ghost dabber

Ghost dabber

Love the convenience of an oil vaporizer pen, but prefer to vape wax rather than oil? Fans are abuzz about the Dr Dabber lineup, and for good reason, Dr Dabber Ghost and Light wax pens both provide exceptional vapor quality, and make enjoying waxy concentrates easier and more satisfying than ever before. One of these models is an ideal solution for your needs as Doctor Dabber vaporizers earn top marks for the state-of-the-art technology and impressive features.

Ghost and Light dab pens are designed to resemble pens and can be used by those who want to simply enjoy the taste and other benefits of today’s waxy oils. Each Dr Dabber vape pen comes with a handy shatterproof silicone storage container for waxes as well as a dabber tool to make filling the chamber an easy task. In nearly every Dr Dabber review you’ll find glowing praise of the titanium technology used in these vaporizers, as they are two of the very few to feature a titanium heating element. Titanium is a very strong precious metal that is an excellent conductor of heat; however, it warms more slowly than other metal elements. As a result, the Dr Dabber Light and Ghost reach optimal temperature gradually. While still ready for use in roughly 5 seconds, they are far less likely to cause the wax to combust, which makes vaping better and ensures a great taste. Plus, titanium is far more resistant to breakage than other metals, allowing the Dr Dabber vaporizers to stand the test of time.

A Breakthrough Design

The titanium heating element isn’t the only impressive feature found in the design. Both dab pens also have a specialized heating chamber design in which the heating coil sits much lower than the standard position. As a result, the Ghost and Light models can hold more waxy concentrate when compared to vape pens of similar size, and your wax is far more likely to vaporize fully to eliminate waste. Dr Dabber also uses a glass fiber wick in place of traditional cotton to make the chambers more durable. Even the exterior housing is uniquely designed with a matte finish to make it less likely to slip out of your hands while you vape.

To make the Dr Dabber vape models unlike anything that’s ever been produced before, the engineers rethought every component. This design keeps temperatures at the absolute lowest to prevent combustion, while still ensuring ultra-efficient vaporization so not a single drop of material is wasted. With other wax vaporizers, it can be tricky to load concentrates, but that problem is eliminated as the atomizer is set extra low, so you can dab quickly without having to fuss over placement. A flexible, ergonomically designed mouthpiece makes every pull from the Dr Dabber vaporizers simple, and airflow has been optimized to eliminate the resistance that can get in the way of taking a satisfying draw. Plus, there’s only one button to press to use these powerful units.

Light vs Ghost

Both the Dr Dabber Light and the Ghost can provide you with tasty, plentiful vapor from your favorite waxy concentrates, but the designs are not completely identical, despite having the same quality components and basic features. The Ghost vaporizer is designed to be as easy to use as any ordinary model. After you have filled the vape pen with your wax, you simply push the activation button and hold it down for 5 to 7 seconds while inhaling to vape. In between uses, you can preserve battery life by clicking the same button five times to lock the battery. Another five clicks will unlock the wax pen battery again.

The Dr Dabber Ghost is the better choice for those who want to refill less frequently and go for longer between charging, since the larger heating chamber on it can hold more material than the Light version, providing longer sessions without refilling. Its lithium-ion battery is also larger, and powers the vape for an impressively long time on a single charge.

If you’re more concerned about having a smaller vape that fits into your pocket, the Dr Dabber Light is right for you. This ultra compact device is just a tiny bit bigger than a regular cigarette, and it’s about the same size as an e-cig, so it doesn’t stand out in a crowd. In addition, it is a little more economical for those on a budget.

An Array of Accessories

You can enhance the use of any of your new Dr Dabber vape pen with an array of accessories. Like to be able to see your vapor form? You can upgrade the Dr Dabber Ghost vaporizer pen with the globe atomizer and glass globe attachment to add the missing visuals to your experience. Designed specifically for use with the Ghost, this cartridge is of high quality and provides several benefits to enhance your vaping sessions. Prefer cooler, denser vapor? Check out the Dr. Dabber percolator attachment, a water tool that works perfectly with the Ghost.

What is a Globe Attachment?

Any globe cartridge is typically used exclusively with waxy concentrates. The part consists of a heating element and a compartment or stage for dabbing wax. The part gets its name from the round glass globe that surrounds the internal vape parts. Once in place on a Ghost vape pen battery, the globe cartridge is where vapor forms. The main reason why people use globe cartridges is that the clear glass makes it possible to see the vapor forming inside of it. Some people simply find it interesting to watch the vapor rise, while others like to be able to see how pure and clean the vapor looks. Also, the glass globe helps to ensure a better-tasting vape, as it does not contain contaminants like other types of materials.

What is Percolator Attachment?

Vaping should be a relaxing, pleasing experience, and that requires vapor that is of the absolute finest quality. With the Dr Dabber Percolator Attachment, you can customize your vaping experience with the Ghost vaporizer and enhance the quality of your vapor. Rather than a simple attachment, the Dr. Dabber percolator includes a durable, highly conductive titanium atomizer and a mouthpiece, so that it can be used with any 510 thread battery. Crafted out of hand-blown glass, the part was developed for use with the Dr. Dabber Ghost, but it can become a favorite water tool for anyone with a compatible battery.

Once it is installed on a vaporizer, your vapor will pass through the water as you draw. The water helps to lower the temperature of the vapor, so that it is more comfortable to inhale. Some people also prefer the taste of vapor that has been passed through a water filter or water tool. Keeping your Dr. Dabber Ghost vaporizer at the ideal temperature is essential for ensuring efficient vaporization of your materials. If you tend to try and lower the temperature past the ideal level because you don’t like how the vapor feels when it’s hot, the Percolator Attachment can solve the problem and allow you to keep vaping efficiently without all the heat.

Sold with a 3-month replacement warranty, the Dr. Dabber Vaporizers are outfitted with a reliable lithium ion batteries. A USB charger is provided with each kit to allow you to recharge the vape pen with a computer or a USB hub. At Vapor Plants, we have a number of replacement parts and accessories for all of the Dr Dabber models, you can simply add them to your cart as you shop.

Dr Dabber Ghost or Light Vape Pen for Wax . Dr Dabber Ghost and Light vaporizers both provide exceptional vapor quality, and make enjoying wax concentrates easier and more satisfying than ever before with impressive features! One of these models is an ideal solution for your needs! Get yours Now!

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Dr. Dabber Ghost or Light Kit Contents:

  • 1 x Wax Pen
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Tool
  • 1 x Extra Atomizer
  • 1 x USB Charger
  • 1 x Shatterproof Container
  • 1 x User Manual


Dr Dabber Aurora Kit Contents:

Dr Dabber Ghost and Light vaporizers both provide exceptional vapor quality, and make enjoying wax concentrates easier and more satisfying than ever before with impressive features! One of these models is an ideal solution for your needs! Get yours Now!