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Old School Graffix bong!! Remember? Maybe? Lol

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Ok, heres the lowdown.

I just joined this site, and saw this thread.

Here is the deal -eo with the Graphics Bong Line.

Graphics was originally a company based out of madison wisconsin. They produced the original grapchics Bong (Tin can bottom, with aquarium rocks on top topped with apoxy. The tin can base is filled with cement and covered in felt. The down steam, slide and california one hits are metal. The bong itslef is a plexiglass style plastic).

The bong in the pictures below I purchased in 1985 in the original madison wisconsin warehouse. It traveled with me as I traveled with the grateful dead in ’85 and ’87. It has been smashed over 3 peoples heads at parties I trew when they acted like assholes in my house (hence the cracked top with the tape around it). It has indeed had a GREAT existence. It has been retired for a few years now.

In the early 90’s Graphics broke up. One of the partners moved to Tucson, Arizona and started the Graffix line (a cheap spin off of the originals).

In the early 2000’s an asshole named Dave Stone purchased the company and started mass producing crap with undocumented workers (assembly line style). After being raided by Donald Rumsfield himself. Dave Stone backed away and gave control to his son.

The company has been a disaster ever since.

Pictures are of the 2 foot ORIGINAL Graphics (Circa 1985) :stylez rasta smoke:

Speakin' of "Old School", I found my first bong…….. ]]>