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ROOR Bong (Real or Fake)


NOTE: I would have taken a pic, but I wasn’t sure if the smoke shop would permit it.

So, I friend and I were out and were stopped by a smoke shop we hadn’t checked out yet. It was pretty awesome. I even found a Roor bong (I’d say 12″-15″) there. for 50 bucks. Now I’m thinkin this is way too cheap, so I asked the dude behind the counter if it was legit, and he seemed pretty sure it was. Thing is, at the very top of the mouth piece, it was blue around the rim. not like dirty, like colored. I can’t recall ever seeing a Roor online with that. The mouth piece looked similar to this one >>>>

Now, I won’t lose my mind if it’s not 100% legit. Disappointment? Of course, but if it’s of good quality and durable, then hell yeah I’d buy it.

Thanks in advance, guys

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if you do a google search on how to spot a fake roor, you will find a few good threads about it.. i know that there is a good one on grass city, believe it or not, on how to spot a fake roor..

the dead give aways are usually the roor name, the signature, the thickness of the glass and the number of ice catches on it.. if you handled the bong in question and the glass felt cheap and thin to the touch i’d say it’s a fake.. even if it’s not, it’s still not for sure a real deal one.. you have to check out that thread i’m talking about to get the other tell tale signs..

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and if it looks at all like a black leaf. i would try and find a nice bubbler it would probably be better quality then china glass and about the same price.

dont link that bullshit website here lol

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i got this new wack ROORtech you guys have to check. i had to buy it; fake or not lol ill post pics asap..

it has a straight tube w/ an Ice Catcher but after the IC it gets weird w/ two glass screen-like layers just before the “downstem”. idk, you’ll see.. i cant seem to find shit about this style of bong. all these expensive ass bong companies have shit websites lol wtf.

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If you look closely, the downstem (D/S) on the smaller orange RooR doesn’t penetrate the water.. the water goes up and into the D/S reminiscent of a submarine escape hatch or something lol.

And its got those flat glass filters or w/e which was the selling point for me .. its weird man. When you pull, the smoke gets pulled through the D/S and the water all comes up towards your mouth (no splashback unless you haul really hard) but falls down through the glass filters coating the smoke. Shits wack. lol im still not entirely sure if its a real one or not but the other ones at the store that were there had the exact same said “tech” on the bottom ‘R’ in RooR.

PLUS, you can see an air bubble there under the bottom glass filter thing.. with water on top and below it?! wtf? i dont understand that.. lol shouldn’t the water on top of the bubble fall into the air pocket? idk, shits wack.. lol

NOTE: I would have taken a pic, but I wasn't sure if the smoke shop would permit it. So, I friend and I were out and were stopped by a smoke shop we hadn't… ]]>