ghost mv1 vs firefly 2

Ghost mv1 vs firefly 2

I’ve had both. Both are excellent. Firefly wins on portability, concentrates, a shorter draw time, and flavor. Ghost MV1 wins on smoothness and draw resistance. Both have excellent flavor, the Firefly wins by just a smudge.

I had to decide between one because of cost. I chose the Ghost. I’m glad I did, but both are excellent products. Oh, cleaning ease goes to firefly. Battery life goes to Ghost. Both of them need at minimum the fast charger, and both should have a second battery, but not nearly as important as the charger.

Some people hate the crucibles for the Ghost. I grew to prefer them for the convenience of prefilling. I felt stirring was important for both.

I’be only used the 2. I cannot speak of personal experience with the +, but I hear meh about the better airflow.

A lot of folk don’t mind the flow resistance. It’s just for me a deal breaker. All I can say is both are fantastic performers. I will say inhale control is more important with the Firefly. It’s all technique that’s figured out.

If your going with flower. I would choose the MV1. but it comes at a cost of cleaning and more parts to deal with. Also. wear factor is an issue on the MV1’s. though they will support warranty very well. you might have to deal with waiting to send it in and such. Biggest problem is the door latches either breaking off or wearing down and not locking the door closed. I used the MV1 for beta testing for over 4 months. been using the FF2, and FF2+ now for a bit as well.

If you are at all going to do concentrates like rosin and gooey stuff. the FF2 hands down! I mainly use my FF2’s for that. and my FF2+ is only used for that. I have a jet black FF2 from later production and an older one that is probably a couple years old by now. They old one has more draw resistance on it than the jet black FF2 that is maybe a year old at the most. and it does not draw any harder than the new FF2+. So I think the 33% more free’er draw. maybe happened prior to the FF2+ on the main screen holes.

I never use the mp screens for either flower or concentrates. I just load flower with no grinding or very little and do not draw hard. But I feel opposite of @acstorfer. The MV1 gave me big hits with a short draw. with the FF2 and flower. I have to draw twice as long. My MV1 always ran hotter than normal. but there are ways to tweak the heating pattern. that is if your MV1’s software works ok. I found the heating and software to be pretty inconsistent. so that is an issue you could face as well.

Cl4ud3. I never found the plastic mp to be an issue with taste of my flower. but I also take out the stupid screen in it as well. Did you try that ever?

But you are right. the FF2’s are a pia to clean with flower. especially if it is good sticky stuff. This is why I started just using whole nugs. then slowly breaking them down with a stir after each hit. Keeps the whole thing so much cleaner that way for me.

Oh. and I also do not care for the way you have to hold it sometimes. it will limit your stealth ability for sure. that and the need for a longer draw. But you can edit the 2 buttons used for firing the heater. if you set to one button hit only to fire it. you can half palm it over the top and get a half stealth hit. lol

One of the first things I did was remove that screen to help airflow. I find it more acceptable if I hold the mouthpiece with my teeth, weird I know, but otherwise I just get it adding to the flavour. I’ve also washed it in everything possible but come to the conclusion it’s pointless. Seems everyone has a vape, some more than one, that no matter what you do they won’t like it.

I also was using whole small nugs, turning after a hit or two and then breaking down. The problem it has though is the large glass surface just gets oily and flower will stick to it. I guess you need to clean it down after every use to avoid that.

I faced the same choice over a year ago. I chose FF2 and no regrets. It is still my most used flower vape and my favorite oils portable.

But I’ve used the MV1 several times and liked it very much. It’s a fine vape. I would guess, on average, the statistical probability of a person liking the MV1 is higher than that for the FF2 ??
I like the FF2 mostly because it produces great tasting vapor, and I value great taste over any other variable except from getting high (if I didn’t get high, I wouldn’t do it).

That said, 15 months of daily usage and I am absolutely a FF2 fan :starstruck:

High all! Looking for my first TRUE convection vape and trying to decide between the Ghost MV1 vs the Firefly 2+…Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks for the help and… STAY UP!!! 😉

Ghost MV1 vs Firefly 2+ vs Mighty Match Up


The Ghost MV1, Firefly 2+, and Mighty are all vaporizers that are large and in charge, but those first two have a trick that the Mighty lacks: they are both on-demand vaporizers, which means that they heat up and cool down almost instantly, so vapers can vape as much or as little as they want whenever they want. Does that mean that they’re better than the Mighty? Is this already a two-vaporizer race? No and no, because the Mighty has a few tricks up its sleeve, as well. Find out how all three vapes compare to each other right here.

Design and Features

Ghost MV1

Design: The Ghost MV1 is one of the most striking vaporizers ever designed and easily stands out when put in any group. Opinions vary on just what it resembles—most describe it as looking like a weird rocketship—but it is certainly unique. It is also highly functional since it has a retractable glass mouthpiece that can be stowed away when it’s not in use.

The main downside to the design of the Ghost involves the loading procedure. You need to place the herb in a capsule, and then place the capsule in the vaporizer, whereas with most vaporizers, you can just place the herb directly into the oven. This prolongs the loading procedure, which some people might find inconvenient. It’s also a pretty large vape so portability is out of the question.

Features: Aside from the on-demand heating, the Ghost has a smartphone app. It’s not the most advanced or comprehensive app, but it is useful. It gives users precise temperature control and allows them to lock down their vaporizer. It can also be used to download firmware updates for the Ghost.

Firefly 2+

Design: The Firefly is the most portable of the three vaporizers here, but just barely. You can just about stuff it into a big pocket in a pair of cargo pants. It looks a little like an extremely large e-cigarette, but what it lacks in flash, it makes up in practicality. It is the easiest to use vape here since it has a magnetic lid that is easy to remove. It also has touch sensors instead of buttons, which helps to keep it smooth and sleek. Their placement makes vaping from the Firefly 2+ a somewhat awkward affair, however.

There are some nice, somewhat understated design flourishes like the viewing portal that allows you to watch your herb getting vaporized. There is also the light-up logo beneath that portal

Features: The Firefly 2+ also has a smartphone app, but it has more features than the Ghost’s app. The Firefly’s app also gives users precise temperature control and firmware updates. However, it can also be used to set the maximum temperature and access useful information like FAQs and instructional videos.


Design: The Mighty is another big vaporizer that isn’t especially portable, but it does have some nice practical features. Unlike the other two vapes here, the Mighty doesn’t have a smartphone app, but unlike the other two vaporizers, the Mighty doesn’t need a smartphone app. It has precise temperature control right there on the device, which gives it an edge when it comes to practicality. One area where it distinctly lacks in practicality is its stability because it has a rounded base that prevents it from being stood upright.

The Mighty also has a swiveling mouthpiece that folds out of the way when it’s not in use, which is a nice design feature.

Features: The Mighty includes a filling aid that makes loading neat and easy and the entire mouthpiece section—called the cooling unit—is easy to remove and cheap to replace. The usability of the Mighty is its main feature.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Ghost MV1: The Ghost is easily the highest maintenance device here because of all the various components that need to be separated and cleaned individually. It is intricate, time-consuming work, and, of course, when cleaning is complete, you need to reassemble the whole device. The whole cleaning process can get really tiresome really quickly.

Firefly 2+: The Firefly 2+ is very easy to clean and maintain. The herb chamber and mouthpiece are all that need cleaning and doing so is easy in both cases. The pick that is included in the cleaning kit is used to clean the mouthpiece. A small cleaning brush is all you need to clean the herb chamber, and you can wipe it down with some isopropyl alcohol if you want to be really thorough.

Mighty: The Mighty is also very easy to clean and maintain because the herb chamber is simple to clean. And if you don’t want to clean it, then you can just replace the entire cooling unit for a low price.

Wax Compatibility

All three vaporizers have wax compatibility through the use of special inserts placed into their herb chambers. Another thing all three vaporizers have in common is that their wax performance is below average. That is usually the case with dry herb vapes that have wax compatibility, so that isn’t much of a surprise. These are all essentially dry herb vapes despite their wax compatibility.

Build Materials

Ghost MV1: The Ghost is constructed from a metal alloy that is quite durable, though the opening to the oven is made from stainless steel. The glossy finishes look good, but they’re fingerprint magnets, fortunately, there is a matte black finish option that eliminates that problem.

Firefly 2+: The body of this vape is made from magnesium alloy, while the viewing portal is made from quartz, and the heating chamber is made using a ceramic superalloy. These are all high-end materials that you would expect in a vape at this premium price point.

Mighty: The Mighty is made from plastic, which might seem a little low end compared to the other two vapes here. However, the plastic the Mighty is made from is extremely durable since launch day models are still going strong today.

Oven Material and Size

Ghost MV1: The Ghost can hold 0.12 grams of herb in its ceramic oven. That may not sound like much, but since it is an on-demand vaporizer, a little herb goes a long way. So it doesn’t need a cavernous chamber to deliver vaping satisfaction.

Firefly 2+: As stated before, the heating chamber of the Firefly 2+ is constructed from an advanced superalloy and can hold 0.2 grams of herb. Again, that may not seem like much, but since this is an on-demand vaporizer, a little herb can last for a long time.

Mighty: This vape has the biggest chamber of the three and can hold 0.3 grams of herb in its aluminum oven. This is a good amount of herb for multiple sessions by a single user, or for a group session with multiple users.

Longevity and Reliability

Ghost MV1: The Ghost had some issues when it launched, but they all seem to have been ironed out now. It does need a little more TLC than other vapes because it has so many components. As long as you show it some care, the Ghost will last a long time.

Warranty – 2 years but can be extended to 5 with registration at Ghost Vapes’ website.

Firefly 2+: The original Firefly was a long-lasting vape and while the sequel hasn’t been around as long, it looks like it will last just as long. That’s because it has the same high construction standards as the first Firefly.

Warranty – 2 years

Mighty: The Mighty has been around nearly as long as vaporizers have been around and is still going strong, so its build quality is beyond reproach. The Mighty is simply one of the most reliable vaporizers out there.

Warranty – 2 years

Battery and Charging

Ghost MV1: The battery of the Ghost lasts for a very long time, you can get dozens of sessions out of it before it needs to be recharged. That recharging can take a few hours, which is likely why Ghost Vapes offers users an optional fast charger to purchase.

Firefly 2+: The Firefly 2+’s battery is pretty long-lasting, capable of 8 to 10 sessions per charge. Recharges are pretty fast too, only taking about forty-five minutes. However, the removable battery needs to be in the vaporizer while it recharges, which negates some of the advantages of the battery being removable in the first place.

Mighty: The name could well refer to the battery life, which is indeed mighty. It can last for about two hours and takes about ninety minutes to charge. The only minor issue is that it needs a wall outlet to get charged up.

Vapor Quality

Ghost MV1: The flavor of the vapor produced by the Ghost is very good and it stays cool thanks to the glass mouthpiece. And yes, it stays that way no matter how long or how quickly it takes you to vape a single bowl.

Firefly 2+: The Firefly 2+ uses convection heating technology, so the flavor quality is impressive. Draw resistance is low, so enjoying that tasty vapor is very easy, plus the glass airpath keeps the vapor cool at all times.

Mighty: The vapor quality of the Mighty—and the Crafty—is legendary. That is one of the reasons why it has managed to last this long without any major updates. Few premium dry herb vapes today can match the vapor quality of the Mighty

So, which one should you choose?

All three of these vapes are impressive in different ways, which can make choosing a winner a little tricky, but that’s why this guide is here. First, let’s take a look at what makes each one special and not-so-special.

The Ghost MV1 has a unique design that looks very cool, plus its vapor quality is solid as well. The main downside is just how fussy it is. The sheer number of different components means that cleaning is a pain. Plus, it almost feels like you need to get a wide variety of accessories available in order to make the Ghost a more manageable vaporizer.

The Firefly 2+ is very easy to use and has a nice smartphone app also. The vapor quality and draw resistance are both great as well. The somewhat awkward way you need to hold it is the main negative, but this is an excellent update to the original Firefly and a great vaporizer on its own merits.

The fact that the Mighty can still hang with these new vapes years after its debut is a testament to how good it is. Its vapor quality is still great and it is the only vape here that features precise temperature control on the device itself. It may not be an on-demand vaporizer, but it’s an excellent vaporizer.

Ultimately, the choice comes down to whether you want a session or an on demand vaporizer. If you really want an on demand vape, then the Firefly 2+ since it is the best one out there. If you just want a great vaporizer, then get the Mighty because it’s still one of the best vaporizers ever made. Its simplicity is its strength. It doesn’t need a smartphone app or a whole suite of accessories to be great, because it’s great right out of the box, and it’s been great for years. If you get the Mighty, then you’ll definitely be getting your money’s worth.

Two on-demand vapes versus a conventional vape, which one will be the victor? Find out in this comparison of the Ghost MV1, Firefly 2+, and the Mighty.