These Kinked Downpipes are exactly what’s required for practical bong smoking. With a straight bong stem or cone, you always have to tip the bong slightly to stop your mix falling out. Not so with the sensible Kinked Downpipe!

The Replacement Two Part Glass Bowl and Stem is available in two sizes (14.5mm and 18.8mm) to fit most glass bongs on the market.

The 11cm Downpipe with Cone is made of metal with a screw-on bowl and a rubber stopper. The stem thickness is 9.5 mm and the internal diameter of the stem is 8mm

The 13cm Downpipe with Cone is made of metal with a screw-on bowl and a rubber stopper.The stem thickness is 9.5 mm and the internal diameter of the stem is 8mm

Heavy hands and delicate stems aren’t always a good match, but the Replacement Glass Bong Stem will add extra lives to your bong!

This 6 arm diffuser downstem is perfect for anybody looking to turn their bong into a high tech, scientific bubbler

This stunning piece of glassware is an ideal replacement to the beautiful Pulsar bong made by Cheeky One.

The perfect downstem to accompany your stunning Quadrastate bong.

The perfect downstem for the gorgeous Cheeky One Red Giant.

The Solar Flare is one of our most original and unusual bongs, so if you’ve got one, you’ll want to make sure it stays in tip-top working order.

It’s a horrible feeling when you accidentally break a part of a beloved bong. But if you have a few spare parts lying around, you’ll never feel that way again!

This Colour Changing Replacement Grommet Bowl & Stem is a is a replacement glass bowl and stem combination that fits any bong with with a rubber grommet

This Coned Glass Downstem is perfect for anybody who is looking for a replacement glass stem to fit a bong that uses a rubber grommet, such as most acrylic bongs

The 15cm Downpipe with Cone is made of metal with a screw-on bowl and a rubber stopper.The stem thickness is 9.5 mm and the internal diameter of the stem is 8mm

The 11cm Metal Downpipe is perfect for making your own homemade bong, or replacing a lost or broken part to your existing bong.

When it’s cold outside, with no kind of atmosphere, and you’re all alone (more or less) you’re going to want to have a toke on your Red Dwarf bong.

Bong Downpipes

Your have just broken the downpipe on your favourite bong. Time for the dustbin you might think, but no at Shiva we can rescue your bong from the dustbin with our replacement downpipes. Come to us at Shiva and check out our range of downpipes. We have downpipes of different materials, widths and lengths so we are confident that you will be able to find a downpipe that fits. So whether you need to repair a much loved bong or build a new bong check out our fantastic range of downpipes.

Our kinked downpipes come in a range of brilliant colours and are ideal for practical bong smoking. Straight bongs require the smoker to keep the bong slightly tipped to prevent the smoke mix from falling out, however, with a kinked downpipe this is not necessary. The kinked downpipes have a strong rubber grommet which means that they are held securely in place and no air will escape when you smoke. In addition, the kinked downpipe has a detachable bowl which can be screwed off and as the thread is a standard 8mm you can even use other bong bowls including ones made from naturally occurring materials such as wood.

The bottle bong converter is an ingenious piece of kit that will convert a beer bottle into a bong. So if you have enjoyed a tasty beer and then want a smoke what better way than to convert your bottle into a bong, also a great way of re-using bottles. The bottle bong converter will fit most beer bottles or soft drinks bottles.

Using a diffuser downpipe can remove more tar and unwanted chemicals from your smoke. These downpipes have been designed to create lots of bubbles which cool the smoke and filter out unwanted nasties. Our diffuser downpipes come in various lengths. The glass diffuser downpipe is 18.8 mm long and is used with bongs that have an 18.8 mm joint.

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Smoking kills – Protect children: don’t make them breathe your smoke

Down Pipe is another essential part to any Bong, therefore essential for home-made bongs. Its also handy to keep a few spare incase of emergencies.