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**We hand make these too!** Not sure what HempWick is about? We’d love to send you some samples!
HempWick™ FREE Samples includes:

1ft THICK Sample

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1- HempWick™ Sticker

1- HempWick™ Size Chart &The Buzz

1- HempWick™ Ingredients Info Card

HempWick Sticker is not always the exact one in the photo but is equally groovy for sure!

SHIPPING is a bummer it costs $1.25 in the US & $2.75 everywhere else in the world! 🙂 We are grateful for your support!

HempWick™ can be used to light ANYTHING. from hookahs and tobacco pipes to pilot lights, camping grills, and candles. HempWick™ preserves the flavor of fine cigars, reduces harmful exposure to butane, and makes lighting things fun!

Wondering what size does what? Check out our HempWick size chart!

HempWick is Handmade by us Hippies. That’s not only our slogan. It’s totally true. We’ve always made HempWick in small batches and quality tested it ourselves! We lovingly (and laboriously) hand coat every inch of organic hemp in organic beeswax from our local mangroves! We hand package all HempWick products ourselves too. 🙂

Handmade by Hippies means: NO plastic wrap, NO GMOs, NO potato starch, NO lead, NO filler waxes, NO hidden ingredients, NO paraffin wax, NO blended fibers, NO acid salts, NO chemically treated anything, NO outsourcing, NO factories, NO robots, NO made in China, NO funky stuff, and certainly NO unfair labor practices!! Thank you for buying Handmade by Hippies! We are grateful for your support!

We don’t use just any old hemp and beeswax! We support our local bee keepers and really know our hemp farmers!

Beeswax: We’re currently waxing with organic tropical wildflower blossom beeswax from our local mangroves! The bee hives it comes from are in our east coast mangroves on super wild land. The bees gather the pollens they need to make wild tropical blossom honey and wax from gallberry, saw palmetto, and other tropical wild flower blossoms. The acreage surrounding their hives is wild, un cultivated, and is not fertilized or chemically sprayed. Our local beeswax is what gives HempWick its super sweet aroma of honey and rich golden color. The color of the wax can vary from light yellow to medium brown because of the season and because it is made by bees from lots of flowers. Bees are naturally attracted to HempWick because they can smell the pure wax.

Hemp: Our pure organic hemp is grown in Europe. It is unbleached, minimally processed & un-fooled around with- until we hand wax it! The color of HempWick varies due to the season the hemp is grown, the farm it is grown on and the strain of the plant itself because it is a crop of the earth. Hopefully we will be able to grow it here soon!

Hand wrapped on 100% recycled paper that is printed with vegetable inks!

***PLEASE ONLY ORDER ONE. We hand make these too!*** Seriously guys! We will only mail ya ONE. If you order more than one I have to manually refund the shipping cost. Its a lot more trouble and we’re trying to be nice by giving ya something for FREE! Please ONLY ORDER ONE! Thank you for your understanding and support! We are grateful!! 🙂

Not sure what HempWick is about? We'd love to send you some free samples!

Free hemp wick

When it comes to the bare necessities required to smoke cannabis, a lighter may be second only to pot itself. Yes, a pipe or consumption apparatus (be it papers, an apple, or the slippery slope that is gravity bongs) will be required, too. However, while we are currently able to regularly enjoy a variety of cannabis strains and a multitude of means with which to smoke them, lighters have remained one area where few, if any, alternatives are ever considered.

Sure, there are Bics and Zippos and even butane-free plasma lighters — as well as the tried and true standby, matches — but in terms of doing the least harm to our health, it’s arguable that nothing beats a hemp wick.

As a refresher, hemp plants are a non-psychoactive strain of the cannabis sativa plant. For centuries, hemp has been used to manufacture rope, sails, cloth, and much more. At present, it is also making a compelling case as an immensely appealing alternative to petrochemical plastics. Replacing environmentally harmful plastics with hemp is becoming easier, too, thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized hemp in the US for the first time in nearly 100 years.

OK, but what is a hemp wick — and why should you consider picking one up for your stash box?

What Exactly Is a Hemp Wick?

If the word “wick” has you thinking about candles, you’re right on the money. In essence, a hemp wick is a length of twine that one can ignite and use in place of a traditional lighter. Coated in beeswax, hemp wicks burn slow and taste natural — two big reasons to consider giving one a shot the next time you’re planning to roast a bowl or fire up the bong.

The thinking behind hemp wicks is that if you have to inhale something from your heat source as a means of taking a hit, why not smoke more of what you’re already smoking? Given hemp and what’s in your bowl are both cannabis, using a hemp wick means you’ll never have to breathe in any lighter butane or glue and chemical fumes from a match.

Another appeal of hemp wicks — and a leg-up they have on other butane-free options like plasma lighters — is the fact that they burn at a low temperature, which allows consumers to enjoy smoother hits (the hotter the smoke, the more likely you are to cough). For the same reason, using a hemp wick also makes it easier to clearly taste your chosen flower’s terpene profile.

How to Use a Hemp Wick

Using a hemp wick is super simple. Ironically, you’ll need a lighter or matches to light one end, but from there you can put those aside. Dip the lit end of the hemp wick into the bowl of your pipe or tip of your joint to take hits as desired. When finished, just put the wick out in the same manner you’d extinguish a candle.

Where to Buy Hemp Wicks

Nowadays, you can grab hemp wick everywhere from Amazon to Wal-Mart. Plenty of small businesses carry hemp wicks, too, including many dispensaries and head shops. Those looking to sample the experience can purchase some wax-coated hemp twine for as little a few dollars. Alternatively, one can also buy rolls that measure hundreds of feet in length.

In short: if you’re sold on giving hemp wicks a shot, it’s never been easier to bring some home and give your trusty Bic a rest.

Why is it healthier and tastier to light your joint with a hemp wick? Get enlightened about this butane lighter alternative. ]]>