evoland 2 pipes

Walkthrough Part 18 Secret Base for Evoland 2: A Slight Case Of Spacetime Continuum Disorder

Walkthrough Part 18 Secret Base

Watch this step-by-step walkthrough, which may help and guide you through each and every level part of this game.

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Walkthrough Part 18 Secret Base for Evoland 2: A Slight Case Of Spacetime Continuum Disorder Walkthrough Part 18 Secret Base Watch this step-by-step walkthrough, which may help and guide you

Evoland 2 pipes

The guide has been correctly updated to reflect changes and fixes to the game as of 2016-08-16

Big thanks to HavocSource for making this possible. He’s the reason you guys get a proper guide.

In this guide you will find:
A strategy for every boss
A step by step guide to all the dungeons and hard places.
Location of All Stars
Location of All Orikon Ore
Location of All Maana
Location of The Epic Ingridients
All Cards
A basic walkthrough if you’re stuck somewhere.

If you do happen to find some errors, feel free to point it out and I’ll have it fixed.

With those things said. I hope you enjoy the game as much as we have
/Kludd and OneWingPhoenix

You start in a Gameboyesque world with a training session.

Start moving in the required directions and you’ll soon have to leave the room.

Then cut the bushes. There will be some music and you’ll end up in your first battle. Pay attention to the pot here as it can be broken for 0-9 gold pieces.

Then the scholars will come and speak about you, the end of time, and a machine. you’ll hear a bang and the intro sequence starts.

Mandatory items to collect for 100% (will be refered as to collectibles from now on)

  • Collectible Star (1/30)

The story begins with you being in a bed and greeted by a girl with green hair just next to you.
She tells you that her father found you passed out in the forest.

This girl is the first companion on your journey and

You get the option of choosing her name. I will stick with Fina for now, as I will be referring to her with that name in this guide.

Now you will be in control of your character truly for the first time. So let’s go ahead and see what the world throws at you!

Fina suggest that you go back into the forest so that you remember what happened in there.Just soi you know you can steal a measly 10g in the flowerpot to the left of the bed you wake up in. That is if you dare! For this we need a weapon. Head as far to the left as you can. In the Inn and the weapon shop are 5 gold in a small chest with red ribbons. Now in the shop get ready to be disappointed.

He has no weapons at all due to a rockslide. But he is not completely useless, he points you to a weapon in an abandoned house. And to the owner of the key: Old Pol, who likes fishing

So get out and talk to the old man fishing directly south of the shop. He asks you to do a favor for him. His fishing rods are all tangled up and wants to know which hook leads to the fish. To solve it easily by yourself (which is why the image will be on spoiler mode) Just start from the hook and not the rods. You’d be able to figure it out

This will net you: Key to the old house, where our weapon will be. Now head to the far right end of the village and follow the path up to the house.

In here are 5 other gold in the trunk in the center. And to the bottom right is an Old Sword.
Once you grab it blobs appear. Feel free to test your new weapon.

Now that we have the sword we are ready to go exploring. We only have one more thing to do before entering the forest.

Behind the man chopping wood in the upper left corner (behind the Inn) of Nibiru village is a small passageway you can take leading you to a Collectible Star (1/30)

Now you can freely go to the north of the Inn and exit there to the next zone

To Collect
2 Collectible Stars (2-3/30)
Green Goop (optional)

Spelbuk Forest is a fairly easy segment and pretty straightforward. Follow the wake of monsters until you pass a bridge.

Continue to your far left to reveal a chest

This contains the second Collectible Star (2/30)! 2/30.
Head back to the path and go up. To your right are some tangled vines we will deal with later. For now, head left to find Fina surrounded by her worst nightmare MUSHROOMS.
Now you will have the option of choosing your own name. I will stick with Kuro as the default name. Fina now offically joins your team!

Useless comment:
You actually CAN decline her offer, however without her there’s no going forward she will even commment about Kuro being pig headed

She has a very powerful and helpful ability which you can release by holding the attack button and release when her meter is full. This can push levers, cut vines, move objects and such. keep her in mind if you’re stuck somewhere!

You’ll come across your first save point right after the vines. No need for a menu just step on it and you’re done. Also know that the game saves when you exit to the world map or enter certain specific places such as Inns.
Head right, in this area you will come across two new devious types of enemies. the squirrel and the mimic stone. The squirrels can seem tricky at first but should not provide much of a challenge. Ergo you two-shot them.

As you progress you will find 2 vines ahead of you, Go for the right side one first as it has a chest

It containS Green Goop, this will later be used for potions. It’s good to stock up on these!

Now cut the other vine and go through it. If you go far left you’ll see some interesting particles in the water. We can’t do anything here yet, but something to keep in mind later.

You need the third partner Velvet to cross these, which you will be able to do only after gathering the 5 fragments and removing the Weapo out of Time

It’s time for your first boss fight!

This boss is fairly easy, He shoots balls of goop that explodes into smaller balls in a cross pattern. He also shoots a star pattern of energy at you between intervalls. Remember Fina’s charge up attack? Use this to stay at range and easily beat the boss.

Beating the guardian will most likely net a level up and activate the Magilith.
Fina will utter a phrase.
Trivia :
The phrase actually is refered to a Fake-Text, which ressemble latin and is commonly created and used to format text in an editor. Once format is complete the real text is inserted in it’s place. There even are some gnerators on the net with many mimicked languages

Then the Magilith will glow and sort of transport you or something. You reappear in a Master System / NES world 8bit style.

You actually traveled to the Past

The forest hasn’t changed much if at all, but the lower graphics quality makes it hard to recognise paths. Start by going down and chop down the tree blocking your path. use the save points Alma: “NEVER forget a save point unless specifically being asked to miss it”
Go right after this and you’ll see a chest to your right. Go down and chop down the bushes to reach the chest. This contains the third Collectible Star 3/30 woah! that’s like, 10% of the stars! good job!

Continue down the road, chop the tree and push it into the river to create a path. Go left if you’d like some XP, killing the mushrooms that bothered Fina back then. wotherwise go down the road. You should now stand next to two big blocks. Go down and roll the log over to the blocks. Chop down the vines next to where the blocks where to reveal another log, Roll it into the water to procede. after some mushrooms you are now out of the forest.

To Collect
Collectible Star (4/30)

Once on the map go down to Nibiru whch has too changed.

There is a chest to grab in here remeber where the first star was? Well go to the top left though the slope of the Woodcutter and you’ll soon find your 4th Collectible Star(4/30)

Now go to the brisge in the center of town and Fina will freak out. Her village vanished, and she then tries to reason that the villagers must have taken shelter in the mountains. You’ll then see the replication of Davy Crokett fishing. You can talk to him.

What he and FIna say in bulk
There is a war going on, and he just has chosen this spot to settle in.
He reminds fina of her father but definitely is crasy the war ended 50 years ago.


He is Fina’s Grandad, who’ll marry a sylph which is why Fina has Powers and Green hair. You’ll have to come back for him later anyways

Once done exit the map from the right and go up right to the next zone.

To Collect

  • Orikon Ore (1/14 -> 1/4 for Orikon Sword)
  • Mammut Steak

This is your first real taste of the Overworld. Which you will traverse a lot. and btw no random encounters in this game so cool. SIgned : Almaghest
Anyway. Head up to the snowy mountains called Grizzly Pass. Follow the passageway to the entrance of a tunnel. The solution to this minipuzzle is quite frustrating when you don’t know it. Just re-enter the tunnel you exit from . twice.

On the left here is a rusted switch. FIna suggests a strong blow to it. You’re not strong enough but Fina’s charge on the switch will do and another entrance will open.

Next walk as far right as you possibly can and enter both tunnels each for a switch. Once both are activated, enter the middle opening that has appeared and you will be greeted by a save point.
Smack the bolders infront of you with your sword and then it’s time for a classic falling rock segment. The rocks are breakable, but i recommend just running through this segment as it’s a time waste to do otherwise. Almaghest : “I would instead recommend bashing your sword for the vertical “upwards” passes. Cause you’ll need health for what is to come and you don’t want to loose to much to the rocks” Up to you

In this next “room” You’ll find that the ground is shaped like a skull with a switch in the middle. Prepare to battle. 8 wind spirits will spawn and throw gusts of wind at you. Not too difficult at this point. Just hit and when they charge RUN. Enter the opening to the left.

You will come across a Mammut here. It’s currently blocking the way. Fina will try to help thanks to a bracelet of greater strength which isn’t even magical Only to let you decide what to do. Punch him in the trunk with Fina’s charge to make him move. Now you are at the very first area that people have had some trouble with.

The mMammut puzzles

Here is a series of images on which are the places to move each mammut in order. There also is an Orikon Ore (1/14 -> 1/4 for Orikon Sword)to grab. (First image) So first push the mammut up, and go to the top left to push another mammut down Next go around and to the left and push the second mammut right then go into the left passageway In here push the mammut left and go to the now clear path which leads you to these two Now push the rightmost mammut Left and the downmost mammut up followed by the middle left one right FInally push all the mammuts in the order and direction shown below

Now you’ll be able to reach the last zone, follow the path to the waterfall. Once beneath it, go up and collect the Mammut Steak inside a chest. You’ll need this much later in the game.

Go back and go up. You’ll save a girl but doing so will make a lot of guards hostile. They pose no real threat. You’ll find 5 waves of 6 soldiers and then Colonel Dalkin will appear and put an end to your shenanigans. Really he one shoots you don’t try to avoid this. You’ll be taken into custody then.


The deal with this girl is that Giro was draining her of her power so that she may never use it. That’s why she doesn’t want to go back there. You’ll meet her once she’s adult later, and you will be able to name her

To Collect
2 Collectible Stars (5-6/30)

So now we are in prison. Great.

Fortunately for us, the soldier guarding us is asleep. Strangely enough Fina’s shout to kuro didn’t wake him either. We must now adapt to our surroundings and watch out for enemy patrols.

Tip: you can press the attack button to see further the direction you’re looking

Start by going down, Avoid the first guard and pass him by when he’s gone into the leftside opening. Go down and then left into the shadows. When the guard that is there is south of you and looking right, go past him to the next shadowspot and up to the save point. Good we’re making progress.

Go to the left, avoid the guard and enter the shadow here. Until he passes you by. then move upward through the gate and then to the right. Next room has 4 pillars. Hide on their left and when the guard enters or exit the southern room go into it to find the 5th Collectible Star 5/30! (Huge thanks to nekmao33 and tresl84! for finding that last star for me). Now go back to the pillar room dodge the last guard and go up.

Time for some Metal Gear action. .
Go right a little out of the stairs then down so as not to get too easily caught by the two guards. Next play Red Light – Green light with the guards training. Sneak past them and to the next save point.

Next are three 4 manned patrols. And a guard in the middle. FOllow a patrol but not too close and when you can get up to the door of the center cell. From there cross to the recess left and activate the far view i told you about. When you think it’s clear go up but avoid the sleeping guard this one CAN wake up. Up north then.
Reference :
Prison Break reference with that shaggy black hair prisonner. read it seriously

Next room has a guard counterclockwise and two stationnaries at the diagonals. Just cross away from them and stop when the moving one can see you.
Stop at the door because there IS a guard that can come check it. Wait for him to leave and then FIna will apologize in her own way.

Here is where we’ll gather clues for the password that will get us out.
Use the save point
First clue is given by a blonde prisoner just north of the save point
Sir Robert goes West, Sir Robert is the best , . the clue is it ryhmes. remember it
Now sneak past that guard and if you need the next two clues they are to your left all the way down. Beware of the shadow zone, because it’s southern end is badly programmed and makes you VISIBLE. Stay in the middle of it to avoid trouble.So the next clue is “The Magi used an old numbers method where C equaled 100” Well that’s roman numbers for us. And right down the next one simply tells us that password contains Brocoli. Now go south to the styore house sneak past the guard and pay attention stick to the right side or you’ll get caught right before the exit.

The next floor is a lot brighter. Now in order to get out we have to speak the 4 part password.
You get hints of the password as you progress through the prison, and the last clue is here. “Everyone knows the last part of the password” Well hint is that they know it some time or another. So i’ll let you guess but still put the answers in a spoiler note

  • Broccoli
  • Defeats all the rest
  • 104
  • Death

Enter the save point and move to the right when possible, Then go down and then into the middle where another save point is. Go to your right and then down and do almost a full circle and go up to the save point.

Then It’s simply up, avoid the lone guard and through the gate. then up, but we are going to collect an easy to miss star first. If you’re not into collectables then you can skip this particular part, and switch sections.

When we’ve come through the gate we are then going to go down and then to the left into a small shadowspot. If we go up in this room we can see a chest behind a sealed door. The lever to this door is hidden two floors up. So head to the left and enter the staircase. This is probably the trickiest floor in the prison. Follow the guards movements and then go into the shadowspots and wait until it’s safe.

the first shadowspot is directly to the right. and so is the second one. after this, go all the way down and to the right, shadowspot in the corner go up abit. You might be noticed here by one guard. but he’s behind the pillar and can’t do much. quickly go into the shadowspot to your left.

then wait until the guards sync up somewhat well and you can go past them undetected. Press the lever and get detected and thus you are close to the chest. This contains the 6th star 6/30.

But since all this i timed i suggest you watch it a few times and memorize the paths. DO so by trial and error of watch the video I(Alma) provided.

There’s really not much to guide here. Just a few quick hints. The name you choose here will stick with you for the rest of the game as Menos will keep calling you that.

Fina actually uses Manimal’s taming technique against him for which since the fight hadn’t strated she is disqualified

Fina won’t particiĆ¢te in those battles
Beware of the bears. They’re not the standard weak bears you met in Grizzly pass. The guys packs a punch and has alot of health. after this you’ll fight the Gnarly Mutant Ninja Squirrels.

Reference: It’s obvious they are reference to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But some of you might not know it or recognise their colored bandanas (since in the comic and on the cartridge of the nes game, they all had a red one)

These are an absolute pain and the best thing you can do is to get them close to a wall or repeated slashes at them. They have 4 health each.

The emperor then arrives, and the sequence introduces you to the Great Magus. Who’ll play an important role in the game. They also mention a Professor Giro and a weapon.


Giro is in fact Kuro’s past being. And while we’re at it. G in the intro sequence is really you before you become Giro and then Kuro. Therell be some explaining as we uncover more

This is where you meet Menos, another companion. His fists rain down like thunder and crushes everything in their path.

Boss, kind of, Menos

He has a quick jab and the a big jump that causes a slight shockwave in a circle around him. The best time to attack him is when he lands. as he’s “stunned” for a few seconds. The whole fight is basically hit and run.

Here’s a video on Menos, just to make sure you get it all and it was my worst performance against him tbh.

Menos makes a hole into the ground but Kuro doesn’t fall.. Untill you open the chest, Which contains gravity. FIna lands on you comfort her and she teaches you how to jump in 2D segments She also realises we’re ot in our original time period but rather in a distant past sure took her sweet time didn’t she? You will then be met with 2 big stone blocks. Good thing we’ve gotten Menos now, Since he can crush those blocks with his ability. Ho, and by the way, your sword now is kind of a Mega Buster. Ergo you shoot omnislashes like megaman shoots bullets.

There are two paths to be explored, both with a key item to proceed, and you need two of them i set up some fast search to get to what you rather do first or secnd. It’s really up to you since you got to do both anyways.

Blue Path – Water, Air need, Jumping, Avoiding and 2 Collectible Stars [SEW-BLU]
Red Path – Lava, Falling plaforms, Grates to climb or drop from. 1 Orikon Ore a Red and a Green Goop. [SEW-RED]
FInish [SEW-END]

To Collect
2 Collectible Stars (7-8/30)

Go downwards the ladder and then left you will notice it’s filled with water. dive into it. Kill the blooper and surface on the other side. Do the platforming like a certain plumber.It’s a-me Morio and pay attention to the bats. They don’t damage you much but the sewage they can push you in does. It Two shoots Kuro. You’ll come to another water segment, Into the deep abyss we go. There’s a few blocks in a small compartment which contains health and Air if you’re low. As you finish this water segment, Jump up to the right side, crush the block and nab the chest which contains the Collectible Star (7/30)

Go all the way back to the left and climb the ladder.
Tip the orange ennemies are immune to sword but fall to both Fina and Menos
Do some platforming and then you’ll get to a ladder filled with alien spitters. You can shoot swordbeams at them while climbing (Woah, protip right there) Continue onwards and jump into the water next to a ladder to reach another chest. This contains the Collectible Star (8/30)

Swim back to the ladder and climb up. Beware when chopping blocks and boxes. If they fall on you, you dead son. Continue past the spikeshells and alien spitters and you’ll find another body of water. Tubular man! let’s dive! There’s a save point in the middle of the run be sure to grab it. At the end of the water segment you’ll fall down along the rocks you smash with Menos to yet another chest, This contains key to the sewers, of which you need 2 to get out of the sewers. Just go right kill the big eye. And continue through.

To Collect

  • Red Goop
  • Orikon Ore (2/14 ->2/4 for Orikon sword)
  • Green Goop

Kill him and continue, take the other ladder downwards
You’ll do another round of platforming here. Dont fall down into the sewage. It hurts alot(2shot), and that would be a crappy way to die.

Go downwards and jump on the falling platforms. Go down until you see a body of water, then switch directions and jump over the gap to the right side and do the platforming to reach the chest which contains your first Red Goop, This is very handy to make potions out of later.

Go back to the gap and venture to the dark below. Beware the alien spitters and you should be good. Next up is another platformer with spikes added to it. Spikes in this game one to two shoot you. So dont fall down, or they’ll stick you with the pointy end.

Next you’ll encounter some form of robolarva or mice or Almaghest: “They look like trilobites to me” or whatever it is. You wont ever see them again anyway. They climb on the grating and can be annoying to deal with. But they reward a lot of exp kill every last one of them. Just send your omnislashes everywhere and it should be fine.

Charge menos before you jump to the tripleplatform so that you can easily destroy the block
Climb the grating all the way to the top. Now climb down the first grating, but on the second, move to the right side of the grating and drop down on a cliffside which is easily missed.

It’s a chest containing another Orikon Ore (2/14), which is extremely good to have. Two more and you can have the best sword in the game. And early to boot. After this there’s a bit more of the platforming and alien spitters but nothing really interesting. Follow the path and collect the second key to the sewers from the chest. Get up on the grating and keep to your left to discover another chest. containing Green Goop. Climb the grating to the right side and climb up the ladders.

Go to the right side and use both keys, Jump over the sewage and get out. You’ll come out to Genova. the main capital city. Pretty much the only city. It’s a small world afterall.

Genova is a big city for Evoland standards and we have alot to cover. So let’s get started.

Fina and Menos will state that they are hungry as you get out of the sewers, Locate the inn which is located in the middle of Genova. Go to the backdoor and out to the courtyard and meet Mr Mudwell. (The man dressed in black) He demands gold to smuggle you out of Genova. He’ll want ALL your gold minus the last digit. However, this is just a deposit. Ergo well grab it back later. He wants 150 gold more. This is to ensure that the player has to work for money.

Anyway, go back inside and to the left to find a woman with a ! over her head. She’ll have 3 quests for you to do.

Use the search Brackets to quickly go to a job

Maid: Pays most if you’re fast + 300g bonus sidequest [GEN-MAI]
Childcare: Hide and seek, locations are randomized each game easiest pays 80g [GEN-CHI]
Waitress: Hardest of all pays little compared to the effort but for completeness sake i’ll detail it Pay is around 100g if you’re good. [GEN-WAI]

To exit when you have the money follow [GEN-END]

Get to the large house south of the inn and speak to the blonde on the right. She’ll outfit you with a stunning Maid outfit. SHe’ll then tell you to serve her husband his tea.

Now this is where we start exploring the town. We need to get tea. So talk to her husband who will give you the gold needed to buy it. get up next to where the Inn is and go into the shop Buy tea and whisky. Before we go back to the husband. Enter the Inn and talk to the guy sitting at the bar. On the left side . He’ll flip out while you are in a maid outfit and he’ll give you. Candy that’s been licked. Yuck

Head back to the house and serve the man his tea and whisky. If you speak to the man while he’s sleeping He’ll tell a little secret. This is where the candy comes in handy. Give the candy to the girl that’s standing in front of the “secret” chest. This contains the Lucky charm which is our ticket out of this city.

We still have one more task to do however.


And it can be skipped also due to a glitch. When you are sent quickly as soon as the woman stops convo speak to her again and she’ll think this is over due to the fact the timer isn’t on YET. This nets you 10g which is laughable. BUT you still have that Lucky charm

Talk to the blond woman again and you are tasked with spreading a rumor across town. Simply go and talk to most NPC’s you can find. Alot of NPC’s are typically roaming the streets or inside the Inn. The Orphanage (Building with a heart to the far left of town) is also a good source of rumorspreading as there’s 7 NPC’s there. Go back to the blonde woman once you’re done. I convinced 32 people on my run and It netted me 170 gold. You can convince up to 37 for 195g but to do that you’d need an optimal route.

Go outside and it turns to nightfall. Now it’s time to use our lucky charm. Go straight to the right and enter the first house. next to the chicken coop. talk to the old man inside and he notices you have the charm. GIVE IT, This does not eliminate the death card but rather shuffles It to be shown last of the 9 cards. Ensuring a victory for you. And if you somehow manage to loose he’ll give you the Lucky charm again so that you can do it again. This will net you an extra 300g while the husband you stole it from nets the million. This nets you about 500g if you do it all. Much less if you glitch it. Go sleep at the Inn.

You’ll be asked to take care of the urchins. Just go there and speak to the left woman who leaves very happily. You then have to play hide ad seek. Since their position is randomised you just have to search everywhere even INSIDE buidings. When you found all 5 come back to the orphanage and you’ll get 80g. Go sleep at the Inn.

Basically your task is simple, the problem is when you got 8 orders and only one hand . why? you can only have ONE serving at a time on you. SO wait for the customer to order (he’ll show a $ when ready) then bring him his food, and talk to him again when he shows a coin to get your pay. The rewards here are not worth it. SO i’d suggest you skip it. Anyhow go sleep at the Inn

You can redo all the jobs when you did all three, in case you’re a gold digger.

Go and talk to Mr Mudwell in the courtyard again (Man in black) and offer him the 150g to be smuggled out of Genova. He’ll give you the last Key to the Sewers. He will also give you a Loyalty badge that will come in handy in the future.

The Loyalty badge description is actually what happens in Legend of Zelda the Wind Waker. You have a shop where the owner gives you a loyalty badge that you fill by buying. When full and many hours of farming later. If you use it he just . congratulates you. . I can’t even imagine the number of people that wanted to set his boat on fire after shooting him with a sawed off shotgun in the face while stabbing him to death with a little spoon . buuuuuuuut i’m getting carried away

Now head back to the sewers in the far left corner of Genova. Head right and open the door with your key. You’ll see a ? Block if you went the right way. 5g easily taken

Climb the ladder and kill the mice, proceed to smash the block with Menos to discover your “deposit”. Climb the last ladder and you should be on your way out of Genova.

Fina will ask you what to do now. I suggest choosing all the options but the Magilith one if you want to explore what she has to say.

You will now end up in the Overworld.

To Collect

  • 2 Orikon Ore (3-4/14 => 4/4 for Orikon Sword)
  • 2 Collectible Stars (9-10/30)

Re enter Genova and follow the outer right wall to reach a Collectible Star (9/30) Then go to seera harbor and immediately south as you enter to reach another Collectible Star (10/30) Just above Genova is a small fenced area. Go inside here to play a grass cutting game. It will cost you 10g. At first I thought this guy was just hustling you for money. That’s not the case. Just go to the far right corner of the map and chop those 4 bushes to reveal an Orikon Ore (3/14) That’s all we can do here. Now back to the Overworld. To your left is the Legendary Blacksmith who will craft Orikon gear for you. Including the best sword in the game. We still lack 1 ore however to get this weapon.

What’s good is that one ore is located at the smith, so head to him, and then to your upper left corner there is a breakable pot. Destroy that and take the entrance which leads to the next Orikon Ore (4/14)! Great. We now have access to the best weapon in the game very early in the game!

Next head out from the Smith and head for the seaport Seera that’s to the right of Genova.

This is all we can do here for now. So head back and go up to Mayenne Bridge

WARNING if you have unfinished business in the area do so before going here. Since you won’t be able to come back for a long long time.

The bridge is blocked by several guards. There’s a massive boulder on the cliff next to them. Use Menos and knock the boulder down to scare the guards enabling you to pass through.

To Collect

  • 2 Green Goops
  • Orikon Ore (5/14 => 1/5 for armor)

Head up to the purple forest which is called haunted forest. 2spooky4me

You will be greeted by six ghosts who tell you to get out or die. Of course we dont listen to them there silly ghosts. after a small bit of conversation a very cool Castlevania music bit starts to play and a hoard of zombies starts attacking you! Show them what you got Belmont. I mean Kuro.

There’s one fairly easy achivement here. Double Tap. Kill 40 zombies. Which you almost do if you clear it once. Just do this once or twice and it should be yours.

Follow the path until you find a tombstone. Hit it with your sword and a ghost appears. You need to kill the monsters that spawn before the ghost is attackable. It should prove easy with your Orikon sword. Continue upwards and you should stumble across 3 tombstones. Left one will hold a ghost, the other two raises a zombie. After this fight. head into the bushes to your left. In the bushes. Go up, left,up, left, down. and right to reach a chest containing Green Goop. A few screens images will show you the way.

Then go back to the 3 tombs from before and go the other way. Head to the far right and then go down a few steps, cross a small bridge over the water to discover 5 tombstones in a circle. You have to hit them all at the same time. Face the puddle and use Menos charge. Kill the eyeflowers and then the ghost. after this keep going down. and hold to the right to find yet another tombstone.

Kill the ghost and then keep going down. There’s a hidden path just south of this tombstone. You’ll find a tombstone in the water. We can’t do anything with it yet so crush the block and go down the hole. You should now be in a sidescroller portion of the game. Head down as far as you can. Ignore the chest to the right, We can’t jump to it right now anyway. Complete the sidescroller and crush the big block. Which will then fill the cavern with water

Swim back to where the chest is (to the right at the first crossroad) Inside you’ll find another Green Goop, Good thing we have alot of those now huh? Head back out to the outer Haunted Forest and the lake should now be dry and you can safely hit the last Tombstone and kill the last ghost. Head back up and go down the small wooden bridge and then to the left where the eyeflower is blocking your path.

You should now see a big blue alien-like monster flexing his muscles. Go talk to him, He will now give us permission to leave the forest.

Head up and to the right corner of the map. As you are surrounded by 4 big stone monuments. Head to the left for another Orikon Or(5/14)e! Sweet, now we can start building up to that awesome armor! Head back and go up to exit the Haunted Forest.

There really is not much we can do here. It kind of sucks because it’s a cool area. but hey, this bear rug looks nice atleast?

Anyway. speak to Menos or the king of no importance, They will have a fairly long chat. Then Menos son will come rushing to his dad and get mad, and run away again.

Now you are pretty much done at the Demon camp. Head North to the Bluff for the next Magilith.

The Bluff contains a Magilith and that’s that.

You will hear some form of explosions as you are at the Magilith
Reno will come rushing and tell you that the Empire is attacking the Camp.

Mr Douche Magus will appear and shoot the Magilith with magic as he misses Menos. This will cause you to, you guessed it. Travel but where

The Magilith is now broken and you are stranded in a 3d World, better find out when we are, Menos runs of to find his son and people. Head to the big statue where Menos is standing.Talk to him and then head down.

This is where you find Bibi, A well known nod to DBZ’s Baba. She floats on a crystal ball/Maana.

She is your way of upgrading your companions later when you stumble across a resource called Maana. She also brews potions from Red Goop and Green Goop. Keep in mind you can only hold one of each at any give time. So get 2 potions here and move along.

Stop by Mayenne Bridge to learn that a boulder fell here 100 years ago . so we’re 50 years into the future. Better get used to this.

Now in the future the forest is vastly different. Follow the path and cut down any grass you see along your way.
Fun spot: If you look closely at the four tombstones on your way they are in fact credits for the game
Then enter the pirates’ “Boss” lair. This is a Legend of Zelda style dungeon of the game and is pretty long. I’ll try to keep it short.

As you enter, Follow the path all the way to the save point. Then choose your path
Right has an armor puzzle [THF-RIG]
Left has pools and will o wisps puzzles. and a miniboss [THF-LEF]
Boss: Jatai [THF-BOS]

To Collect

  • Red Goop
  • Collectible Star (11/30)
  • Green Goop

You’ll see a chest surrounded with spikes. We can’t get this just yet. So we’ll have to keep moving until you see a room with Crushers and scratchmarks across the floor. They are very devious stone blocks. Bait them and then cross the path all the way to the right and go up this path. There’s 4 pots in the corner if you’ve done correctly. Now head the opposite direction of the pots, to the far left to get a chest. This contains Red Goop.

Now head up from where you are. You’ll find a few skeletons on the floor. They can be killed either by Menos or the Crushers grinding them to bonemeal. after the Mr Skeltal’s are dead the door will open to the next room. This room has 3 spiders and an extremely hidden switch which seems to elude many, many players. here’s a picture of how to shoot it. Use Fina’s power and an elevator will spawn, taking you to a chest. This contains the Collectible Star (11/30)

Go to the next room

This room contains a statue/armor. Enter it.. Go past the first 2 set of spikes. Then get out of the armor and prepare for an ambush of spiderse Kill them all to make a small wooden bridge appear. Go here and there and break the pots with Fina’s charge.

Then go back and press the big floor button.

Walk past the next set o spikes and go to the south Leave the armor and break the pots here. Now walk to the other side where the wooden bridge is. Go to the upper right armorstand leave the armor and shoot the pots down. Now head back down to the middle and go past the spikes onto the large platform, It will start to sink. Move over to the other platform quickly and press the big button here aswell.

Get back to the middle platform, place the armor at the armorstand and move over the small wooden bridge. Stand on the big button here and it will open the doors but also spawn another bridge. Now before you leave. Hold to the left there’s a hidden pathway leading to the chest we saw earlier. It contains Green Goop

Now go down and cross the wooden bridges. You will now find a wheelspinning puzzle.

Walk over to where the sunken chest is. Hit it twice Go over to the first big switch on the floor. Charge fina while standing on it. Then quickly move and hit the wheel once more and run onto the other switch. This causes the chest to rise out. It contains a Strange Gem, one of the two boss keys needed.

Hit the wheel once more and go back to the entrance.

To Collect

  • Orikon Ore (6/14)
Now head to the left. It starts off with another Crusher maze. Should prove no difficulty at all. Just take it easy with babysteps and you’re fine.

Next room will have 6 Armors moving around. I found Menos very good for this but you can simply hit them in the back to strike them down. You should be able to kill them in one hit, thanks to your Orikon Sword. Once they’re all dead. The door will open.

Since this is a complicated puzzle for which even Images are confusing We’ll upload a video guide to it. It shoudl give you the way to beat it on your own.

We should now reach an area filled with water and a lever. Hit the lever and go down the drained ground and kill off the skeletons and fishes for easy XP use Menos to kill the skeletons.

This will spawn a small wooden bridge. Push this into the hole and then go up and hit the lever again. Pass the bridge over troubled waters and follow the path. You will see a switch, but dont touch it just yet. There’s a very well hidden chest in this area :

It contains another Orikon Ore(6/14)! Awesome, Soon we’ll make some Orikon armor with this.Almaghest: “Not THAT soon though”

Head back and hit the switch. Go down the drained area and kill off the fish. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel..This will spawn another small wooden bridge. Push this one so that it blocks the Crusher to the right. Then push it upwards towards the Crusher. This will cause it to emit a super annoying sound. We’ll have to deal with it for now. Go back and hit the switch again to raise the water level.

Now walk over the Crusher and the wooden bridge. Follow the path, kill the skeleton with Menos and hit the lever on this side. Go to the small body of water with a wooden bridge in the water. Move this down and then to the left. Head back and hit the switch again.

This next room is the “Mini boss” of the dungeon. It’s a big dark blob. It will divide several times. It’s more annoying than difficult. But be cautious not to be knocked into the spikes. Because they WILL hurt a LOT.

After the blob is dead. Head up the stairs, watch out for the crusher as the door opens and hit the switch twice to reach the chest with the second Strange Gem.Go back to the entrance.

To Collect

  • Maana (1/12) Unmissable

put both gems into the door and prepare.

You face Jaraxxus! Eredar Lord or the burning le..wait. wrong game.

Break the pots! Jatai will be mad that you broke his wonderful pottery and basically how this works is that he will throw bombs at you between intervalls. Some of the will not explode. You will have to slash the bombs into his face until he falls down and then go up to him and hit him with your sword. He’ll swim around the platform you’re standing on and gradually throw more bombs at you until he’s defeated. He also has a melee attack if you try to attack him while he’s still up.

He’s a fairly easy boss and I found it easiest to throw bombs until he falls down/gets stunned and then unleash a flurry of swords at him. With your Orikon sword you should be able to get him down to atleast 70% in one go (He got 3 phases. 100% (1 bomb needed to down him) 70% (two bombs) 30% (three bombs))

Back at Bibi’s we’ll be able to upgrade Menos to level 2 with the Maana we aquired.
It’s also a good idea to restock any potions you might’ve used in the Haunted Forest dungeon.

With Menos newly aquired power we can now break the boulder on Mayenne bridge. CHarge to levl 2 and POW goes the boulder This area has a few monsters but nothing else. So head down to the Overworld

To Collect

  • Red Goop
  • Key to your house
  • 2 Collectible Stars (12&13/30)

As you get to Genova, You’ll notice that half the world is blown up and Genova is covered in Smug.

We should head for the library, It’s locked down however and we can’t get in. So the way we’ll deal with this is find someone who has the key.

First we’ll go to the house next to the Inn, Far to the right. There’ a man outside a house trying to sell it. He’ll ask for the modest fee of 10.000g. refuse and he’ll lower it to 5000g, refuse again and he’ll lower it to 500g. This is important later in the game. So buy the house.

Next go to the shop and while you could buy equipment (I didn’t) there also is a red goop behind the counter.

You can also talk to the lady walking up and down next to the Inn to net the Bioshock achivement : Bring us the girl and wipe away the debt.

Now run to the upper left corner of Genova to find three little girls, Mimi, Ribbon and Saku. Listen o their conversation then, head back to the Inn and go through the door on the side to get to the courtyard. There’s a chest here, Speak with Saku (The girl in white) and tell her you want to help them. and then that you just need the key.

You just have to promise her four times that you’ll grab a book to the girls so that they have something to read since they’re not interested in toys. Open the chest containing the key and get to the Library. It’s about to be Professor Layton i mean . Professor Kuro even Professor Giro actually SInce G=>Giro=>Kuro time for thinking!

Small talk before you enter then, inside, the Dean of the library wants you to study/help 6 researchers with their problems. However there are 8 researchers in total. Help them all to recieve something extra.

I’ll first give hints then post a solution image in spoiler so that the ones who want to think can.

The clue is to start from the last

The clue is to countdown 6 from every tower and see if you get to the guardroom at 0.

Stellar Encounter
Check diagonals for one that works then try to cross it.

Just experiment you can do it

Optical Options
Experiment again

Painting-a Classica
This is a bit tougher but trial and error did it for me

No spoiler for this one it is way too complicated.
It’s the second from the left.

The Obssessive Sort
All the book per row have something similar. Only one is not at the right row

Completing this one also awards 50 Drinking Games book

After you’ve completed all 8 puzzles you’ll recieve a Collectible Star (12/30)

Have a good look at the statue behind the Dean, it is a reference to Saint Seya also one of the plant at the entrance is a reference to Super Mario, ad last but not least the painting of a blue creature (Mu) in the right wing is a reference to Chrono Trigger

Speak to the Dean to learn about the Magi,Magiliths and the stone of time.
To notice: The story about the disappearance and death of his professor is something you want to remember, Until i explain why that is

After this go to the girls and keep your promise. as a thanks she’ll reward you with Another Collectible Star (13/30)

We need the Stone of Time, in order to actiuvate whatever the Dean’s professor has found which has the same symbol as the Prophet has. Let’s check for that coincidence.

The Pyramid is located to the left of Genova where the smith used to be.

At the Pyramid we get to see a character who’s slightly obsessed with the knight who say Ni.
Anyway. Run to the left and then down and follow this path until you reach 3 examiners. You have to get their questsions right to become an disciple of the prophet. this is required in order to get inside mount alpha, Which is our next step.

The answers are:
Collect the 5 keys
The stone of time

With this you are ready to go to the Windy Valley, which is located south of Genova

To Collect
Green Goop
Maana (2/12)
Collectible Star (12/30)
Orikon Ore (7/14 (3/5 Armor))

At the foot of the mountain the opening is blocked by 2 prophet douches. Speak to the one to the left, Who will let you in. Once inside you’ll find yourself in a sidescroller.

You can jump on the red mushrooms by timing your jump/examine button
Avoid Spikes, They instantly kill you

After the second spider. You’ll come across breakable blocks below you, so get down and get the chest. Be careful if you move while slashing blocks as they can fall on you and kill you instantly.
This chest contains Green Goop. Jump up the green mushroom and continue up.

You should reach a save spot and some spiders in front of you by now. Kill the spiders before jumping over this segment. then jump up to the big block and crush it for another save point.
Get up another level and you’ll come across several green mushrooms. Save first and the jump onto the first one. Do NOT jump at all when on these. wait for them to be upmost and just move your character over safe and sound. Time it well and it should be no problem.

Next is another mushroom segment where you have to traverse upwards mushroom to muchroom. Simple as that. at the top and final mushroom, shoot your sword to the right and enter the crevasse and open the chest containing an exclusive Maana (2/12)!

Great, now we can upgrade Fina! drop down carefully to the mushroom and use it to get over the spikes to your left.

Next segment is a bit more trickier as disappearing platforms starts to show up more and more. learn the patterns and it should prove no difficulties. that the right path with 2 green muchrooms and jump up to the disappearing platform. Then jump over the spikes and wait for the platform to appear to reach the chest in front of you DO NOT JUMP since spikes on the ceiling would kill you. Wait for the plaform to disappear and as soon as it reappears move forward.

This chest contains a Collectible Star (12/30) After this there is some more platforming waiting for you, Nothing too difficult. You should soon come across Clara Loft – Tomb raider. She has nothing useful for us right now. We’ll return to her in the end game.

For now, learn the pattern of the disappearing platforms. It can be frustrating. but just breath and take it easy and you’ll get across it very soon.

Next you’ll come to a segment with lots of falling rocks! Run for your life, then after the rocks have fallen, start stabbing the rocks, but do not destroy every block as you need them to reach a chest. This chest contains another Orikon Ore (7/14)! Gnarly!

Continue on and get to the save point. enable sound if you dont have it. Listen to the spikeshells as the bounce when they go “weee” It’s your cue to jump over.

After this it will be your last segment in the mountain. You’ll find two bouncing blocks here. DO NOT CRUSH THEM. If you do, You’ll be unable to reach a chest with a red goop (Precious) Know that sometimes the blocks are bugged and you need to reload to have them bouncing right.

Wait for the platform to spawn and do a leap of faith out over the spikes. Do the rest of this segment as it’s fairly straightforward.

By now you should see the bouncing rocks. Jump onto them and over to the chest, This contains Red Goop. Lovely we are stockin up on those! Head back over to safety and you should be done.

Right as you walk out you’ll notice a chest. We can’t get this just yet. So dont bother trying. Save and then go up to the small hillside.

There’s a small machine hidden in the patch of grass. Use Fina’s charge to remove the bush. Now examine the machine.

This will trigger the Shoot’em up mode!

One big advice for people finding this hard to do. Focus on the bullets the enemies shoot. ignore their existance otherwise, just focus on the bullets they shoot. and you will survive without much trouble. This is a very long segment and can feel tiring, but dont give up!

Also remember to use your compaions as their abilites are super helpful here
So to sumarize FIna Great for Space invaders like passages (the whole time in short)
Menos great for bosses area concentrated damage (massive at level 2)

In this shoot’em up you’ll face waves of increasing diffculty and 3 bosses. They are fairly straightforward and pose little danger to you if you’re just focusing on avoid all the bullets they shoot at you. Now go ahead and crash into the Pyramid of the Prophet!

Pattenrs for Bosses.

Biblos Spawns 4 pumpkins, and shoots in arcs then as a snake left irght left right and so on. then after the second bullet wave he fires a 4 directional spiral Move close to the center up and behind him Nothing too hard. Use a green potion if things get out of hand.

Shoots 4 vertical bullet beams intermittently, then WIngs shoot big balls then switches face and shoot thick arcs 4 times. Then wings again and rinse reapeat. Avois left or right while you charge menos Shouldn’t need any poition

Hardest shoots arcs first then curls up and launches at you, often spawns two explosives. And one time out of two his curl up becomes a radiating circle bullets attacks Use a red potion if things get bad.

This is a short segment. Or long depending on your street fighter skills. Yeah, that’s what it’s all about. I know you can do it. Sure, you, can. Shoryuken. Get it? Because it’s one of the abilities you can do in this fight. I thought I was punny atleast.

There are commands on the pause screen

Tip : You actually CAN use potions in theis fight so if you reach the final round with the buffed up prophet and still loose you can always crack up one.

I have no real advice for you here. Spam the everling crap out of Shoryuken and hadouken. If you’re struggling,Now go ahead and beat Akuma and Oni. I mean. The Prophet and his final form.

To make this fight abit simpler. You can use a form of Super Combo. Which is basically a cool kamehameha. This is the last on the right side. It just removes arounf half the bar of the prophet But is only usable when your blue bar is full.


After that the prophet speaks out the prophecy that you will set in motion. Once for fun because the game wan,ts you to believe you don’t do it puposefully. But then you will gater 5 fragments of a key recover an artifact that causes global warming and floods the world and well cause the anomaly to appear. Anomaly being a special time – place where all is distorted

After you’re done. Grab the Stone of time and leave the Pyramid. You’ll have a fateful encounter very soon.

She is the little girl you met back at Grizzly pass. You will soon be able to name her, there are ore things to know but they will be revealed at a better time

Go back to BiBi’s to upgrade Fina and maybe restock potions of that’s needed. Then we’ll head for the Cursed isle!

First you’ll need a boat but if you go to Seera now the captain will refuse to let you go. Saying you need a pass from a merchant. Which would cost you much. So go to genova and enter the big place south of the inn. (Formerly Delamare Residence) Meet mr. Mudwell Junior Junior. Grandson of Mr. mudwell the crook. He says that if you have something valuable to trade he’ll give you a Pass of safe conduct. Well we have just the thing. The Loyalty Badge

Next stop Seear Harbor, speeak with the captain on the pier and give the pass of safe conduct. He’ll agree, reluctantly to bring you to the cursed isle.

Then at your arrival all is covered in sand. Use level 2 menos on the square to blow it in one try.

Put the stone in the small bowl on the pedestal. This will unlock a puzzle infront of you which you must complete. You must step on all the glowing plates without ever touching a non-lit plate.

Easier said than done. Run around and start in the upper left corner and step on the glowing part like in this screenshot :

Take the Stone of time and place it in the new bowl that appeared.This will cause some stairs to spawn and enabling you to reach another Magilith. Time for another time travel journey!

You are now in the Present time on Cursed Isle and it is here you will meet Dora the explo. Velvet.

Velvet almost immediately joins your time and has the power over ice! She’s a pretty chill chick.
Now do you remember that teacher who knew a lot about Magi and was captured by pirates? Guess why she disappeared ^^

Start by using Velvet’s ice power on the wooden gate keeping you from getting out It will then shatter from your sword.

You will then encounter a few hilarious pirates. Just. go with the flow here and then get away from the Island. We got some stuff to backtrack and collect! Starting off with the very useful boat we’ll collect right before getting off the island.

Our first stop is at the Windy Valley. The only thing we are going to do here is talk to Sid. A nod to the Final Fantasy universe where there always must be a Cid to carry the heroes on his airships. This will be no exception.

At first he’ll chase you away. but talk to him again. He’ll ask you if you’re there to mock him, Answer no. This will cause him to tell him his tragic story. Talk to him once more after that. and we’re good to go, We have now setup things that will make it easier in the future.


It is believed that he is in fact Kuro’s son after Kuro “fixes time” and then gets murdered along with Fina by Giro (Past Kuro) since he is recognised as defective by Giro which is confirmed later on somehow . i’ll make another note about it

To Collect

  • Collectible Star (16/30)
  • Maana (3/30)
  • Collectible Star (17/30)
  • C46 – Rat
  • C53 – Squirrel
  • C55 – Grizzly
  • Green Goop

We no longer have to hide in this version of Genova which gives us alot of time to explore!
First head to the Inn and We will now learn about the game of cards. Although you could start it now I Won’t be hunting any card (unless it’s on our way) So here speak to the owner and he’ll give you three basic cards. Which can change from playthrough to playthrough.
  • C46 – Rat
  • C53 – Squirrel
  • C55 – Grizzly

Anyhow get to the backyard and grab that shiny Collectible Star (16/30)

Head over to the house to the far left of the Inn. Inside the house are five kids. One of them, You know very well. This starts a sort of quest-chain. Where you have to perform certain tasks to collect keys from each of the children.

Go out of the house where the children were and then go down as much as possible and then to the gate. You’ll find the first child here. a small blond girl that wants to sell her key to you. She doesn’t think you can afford it and demands 10g for it. A deal’s a deal m’am.

The next kid is just left of where we are. However he was caught by a guard and the guard took his key. So let’s head north of where we are and enter the barracks (It’s the big house with an axe above the door. Click the first chest to the right)

Go outside and to the lower right corner of Genova to find the child with purple hair. speak to her through the fence/or just click the mailbox infront on the house she’s locked in.

The fourth child is just by the library. She just gives you the key if you promise not to be a tattletail.

We know have 4/5 keys. Before we venture further. Go inside the library and get the chest for a free Maana (3/12)! Get yours today!

The last key is not in Genova, but rather in the Mine left of Genova. So let’s head over there and see what we can find. Just west of the entrance the key will be shining on the ground take it.

Back in Genova, head up north and then to the left corner and talk to the kid who will let you down into the sewers.

It is here you’ll chase the soon-to-be Prophet.

You’ll find alot of breakable pots in this room, do what you do best and break them. The Prophet is inside one of them and will run off to the next room. Repeat the process here. Keep going and soon you’ll find yourself in a big room with broken pipes. A puzzle if you may.

Push the upper left pipe upwards into it’s place. Next the pipe furthest to the right, Push this left (Yes, left) Then walk down and to the left and push the pipe laying there upwards. Then go back and push both middle pipes downwards. Then go to the big pipe next to the lever and push it to the right. It should look like this if done correctly : Now push the southern pipe up. Then go back and push the pipe closest to you up and finally push the big pipe where it belongs. Pull the lever and you’re done with this puzzle. Let the water fill up/
Before you do anyhting else go back to the first room where there was a lot of pots. In here you can freeze the water to get to a Collectible Star (17/30) Freeze the water and chase him down.

The . Demon is none other than reno who you’ve met with in the past. -He is furious that you were with his father, and decided o take revenge on humans. For that matter he needs a lot of energy and is why you met him at the end of Present Spelbuk, since he was aiming to get the Magilith’s Magi Energy

This will introduce you to the single most greatest awesomest Special Imperial Force there has ever been. These guys are not to be trifled with. Be very careful around these guys. They can probably kill with a littlefinger.

Now this starts a very hard sidescroller in true Megaman style. It can feel very frustrating to die repeatedly here. Just remember, If you’re dying due to alot of boxes in your way. Both Violet and Fina posses great powers to deal with them. I’d probably go for Fina tho as she covers alot more than Velvet does.

It’s just trial and error here. Learn the paths than you feel comfortable with. NEVER push the down button. It’s a sure kill when running on bridges. enjoy the kickass soundtrack. I really love it.

Boss Fight Cherry

Cherry jumps around alot and shoots alot of energy balls at you Staying true to the Megaman style with bosses being irrational and jumpy. Your best bet it to cut her down quickly. Thanks to our Orikon Sword that should prove easy at this point. Or not

You have to jump alot aswell and you just have enough time to decide whether you should or not. It’s a matter of practice Basically she has 4 possible moves every “turn”

  • Jump to the other side
  • Jump and throw three bullets in your general direction.
  • Crawl to the other side
  • Fire a shot from the ground (BIG BANG ATTACK . uh wrong universe)
I usually have to fight her 5-10 times before i get the hang of it aswell as the sheer luck to bring her down.
She still does ALOT of damage. So remember your potions. They will come in handy here. don’t worry if you loose they are refunded. They will count only if you save thereafter.

After she’s defeated she’ll die and ask us to stop “him” We’ll fall down just nicely enough right beside a chest which contains Green Goop. (A Green Potion right after we might’ve used one? Great Scott!)

This is all we can do in Genova for now.

To Collect

  • 2 Green Goops
  • 2 Orikon Ore (8&9/14 => (5/5 armor))
  • Collectible Star (18/30)

The mine can be the first really confusing dungeon. At least if you want to find all of the items. I’ll try not to miss anything. Inside the mine you’ll noticed how all the guards have been knocked out. Keep going and find Plum and .

This will lead into a boss fight with Plum where she throws bombs at you. Strike them with your blade back at her until she’s had enough! She will drop the bombs for you. Now aint that da bomb?

Fuel your inner bomberman and start blowing stuff up everywhere!

Jump into the cart and venture deep into the mine. Remove the rocks that are blocking the track and keep going. Repeat the process in the next room and also get to the chest that’s in the upper right corner of this room. Flip the switch and ride the cart to the next switch. The chest in this room contains Green Goop. It’s always helpful if we would ever need it. Flip the second switch and venture further into the mine.

Okay, This room has alot of switches. First activate these ones and ride to a Collectible Star (18/30) Ride back. Then activtate those four and you’ll be able to ride to the next room. In the next room there’s a save point and lots of coal carts You’ll also find the first Creeper here for the achivement. Just get hurt by your own bombs until you have around 5-10 health left and then get killed by the Creeper. Simple.

Venture through the small maze and bomb your way to victory. Go down to the rightmost corner and collect the chest containing another Green Goop. Head up and continue to the next room.

This is another switch puzzle, abit easier however.
Start by hitting the upper right switch once. Move the cart over to the other side.
Hit the upper left switch and then the lower right switch. Move the cart and hit the lower left switch and you’re done. Keep going on the ride.

It’s important that you save in this next area. Because it would suck if you blew yourself up.

Go down as far as you can and then to the right. Be VERY careful when placing bombs here. The TNT does a massive explosive that will kill you instantly. Handle with care. It’s not for dummies. Blow away the rock at the eastern part with the TNT and push it upwards to blow the upper right formation. then push that new TNT to the other side (Left side)

Now blow it up and go down to the other TNT and push it to the other side aswell. Go into this small but long hole that was uncovered and get the chest for another Orikon Ore! (8/14)My lord! We only need one more for that wonderful armor!

Head back to where you blew up the first TNT. There’s alot of carts here and also a save point.
Hit the switch that’s in the middle north of the room. Then jump into the cart closest to it. ride it to the end. Hit the switch again and jump into the cart that’s in the middle of the left wall. This leads to another chest with another Orikon Ore(9/14)! Sweet, We’ll pay a visit to the smith later!

There are 3 oter carts here, each for a trial to get the missing pieces of rail.

Northeast path is a catch-a-mole with bombs and it can be quite annoying. Be sure to save. After every mole has been killed you’ll get a piece of the rail that’s missing.

Northwest Cart lead you to a room which you will need to blow up and survive the blast, Thee is a safe spot, so here i’ll show you. Collect the second rail and move back.

Southwest is a traditional bomberman just blast through and collect the last rail.

Head back and simply go over the missing rail bits and it should put itself out. Now jump into the last cart and head down. There’s a chest here that you can’t miss. This contains the awesome and dangerous super bomb! head down from here! be careful of your newfound power

Down below is the last piece of rail you’ll ever pick up and good riddance.

In this next room. place the bombs next to the tnt and blow stuff up. Make sure you save because there’s going to be a fairly difficult boss fight ahead of us

Boss Fight Plum

At first she’ll jump around shooting blue balls at you.
Strategy i found is to place a column of bombs in the middle and get away from her, this will both protect you fromm her bullets and attract her to your bombs.
When you’ve got her down to around 70% She’ll steal the bombs from you and goes total psychopath at you throwing bombs everywhere.
It’s a matter of playstyle choice here. You can either be very agressive and hit her with the sword alot, or play a more safer playstyle using Violet/Fina. This fight takes some time. So have patience. you can also just pop her bubble and avoid bombs while she gets blown by her own.

To Collect
Red Goop
Orikon Ore (10/14)
2 Collectible Stars (19&20/30)
C22 – Reno

The Laboratory is directly beneath the mine and has a short segment which contains a boss fight. Enjoy the nod to Princess Peach from mario!

There’s a chest if you follow the path up abit and then go to the right between the trees and bushes. This contains Red Goop. Boss Fight Reno
Reno behaves like a Saiyan and loads a punch which you will dodge by going in a diagional pattern. He will then try to hit you with his energy balls. Move accordingly to avoid damage. After this he will try to shoot one big ball and two smaller ones. Try to time the swing of your sword and hit him with his own medicine. He will keep doing this a few times (three hits should suffice) and then face two starts and he goes SuperSaiyan.
He will throw 3 then later 5 quick punches at you. Once again move diagionally to avoid his punches. he will the summon clones and shoot lots of balls at you. The one you need to hit wheter with his ball or with your sword, id the one NOT blinking

Reno will die and the energy released by his death will power up the door, Allowing you to walk in.
The next area will very Chrono Trigger-esque.

A good strategy is keeping Booster on both Fina and Kuro. Heal whenever necessary with Fina. Try to use combo as much as possible If there’s lots of enemies It could be a good idea to slow and confuse them aswell.

Almaghest’s Strategy for all fights including last boss

  • Turn 1 and all other turns for Kuro . attack never use combo not worth it.
  • For velvet Turn1 should cast armor of frost
  • And for fina all turns Charge/Slash (not level 2) or heal when Hp hit 45 or less
  • Turn 2-3 Velvet booster (2 Fina 3 Kuro)
  • Turn 3 and on velvet keep the spells up when needed and Charge/Ice the rest of time

Inside the Laboratory you’ll get to know alot of cool things from games of the past.
Whenever you step on a grating you’ll have an encounter. Luckily the developers realized that random encounter in the open world sucks.

The Party activates a recording More on this in the


As said before Giro is Kuro before arriving without a memory in the present. He came from the magi era, which is both the future and the past as said before. The defective model he talks about is your Kuro after the game ends. When you’ll see Kuro and Fina in the past Laboratory.He did away with them. Ergo Giro killed his future self and Finaa to boot. Subject X is the little girl we saw and also the woman in the future. You will name her soon

The first fight consists of 3 small robots. It should provide little resistance. Keep exploring Doctor Giro’s lab (Another nod at Doctor Gero from DBZ, You’ll see why soon). Anyway try to avoid the grating as much as possible as the fights are drawn out and probably my least favorite gamestyle in the entire gameAlmaghest: “As for m being a great chrono trigger fan i can tell it’s been a pleasure to find this”. In the chest that we now can reach we’ll get another Orikon Ore (10/14). Head back to the left and to the next area.

You’ll have no other choice but to fight this next battle. It should provide no danger if you know how to use abilities. Avoid stepping on the grating again as it will trigger the same battle you just did. (Frustratingly I had to know) Get around the gratings and push the different computers that the Dalek’s are surrounding. Disabling the security is fairly simple and does not need an explanation. But since i’m in a generous mood i’ll make a screenshot.

Now go back a little and get the chest that’s way down on the big grating you had the battle on.
This contains the Collectible Star 19/30! Getting closer!

Move up to the next area and step into the save point.
There will be another message for this one no spoiler, you already know enough if you read the previous ones.
In this next segment the lights will go out. PROTIP: Dont attack when the lights are out as it will result in a miss. Time your attacks.

Walk over to what seems like a bridge. You’ll have a few annoying fights but nothing you can’t handle. Here you’ll find the biggest troll in the game. Mewtwo. He’ll tell you to push buttons and how good you are. You just need to activate the four consoles. And a passageway will open. Leaving that pokemon to solitude.

Welcome to the biggest DBZ room to have existed. 4 Pod for 4 very special cyborgs perhaps. and also a cute Red Ribbon hanging on the wall. Examine the pod to the far left to receive a Collectible Star (20/30). Press the switch in here and then move on to find the other 4 switches. head up from Mewtwo and the hardest fight in the area will happen. After this pull the next switch and keep going. After you’ve found all the switches. The light will come back on and the monster will stop spawning. Phew! Now let’s go back to the start.

You’ll see a red sign to your left. Go down here and collect the card that will start letting you win alot of the easier battles. This will make card collecting a lot easier.

C22 – Reno Now head back up and venture deep into the Laboratory.

Now you’ll have to do 4 Minigames that are all old classics that defined games.
The first test is a game of Pong.

You’ll be attacked once again by some monsters. The grating is now electrified but it’s basically the same mechanic as the darkness. Dont attack while it’s active.

The second test is a game of Snake
Another fight. This is getting somewhat tiring right? Dont worry. You’re almost there.

The third test is a game of Space Invaders. This can be tricky but should not prove to be too diffcult.
Yet once more you’re in a battle. Brute force this battle as there is no mechanic to it.

The fourth test is a game of Pacman. Very easy.
Enter a well deserved save point and do the final fight.

Time for a boss fight!

Boss Fight Mother Brain
It’s basically an add fight. Kill off the adds and heal every now and then whenever the brain does a shockwave that deals around 15 damage.

Small change to Almaghest current battle strategy instead of xcharging so long as there are 3+ minions there use confusion. other than that focus on what you want i found it easier to first dispatch the minions.

The way I did it was to keep confusion up as the monsters, will kill off themselves. and do the occasional ice thing with Velvet. Boost Kuro asap and have him attack the brain and nothing else. This should result in a quick and easy kill.

Go into the next room for a surprise.

Enjoy the McFly’s Back to the Future reference

This is where you wake up right after the weapon have exploded. Ceres will wake you up and send you on a mission to collect 5 fragments.
You read right 5 fragments of a key first part of the prophecy is there


Ceres is subject X as you know, but her parents, are none other than Menos and Velvet. Although she seems not to recognise them. She has considerable power dur to mixed blood for those who wouldn’t have understtod by now Demons are just like sayans. I mean she is mix demon/human and she’s got power like gohan in his kid years. So basically she is the ultimate life form. And while we’re at spoiler time she doesn’t help you out of grattude for a reason i have yet to discover she cannot gather the fragments. But removing the weapojn from time would have a consequence for her. She would never be drained and thus have her full power. To what end? Well that’s for another tag

Now this is a good part of the game where you can choose whichever fragment you want to pursue first. I recommend the Time fragment first as it’s one of the most rewarding.

You’ll also get the Control Terminal. The power to travel freely through time via the Magilith. So now we really have free hands in hunting the collectibles.

This area will be refered as Eye of the Storm from now on.

It’s time for another trip to the Cursed Isle. It’s about time we’ll get Menos back!

Get to the Cursed Isle and touch the stone of time and then use the magilith to get to the past.

In here we’re gonna use our Orikon for the best armor in game. Go to the smithy and he will forge it for 5 Orikon.

Remeber to come back once you’ve got 3 more.

Choose your Destiny [[EG-CHOICE]]

To Collect
Golden Apple
Collectible Star (21/30)

Feel free to go to the Bluff (present) and chek on the right for a golden apple
On the way back go to the haunted forest and push the upper right tomb up. Enter the passage andfyou’ll get a Collectible Star

Fragment of Time [F-O-TIME]
Most notable feature is the anomaly which is weird, and most notable reward is the Airship
Fragment of Fire [F-O-FIRE]
Notable feature Beat’em All
Fragment of Ice [F-O-ICE]
Notable feature Bejeweled
Fragment of Nature [F-O-NAT]
Notable Feature Mixed times dungeon.
Fragment of earth [F-O-EARTH]
Notable feature Tactical RPG and Guitar Hero

Also there are things to remember.
Once you have 3 Orikon Ore, go to the smithy for the Boots
Once you have 3 Maana, (you’ll have around 8 during this so feel free to upgrade whomever you want.) Go to one of the Guardians.
Once you have the flying machine there’s an Orikon Ore on the isle of cluckkety north of Cursed Isle

Once All Fragments acquired go to [EG-KEY]

Guardian Of Fire
Speak to everyone in the ruins of Demonia (Present) then go to the future and speak to the guardian with 3 Maana to receive his summon for Menos
you MUST have completed the Demonia capaign in the past.
Guardian of Earth
Go to Mount Alpha present. He is in the cave use 3 Maana
Guardian of Ice.
In the frozen caven in the past. You need to go to that contiinent from the future and use the magilith there.

We now have the flying machine and can now explore alot more of the world! Fly to the Island that’s north of the Volcano.

WARNING! I dont recommend doing this without potions and tbh a level 3 companion is helpful.
If you feel like this is too hard for you to do currently. You can always revisit this part of the game later.

Hit the chicken a few times and in true Zelda-style you’ll be swarmed with chickens. There’s an achivement tied to this if you survive the onslaught. Run around in circles and use your companions to the fullest potential is the key.

After you’ve defeated the Chicken-tornado of death. You’ll get to the chest which contains another Orikon ore! We almost have all the ore now. (only 3 more to go)

Evoland 2 pipes The guide has been correctly updated to reflect changes and fixes to the game as of 2016-08-16 Big thanks to HavocSource for making this possible. He’s the reason you guys ]]>