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Lathe-made: A term indicating the majority of the process to make the piece was done so on a lathe -- which holds and spins the glass for the manufacturer. The process consists of blowing through the tube, or “lathe,” to create the desired shapes. The thickness of the cigar wrap makes a blunt burn slower than the ephemeral joint. Many steam rollers are preserved in operating condition, and can be seen in operation during special live steam festivals, where operating minature steam engines and scale models may also be displayed.

The duct end cap is in place for fitting and measurement. I then used the 6" coupling from the first picture to hold the cap stable for cutting with a jigsaw. The hole is cut intentionally larger than the soup can to allow excess heat to escape. It will also use that rising heat to convectively disperse the sulphur vapor. For those new to Sploofy, you might have seen or used the common "sploof". It's made from a toilet paper roll stuffed with fabric softener. The reason for its effectiveness is because it coats the smoke with a scent immediately during exhale. Some weed users and growers may not trust the use of vacuum sealing when it comes to storing weed.

While some claim vacuum sealing, properly, with plastics which don’t contain BPA, is a great way to keep your bud fresh for a very long time. Others claim that plastic will ruin your weed and vacuum sealing will suck out your cannabinoids and damage your trichomes. Although, you can vacuum seal smaller individual doses, then store the individually sealed doses in a glass jar in a cool dry place so that it is still protected from temperature extremes and light exposure. You could even use a light-resistant plastic; however, you would need to be extremely careful to know the chemicals in your plastics because they can end up in your weed. The following conditions can lead to eyelash loss: Good news! But, your new career comes with a catch—a zero tolerance drug policy. We know that might be intolerable or even impossible. There are many reasons why people choose to use cannabis, and we don't judge; we just puff, puff, pass. Recipe for making a Waller solution: 33g sodium dithionite also known as sodium hydrosulfite 28 g NaHCO3 (sodium bicarbonate) 59 g sodium citrate Add about 800 cubic centimeters/milliliters of water, swirl it around until the chemicals dissolve and add enough water to make up a liter in volume. Newcomers to the world of concentrates may find themselves wondering: Do you have to put water in a dab rig? Before you do anything else, fill the base of your rig with enough water so that the downstem is submerged. As with a bong, this water will help cool and filter the vapor coming off your dabs. While no two cultivators dry their flowers in the same way, all cultivators dry their flowers and then put them through a process called curing. Marijuana is not a perfect replacement for drinking. A bartender has never made me look at a slideshow of his road trip to the Grand Canyon, as a weed dealer once did. Pot has cost me more than booze — I could probably have bought a mid-level sedan with all my drug money over the years — and it comes with its own dumb shit. It’s hard to believe an honest reviewer is going to take the time to write a whole essay about a detox product on Amazon. Pour the liquid through a strainer in order to remove any excess plant material. Transfer the liquid to a wide bottom glass dish or bowl. All in all this was a great result from Mr Rhino and his reward is a 180g supply of top quality weed. Dutch Passion congratulate Mr Rhino on a superb grow!

We give the final words to Mr Rhino himself who made the following conclusion “White Widow smells nice of lemon/pine, not too overpowering so may appeal to those that need a low odour strain. My best point with this plant was the strength, potent! Buzz starts around the eyes and slowly works its way down the body, not very couchlocky either. All in all a good strain and I’m happy!!” Because that is what the perception of "coldness" means: you loose body heat quickly. Charging Eneloop batteries in a "Quick Charger" can reduce the overall life of the battery, but this may be acceptable to you in return for a quicker charge up. Sanyo recommends charging eneloop batteries in a NiMh charger that is 2 hours or more. Certainly don’t use them with a super-quick 15-minute charger! The chillum is designed with a big head for bigger, better, smoother rips.

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